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Talk Mental Health With Dr. Logan Noone, DO

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    89 - Jonathan Press - Bipolar Disorder, Religion & Psychiatry, Gay Conversion Therapy, Ketamine, Marijuana

    17 NOV. 2021 · I've known Jon Press for over 8 years through our advocacy efforts at Bipolar Magazine and other blogging. Jon comes on to discuss his life with bipolar disorder, and how his journey intertwines with transitioning to a gay man later in his life. Jon shares his experience with psychiatrists and also newer, sometimes unconventional approaches to mental illness, including ketamine and marijuana.
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    88 - Physical Therapy's Mental Health Challenges w/ Michael Jeanfarve, PT

    17 OCT. 2021 · I want to be able to prescribe some kind of physical therapy for emotional pain. Michael Jeanfarve, physical therapist faculty at Stanford Health Care Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program, discusses the mental aspects of his patient care. We discuss his teachings to his patients with chronic pain. We discuss themes we've seen in patients with comorbid physical and emotional illnesses. He also talks about how he often has to educate patients about motivation to continue completing physical therapy exercises.
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    87 - Dr. "I'm Going Back to Therapy"

    19 SEP. 2021 · Starting residency is hard. I'm still not even used to introducing myself as "Dr. Logan Noone." I talk with my great friend, Mark Donne, about how I started going back to therapy when I started residency. This transition from medical student to intern physician has been wild, challenging, exciting and stressful. I talk about what it's been like to have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for ten years. I talk about the different approaches for finding a therapist with cost savings in mind. We talk about the unique aspects of being a resident, like 24 hour call shifts.
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    86 - Failing COMLEX Level 1, and still matching into top ranked Psychiatry Program

    27 JUN. 2021 · My great friend and psychiatry resident, Richard Arroyo, discusses his experience failing COMLEX Level 1 after his 2nd year of medical school. This exam is thought to be "the most important test you take in medical school." Richard shares his self-doubts, shame and depression he felt going through this experience. He talks about how his medical school intended to help him, but ended up acting more like a barrier at times. Richard found a way to pass COMLEX Level 1 on his second try. Next, he was able to successfully match to his top ranked psychiatry residency program.
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  • 85 - Dr. Tom Eglin, Emergency Room Physician

    11 JUN. 2021 · Dr. Tom Eglin is an Emergency Room physician, participates in wilderness search and rescue, and serves as a regional assistant deal at PNWU. He shares path towards the ER, starting in internal medicine. He discusses managing stress and burnout in medicine. We talk about the unique emotional challenges of the emergency room. We discuss coronavirus and changes in mask policies.
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  • 84 - Dr. Katheryn Lauer, MD/MPH, Hospice & Palliative Care Medicine

    25 ABR. 2021 · Dr. Katheryn Lauer was my preceptor of my hospice rotation during my fourth year of medical school. We discuss why hospice should be a required course for medical students. Dr. Lauer explains misconceptions around hospice and palliative care, and how we could improve the system as a whole. We chat about physician assisted death, or death with dignity legislation.
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    83 - Unease, Anxiety and Excitement, The Days Leading up to the Match with Richard Arroyo

    13 MAR. 2021 · Richard Arroyo, my fellow classmate at PNWU, and I discuss the whirlwind of emotions leading up to match day, the time we finally find out where are next stage of training is. Richard and I are both pursuing psychiatry, and potentially could even end up at the same program. We talk how the supplemental offer and acceptance program (SOAP) requires an incredible control of emotions, and delayed grieving in a sense. We discuss the immense fear we feel starting residency on July 1. Richard and I wrote a book, "Imperfect Balance: Behavioral Health Disorders & First Year Medical Students," to give premed students confidence that they could handle medical school. Available on Amazon.
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  • 82 - Dr. Tony Lee, MD, Neurologist

    1 MAR. 2021 · Dr. Tony Lee is a board certified neurologist and completed a fellowship in neurophysiology. He completed his residency training and fellowship at University of New Mexico, where he also served as a professor. We discuss dementia, how to improve brain health through socialization and exercise. We chat about the pathophysiology of headaches and migraines. Lastly, we chat about transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS), and why this treatment can be helpful for depression and other mental health conditions. He owns Washington Neurology in Yakima, WA, and offers neurology, primary care, and TMS treatment.
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    81 - @so_bipolar - Mehri Coulter

    10 FEB. 2021 · Mehri Coulter (@so_bipolar) is a bipolar disorder advocate, wife, and mother of three. She has created photography exhibits that display symptoms of bipolar disorder. She openly discusses the loss of her 16 year old nephew, who lost his life to suicide from bipolar disorder as well. She shares other experiences of grief from suicide. She discusses her how pharmacogenetic testing helped her find psychiatric medication that helped her tremendously. We both share our view on how living openly with bipolar disorder does not require bravery or courage as we once thought.
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    80 - Megan Haughton - When Depression Comes Back

    3 FEB. 2021 · Megan returns to the show for her 3rd episode! She lives with ADHD and OCD, and has been featured on Ep. 2 & 24. Today, we both share about recent experiences with depression. We talk about how the return of depression is strange and different. While we both have developed coping strategies and tools, we talk about how we still both struggled with elements of depression. We talk about coronavirus has impacted our mental health, and how we're handling the stress of matching into residency next month.
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I'm a psychiatry resident physician who lives with bipolar disorder. The mission of this podcast is to make listeners feel more comfortable discussing mental health. I'll share my own experiences...

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I'm a psychiatry resident physician who lives with bipolar disorder. The mission of this podcast is to make listeners feel more comfortable discussing mental health. I'll share my own experiences and thoughts, but also interview other mental health advocates that have influenced my life. My life is easier living openly about my mental health, and I want to convince you to live the same way.
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