• Ep. 28 Happy Marriage or Holy Marriage?

    21 NOV. 2022 · So often we think marriage is supposed to make us happy. Or, we assume that since we started out happy, it will last. What if marriage wasn't actually meant to make us happy? This is a short episode filled with lots of questions so grab your pen and paper and get ready to dig in! Dating in December Webinar registration below! https://form.jotform.com/223115477171250?fbclid=IwAR0I9z-X9FfywRO8qPBZWU0RhBSTtZmQI7y1ewsjo2j62CFZcJlvq2-oaVE
    9m 16s
  • Ep. 27 Rolling Over

    14 NOV. 2022 · Today we continue our series on the BIG 6 - ACCESS. Do we cut off our hearts from our spouse when they've wronged us? What about our kids? There are many reasons we do this, and there is so much goodness to learning to be aware of when we do this. I have a new webinar coming out called Dating in December. Sign up for it here! https://form.jotform.com/223115477171250?fbclid=IwAR0I9z-X9FfywRO8qPBZWU0RhBSTtZmQI7y1ewsjo2j62CFZcJlvq2-oaVE
    9m 41s
  • Ep. 26 The Shame Chair

    7 NOV. 2022 · When someone yelled at me this weekend, it brought me back 32 years to the first time I consciously remember feeling shame. In today's episode, I bring in some teaching from Dr. Curt Thompson on shame and why it feels like HELL to our bodies when we experience it.
    5m 27s
  • Ep. 25 Tuned In

    31 OCT. 2022 · Every child needs 6 things from their primary caregiver while growing up and Attunement is one of them. In today's episode I tell a fail of my own where I was not very attuned to my child regarding the creepiness of Halloween. For coaching sessions please book at www.melaniegallcoaching.com
    5m 48s
  • Ep. 24 Excess Weight

    24 OCT. 2022 · What are you carrying around that isn't meant for you? I recently emptied my purse and you will be ASTOUNDED to hear all that was in there. It proved for a very important lesson though in being faced with other things that I carry around that I was never designed to. Perfectionism. The weight of disappointing or embarrassing my family. Self sufficiency. Do you struggle with these too? Join in!
    7m 54s
  • Ep. 23 Crazy Squirrels

    17 OCT. 2022 · We recently had precious people living with us for an extended period of time, and the mind garbage that happened for me was real. Feeling exposed and vulnerable can do weird things to our pride, heart and mind and I needed to be reminded of a really powerful notion - we have the ability to remove ourselves from the crazy and come back into peace. Join me today as we talk about community, our value and negative mindset swirls!
    8m 20s
  • Ep. 22 The Issue of Pride

    10 OCT. 2022 · Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Today we look at the issue of Biblical pride, humility, false humility and parenting in it all. Is there ever a place for pride? How do we have confidence in ourselves without making others feel badly about themselves? Is that even possible? What do writers like the Apostle Paul or CS Lewis have to say on this topic? Are you a humble person? Join me to find out!
    19m 19s
  • Ep. 21 Sex and Story - Part 4

    3 OCT. 2022 · This culture has engulfed our kids into its over sensualized ways. And we have unwittingly gone along with it. How do we fight back? Like anything, these conversations don't start when our kids are teenagers. What can we do when the children are little to help combat the ways of the world?
    23m 45s
  • Ep. 20 Are You a Closed Fisted Person?

    26 SEP. 2022 · While in Greece for our honeymoon, I got massive hives all over my chest. I quickly spiralled in my emotions and got caught in the smallness of my thinking. I had the closed fists of fear and LACK. When we focus on that, we can't see the magnitude of God's goodness and promises to us. How do we gain open hands of surrender to Jesus? Check out today's episode! For coaching contact deeper@melaniegallcoaching.com Or check out the website at www.melaniegallcoaching.com
    9m 59s
  • Ep. 19 Sex and Story - Part 3

    19 SEP. 2022 · It's finally here! How to talk to your kids about sex! And surprise, surprise. It's a bit more encompassing than just explaining the parts. I talk about body safety, the need for proper language and what to do if you feel like you've missed the boat on this one.
    28m 3s

You are held by a God who loves you - even in the midst of your chaos. In this space, you’ll learn tools to live life with intention, cultivate a...

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You are held by a God who loves you - even in the midst of your chaos. In this space, you’ll learn tools to live life with intention, cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus and celebrate the fact that you are wiser and stronger after all that you’ve been through. Helping you feel less alone in the middle of your mess, one story at a time.
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