Making sense of technology by breaking down “geek speak into street speak."
Making sense of technology by breaking down “geek speak into street speak." leer más leer menos
  • Is it time to buy your dog a tracking collar? Plus, highlights from a Google convention, a new toothbrush that cleans teeth in 10 seconds.
    12 abr, 2024 - 39:09
  • Don’t damage your smartphone’s camera during the solar eclipse! We explain what to do. Plus, Visa’s cyber tips, T-Mobile, and more.
    5 abr, 2024 - 39:06
  • Happy Easter to Tech It Out listeners! It’s World Backup Day, and so Western Digital gives us tips. Plus, protecting online purchases.
    29 mar, 2024 - 39:06
  • Marvel or DC? We talk comic books with ‘Silver Snail’! Plus, Diageo chats scotch whisky tech, Blacklyte gaming chairs, and more
    22 mar, 2024 - 39:06
  • Off to the races at the Kentucky Derby! We chat with Verizon about its involvement and why + Pioneer DJ spins its latest gear.
    15 mar, 2024 - 39:06
  • IBM X-Force shares how to protect yourself over National Consumer Protection Week + new routers, smart home tech, and filmmaker Kevin Smith
    8 mar, 2024 - 39:06
  • LG talks about its transparent TV + protecting your vacation against bad weather, and more
    1 mar, 2024 - 39:07
  • A ‘cure’ for deadly food allergies? Plus, Google Gemini 101, Cadillac talks about its electrified future, and tips to stopping robocalls
    23 feb, 2024 - 39:07
  • Fight back against romance scams with McAfee + ChargeFUZE kiosks, Advil Head Settings, and more with filmmaker Kevin Smith!
    16 feb, 2024 - 39:07
  • Apple Vision Pro impressions, SanDisk honors Black History Month, and new OnePlus smartphones
    9 feb, 2024 - 39:06
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