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    S3E9 Follow Her On TikTok feat Don Weav & Duch

    8 MAY. 2023 · With Eric still on Load Management I had to call in some heavy hitters! Don Weav pulled up from Houston and he pulled up to pod with me and the CEO of everyday Duch. We got a chance to jap about plenty things! Just VIBE WITH US!
    1h 16m 26s
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    S3E8: We at the Table Talking(Feat Dezilynnn)

    25 ABR. 2023 · With Eric at home celebrating his new baby. I called in an old homie from Riverside to come in and talk about her dope event Table Talk happening This Saturday. We got into some dope topics about Women's 90 day rule. Men and feeling forgotten. Great talk and make sure you check out the event. Hit the Sweats and Suits pod page for more info!
    54m 32s
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    S3E7: WE OFF THE CLOCK feat Sabrina and Shonn Hinton

    20 MAR. 2023 · We finally back after a break to handle some business! And we back with Shonn and Sabrina to discuss the show that went down last Friday! This was recorded before but due to tech difficulties but great show good Jap VIBE WITH US!
    1h 24m 58s
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    Episode 200: Get Yo Bih some Art(Feat Shonn Hinton)

    7 FEB. 2023 · Episode 200 features one of the Dopest Guitarust in the world SHONN HINTON! He's played for Mary J Blige, Jay-Z, Jill Scott, Dave Hollister and SOOOOO MANY MORE! We talked about his come up in the game and his new album coming Feb 14th called ART! Tune in! VIBE WITH US!
    2h 25m 56s
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    S3E5: Why y’all don’t like her?

    2 FEB. 2023 · This episode we started off with a wild question! PAUSE FASHO! But then we got into dating an unliked person.... went live we had fun! VIBE WITH US!
    1h 19m 14s
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    S3E4: We Unc Now

    16 ENE. 2023 · This episode we deep dove into our old age and how we don't view things the same. We talked about understanding our parents more now than ever. We also went live for the first time in a LOOOOONG TIME! And that took us into rare Form! Vibe with us!
    1h 43m 46s
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    S3E3: Do the Holidays still Holiday?

    2 ENE. 2023 · This episode Seth talked about his history with Kwanzaa and Eric talked about his red carpet experience.... Then we talked how the holidays feel and how long we got left! Vibe with Us!
    59m 36s
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    S3E2:Bridging the Gap: Suicide

    19 DIC. 2022 · This episode we bring back one of our favorite series called Bridging the gap where this time we are talking Suicide. Seth missed this episode(family emergency)but Duch was there to fill in and we talked to Charles about his experience with suicide. Great talks and we hope it helps someone! Please if you are feeling suicidal at all talk to someone and get help. Vibe with Us!
    1h 36m 34s
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    S3E1: We Back but Deion Gone

    12 DIC. 2022 · This episode we talked Deion Sanders leaving Jackson State. We caught up on things going on that we missed. Vibe With Us!
    1h 14m 52s
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    S2E18- 2 in 3 Weeks ain’t Bad(feat surprise cameo from Weav)

    8 JUN. 2022 · This episode we talked And 1, taking best deals, and differences between single you and relationship you. VIBE WITH US!
    1h 14m 8s
Sweats and Suits is a podcast from Seth and Eric. We want to touch on all things, bring VIBES and CONVO and a good laugh. Give a listen!

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