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Taking it for Granted

  • Taking it for Granted Ep 165 - Keys to Happiness and Joy

    16 MAY. 2024 · Host Grant Smith takes a look back at keys to happiness and joy from former guests.
    48m 35s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 164 - Rob Drabkin

    9 MAY. 2024 · Rob Drabkin is a Musician from Denver, CO, spreading positivity through his songs.  He was born and raised in Colorado, but decided to go to college in Texas to become a doctor. After graduating, Rob made the decision to pursue music full time, and moved back to his home state to get his start.  After many open mics and lessons, Rob got one of his first big breaks playing the Fox Theater in Boulder, and has been a touring musician ever since.  Having opened for the likes of Michael Franti, Trevor Hall, and Mat Kearney, he has built a devoted fan base in Colorado and throughout the country. After his song "It's a Beautiful Day" was featured in a belVita commercial, his international presence has grown as well.  Rob's latest album "Spring in December" continues his mission of finding joy in the little moments, and putting a positive spin on tough situations. He also has a new project in the works that he will be announcing this summer.  To learn more about Rob, give him a follow on Instagram @robdrabkin, find his music wherever you listen, or check out his website https://www.robdrabkin.com/.
    1h 8m 47s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 163 - Scott DeHuff

    1 MAY. 2024 · Scott DeHuff is the Host of the "DeHuff Uncensored" podcast, which was voted the number one comedy podcast in Colorado. Scott covers funny and crazy news from around the world, and talks sports from time to time with some Denver legends.  Scott spent nearly twenty years behind the scenes in radio, and now has his own platform that he is making the most of. After working with Mark Schlereth, Alfred Williams, Joel Klatt, Mike Evans, and many more, he has found his calling with his podcast.  To learn more about Scott, subscribe to "DeHuff Uncensored" wherever you listen to podcasts, and give him a follow across all social media platforms @dehuffuncensored. 
    1h 46m 18s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 162 - Dave Logan

    17 ABR. 2024 · Dave Logan is the Voice of the Broncos for KOA, an 11-time state champion as a high school football coach, a former NFL wide receiver with the Browns and Broncos, , Host of KOA Sports, and Founder of Team Dave Logan.  Growing up in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Dave excelled a baseball, basketball, and football, getting drafted in the MLB out of high school, but instead he chose to go play basketball and football for his hometown Buffs at the University of Colorado. After his playing days at CU, Dave was drafted in the NFL and NBA, becoming one of only four people ever to be drafted in all three sports.  Dave chose to take his talents to the NFL, playing wide receiver for the Browns during their "Kardiac Kids" era, becoming a fan favorite for his toughness.  After his playing days, Dave got his start in radio, and in 1997 became the "Voice of the Broncos" for KOA in addition to coaching HS football, where he has won 11 state championships including three in a row at Cherry Creek High School from 2020-2022. To learn more about Dave, check out the "Dave Logan Podcast" wherever you listen to podcasts.
    1h 19m 35s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 161 - Joanna Raimo and Patrick Catezone of Indie Postcard

    11 ABR. 2024 · Joanna Raimo and Patrick Catezone are the Hosts of the Indie Postcard podcast. Both of them grew up with music playing a big part in their lives, and after meeting at the University of Illinois, they knew they were meant to be friends.  After graduating, they started the podcast to “deliver” audiences the best emerging indie and alternative music acts. First published in 2023, Indie Postcard began as a way for two former college radio hosts to continue introducing music to new audiences.  Indie Postcard delivers you new episodes every week. Listen to it exclusively on Spotify every Wednesday at Indie Postcard. Coming soon to Apple Music and other platforms. Visit their Instagram page, TikTok, and YouTube channel @indiepostcardpodcast to stay up to date on all things indie music. 
    1h 21m 35s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 160 - Thoughts from the Mountain

    4 ABR. 2024 · Host Grant Smith shares some revelations from the mountain, and discusses the importance of trying to be in the present moment.
    9m 51s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 159 - Kathy Lee White

    28 MAR. 2024 · Kathy Lee brings a smile to everyone's face she meets. After moving to the United States with her parents as a child from South Korea, she attended Colorado University before interning at MTV, the Rockies, and ultimately on 103.5 The Fox, where she still works today. She has been the producer and Co-Host for Rick Lewis the past 27 years!  Through her life experiences, which there have been plenty of, Kathy Lee believes she has been molded into who she is today as a result of the good and bad that life has thrown at her.  She gives back as much as she can, family means everything to her, and she is a person you hope to meet in your life. To learn more about Kathy Lee, give her a follow on Instagram @kathyleewhite, or tune into the "Rick Lewis Show" weekday mornings from 6-10am MT.
    1h 9m 37s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 158 - Cortney McDermott

    21 MAR. 2024 · Cortney McDermott is a best selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Mind-Body Expert. She has written two books, "Change Starts Within You" and "Give Yourself Permission", and has spoken to companies like Nike, Google, Universal, and Virgin Group. Cortney combines ancient wisdom and scientific research to help inspire, educate, and activate people's potential. Through her world travels and studies, she is always trying to ask herself the right questions and trust everything. To learn more about Cortney and her work, give her a follow on Instagram @cortneymcdermott or check out her website https://www.cortneymcdermott.com/.
    1h 19m 3s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 157 - Carina Marshall

    13 MAR. 2024 · Carina Marshall is a Certified Master Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Author of "Discover & Use Your Greatest Superpower: Metaphysics, Spirituality, and Bubble Gum". In her book, Carina offers you sixteen Metaphysical tools to amplify your powers of intention, intuition, visualization, focus, allowing, and understanding the subtle world of energy. Through her world travels and life lessons learned, she believes she can help you live a happier and joyful life, unlocking your full potential. To learn more about Carina and her work, check out her website https://unlimitedself.us/. 
    59m 23s
  • Taking it for Granted Ep 156 - Thoughts on Life Lately

    29 FEB. 2024 · Host Grant Smith talks about some life lessons that have been learned or reinforced recently.
    17m 13s

Happiness...What is it and how do you find it? How can you find happiness through the tougher times in your life? Grant Smith talks to people from all walks of...

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Happiness...What is it and how do you find it? How can you find happiness through the tougher times in your life? Grant Smith talks to people from all walks of life on their happiness, and where it comes from.
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