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Tech Break with the Original Mr. C

  • TBWTOMC - EP 09_ 12-11-23 Gingerbread & More

    13 DIC. 2023 · Explore the cozy winter porch scene on YouTube and get into the festive spirit with educational content on gingerbread house designing, building, and decorating. From a front-angle view of gingerbread house design to creating a winter wonderland with gingerbread houses, these engaging episodes guide you through creative processes. Additionally, delve into snow globe decorating, and Christmas-themed Artland drawing, and discover an online poster maker to enhance your holiday crafting and artistic skills.
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  • TBWTOMC - EP 07_ 12-4-23 Holiday Stuff

    6 DIC. 2023 · Get ready for a dose of holiday cheer with our weekly educational links designed to engage and inspire our students. From creative art projects like "Holiday Drawing" to interactive activities such as "Decorate a Holiday Tree," and festive literacy exercises like "Holiday Letters," these resources cater to all grade levels. Don't miss out on the fun and learning—check out our December Artland Calendar, Google Classroom Holiday Banner, and the Snowman Read Aloud Library. Let's make this holiday season both educational and joyful for our students!
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  • TBWTOMC - EP 06_ 11-13-23 Harvest Time ETC.

    13 NOV. 2023 · "Welcome to the 'Tech Break with the Original Mr. C Podcast,' your go-to destination for a tech-savvy and creative November! In this episode, we're diving into a delightful mix of tech projects, fun activities, and seasonal cheer. Join us as we explore the following topics: - Turkey Project - Build a Turkey: Unleash your creativity with a step-by-step guide on building a digital turkey project. From feathers to beaks, we've got you covered! - Build a Turkey - Simple: For those looking for a quick and easy turkey-building experience, we've got a simplified version that's perfect for all skill levels. - Decorate a Turkey: Dive into the world of digital decorations as we explore innovative ways to adorn your turkey creations, adding a festive touch to your tech projects. - Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - 5 Slides of Fun!: Join us for a virtual celebration of the beloved Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, complete with five fun slides that capture the essence of this timeless classic. - Thanksgiving Read Alouds: Embrace the spirit of gratitude with our recommended Thanksgiving-themed read-alouds, perfect for sharing heartwarming stories with family and friends. - HMH PDF Downloads: Navigate the world of educational resources with a spotlight on HMH PDF downloads, providing valuable materials for both educators and learners. - National Geo Map Maker: Embark on a digital journey with National Geo Map Maker, exploring the fascinating world of maps and geography through a tech lens. - 10 Minute Tales: Short on time? Discover bite-sized, tech-inspired tales that you can enjoy in just 10 minutes, perfect for a quick break or a tech-infused bedtime story. - Christmas Countdown: Get a head start on the festive season with a digital Christmas countdown. We'll explore apps and tools to make the anticipation even more exciting! Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a parent, or an educator, 'Tech Break with the original Mr. C Podcast' has something special for you this November. Tune in for a blend of creative projects, tech tips, and festive cheer that will make your tech break truly enjoyable!"
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  • TBWTOMC - EP 05_ 11-06-23 Nov Fun

    6 NOV. 2023 · "Welcome to 'Tech Break with the original Mr. C's Podcast,' your ultimate source for all things tech and creativity in the month of November! Join us as we delve into a cornucopia of topics designed to help you navigate the digital world with ease and enjoy the art of tech in a fun and informative way. - Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle: Get ready to unwind and sharpen your problem-solving skills as we introduce you to the world of Thanksgiving-themed jigsaw puzzles, perfect for the holiday season. - - November Joke of the Day: We'll add a dash of humor to your November with daily jokes to brighten your day and give you a chuckle. - - November Artland Drawing Videos: Dive into the creative realm of digital art with engaging drawing tutorials and videos for all skill levels. - - November Free Activity Calendar: Discover a curated calendar of free and exciting digital activities for the whole family to enjoy throughout the month. - - National Day Calendar: Stay up to date with the latest national and international holidays and observances, and learn how to celebrate them in the digital age. - - Handwriting app - Handout - Font: Explore the world of digital handwriting and fonts with insightful reviews and recommendations. - - Google Slides - Adding Video: Elevate your presentations with tips and tricks on seamlessly incorporating videos into your Google Slides projects. - - Google Classroom Banners: Uncover the secrets of personalizing your Google Classroom experience with custom banners and designs. - - McGraw Hill - Logging out Issues: Troubleshoot common issues related to McGraw Hill educational platforms, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
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  • TBWTOMC - EP 04- 10-23-23 - "October Extravaganza: From Alphabet Practice to Halloween Fun

    25 OCT. 2023 · Step into the world of education and creativity with our latest episode of Tech Break with the original Mr. C. Whether you're a teacher looking for new educational tools, a parent seeking creative activities for your kids, or simply someone curious about the latest trends and fun ways to celebrate October, this episode has something for everyone. Join us for an informative, entertaining, and inspiring podcast journey through the month of October! - Sorting Letters and Numbers - Primary Drag and Drop Google Slides: Explore the interactive world of primary education as we delve into drag-and-drop Google Slides, where young learners engage with letters and numbers in a fun and engaging way. - Alphabet Practice Pear Deck: Discover the magic of Pear Deck as we discuss its use in alphabet practice, making learning the ABCs an interactive and enjoyable experience for children. - Flip (Flipboard Alternative): Get introduced to an alternative to Flipboard and learn how this platform can be your go-to source for curated content and staying updated with the latest news and trends. - Emoji Supply Kitchen: Join us as we take a delightful tour of the Emoji Supply Kitchen, where you'll find an array of emojis to add a touch of fun to your messages and creative projects. - PeepsFest Diorama: Explore the world of diorama-making with a unique twist. Learn how PeepsFest celebrates the art of diorama creation in a festive and creative way. - October Writing Prompts: Get inspired with October-themed writing prompts that will fuel your creativity and help you write captivating stories or essays. - October Writing with Pear Deck: Uncover the power of Pear Deck in the context of October-themed writing. Learn how this interactive tool can make the writing process more engaging and collaborative. - October Writing Google Slides w/ Pics: Dive into the world of Google Slides enhanced with pictures to boost your October writing projects. Find out how visuals can add depth and vibrancy to your work. - October Halloween Writing w/ Emojis: As Halloween approaches, get ready for a spooky twist in your writing. Learn how to incorporate emojis into your Halloween-themed writing for a playful and eerie effect.
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  • TBWTOMC - EP # 03: 10-16-23

    17 OCT. 2023 · Welcome to episode # 3 of Tech Break with the Original Mr. C. Whether you're a teacher, a student, or simply someone curious about the world of shapes and Halloween-themed educational activities, this episode has something for everyone. Join us for an exciting, informative, and entertaining podcast adventure! - Shape Library: Dive into the world of shapes as we explore the Shape Library, where you'll learn about various geometric figures and their properties. - Sorting Shapes - Work in Progress: Discover the fascinating world of shape sorting and the exciting work-in-progress projects that are sure to spark your interest. - Shapes - Making Pictures: Unleash your creativity by learning how shapes can be used to create captivating pictures and artwork. - Sorting Shapes for Kindergarten: Delve into early childhood education as we discuss effective ways to teach shapes to kindergarteners, making learning a fun and engaging experience. - Aquarium Activity - Work in Progress: Get a sneak peek into an exciting aquarium activity project that's a work in progress, promising to combine learning and fun. - Drawing Fun with Pear Deck: Learn about Pear Deck, a fantastic tool for interactive drawing activities that will bring out the artist in you. - Halloween Drag & Drop Poetry: Celebrate Halloween in style with our spooky twist as we explore a fun drag-and-drop poetry activity, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. - Halloween - Build a Jack-o'-Lantern: As Halloween approaches, discover a creative way to celebrate the season by learning how to build your own Jack-o'-Lantern, complete with all the eerie details.
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  • TBWTOMC - EP # 02: 10-09-23

    6 OCT. 2023 · Welcome to episode # 2 of Tech Break with the Original Mr. C. In this episode, we review a slew of morning meeting slides, October writing prompts, October assignments template, National Calendar activities, October Artland national days, October fire safety, and a handwriting practice sheet. - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xD3O6A6x0s_rY17jQnWcIYQMMmlFOqnrfgVfTSXSAVI/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1G8gTKZWfPT5JTnmlxdb_Q56-waEcYiVDvMaY2oW1TS0/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_NS0mDxFFAl2BosAYZvRNXERRkUJkAWlkQqq7Jsd0pQ/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1OzlbUO_WdgZ33U_DTG9_S90x-xyfD5NT9kfuTH7wa7M/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qW9GFt8x_5PSmEOG5TNpuxqrVwz8kacBkNVsXXv3nSk/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRpLwOMwPQFYRRRVuTPBhSvtrjrB4wu73mdcjxSfgx3nn7j4ytZBcLigHIBNnSr0pm1fzrO2HfiXIZf/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000&fbclid=IwAR2lVwau-88rMZJtnYSHoLwgjRcL5ySxotsKsyXS_BqqXfakgwuBa4SQNWU&slide=id.gb008dae3f8_0_5 - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ddMjBSs8Irombe6tIv5bg8LlSiPJkIQD9F8GslscWxc/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10deNnklvsuCD67JfyUArQe_fXHHwVttY78R2G76TCZo/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GwYhe1k8vCvX0vEczCHHaKxHn40wObBk6O7XWscEUXk/copy - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1XwQCYOyo-5ixxKtCcIbHo6yShXXX42LbyjJrLfX718Y/copy
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  • TBWTOMC - EP # 01 090523

    6 SEP. 2023 · Join the original Mr. C on his tech-savvy journey as he delivers the latest updates, tech integration tips, and insider ideas in the world of educational tech news. Tune in to this engaging podcast to stay on the cutting edge of all things in the tech integration world!"
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"Join the original Mr. C on his tech-savvy journey as he delivers the latest updates, hacks, and insider tips in the world of technology. Tune in to this engaging podcast...

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"Join the original Mr. C on his tech-savvy journey as he delivers the latest updates, hacks, and insider tips in the world of technology. Tune in to this engaging podcast to stay on the cutting edge of all things tech!"
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