• (EP 14) That's Life / Yes we're still alive...

    12 JUN. 2024 · Welcome back to life you beautiful humans!!  How we have miss you all! A lot has happened since we last spoke, from hospital visits to last minute vacations, these past few weeks have taught us that we need to start preplanning episodes because you truly never know what might happen week to week. I hope that you are able to listen to this weeks episode all the way through, it is JAM PACKED with great content and conversation, plus there is the cutest surprise ever waiting for you at the end...  
    52m 36s
  • (EP 13) That's Life / Post Surgery Life Update

    15 MAY. 2024 · These past two weeks have felt like FOREVER and I have missed being behind the camera! Also, why doesn’t everyone shop at Costco?! Have you been inside that place? It could only be described as the most incredible one stop shop to ever walk the earth. Did I pull a Dad and just walk the entire thing row by row? Yes, Yes I did..  Anyways, just sit back relax, and let’s catch up! 
    1h 8m 6s
  • (EP 12) That's Life / Running on holy time?

    2 MAY. 2024 · What do our future unathletic children, having a college champion for a sister, cracking a tooth completely open on a bowl of chowder, and the Vatican all have in common? Goodness this episode was something, and it’s not something that you wanna miss! You may come away learning more then you thought…
    1h 1m 9s
  • (EP 11) That's Life / The one where we go to art school

    24 ABR. 2024 · WELCOME BACK TO LIFE YOU BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL HUMANS! What do Brad Paisley, Dusty Slay, John Crist, and art school have in common? Listen To this weeks episode, and you may just learn something! Check out The Store's website to learn more and support their cause : https://thestore.org/
    1h 4m 56s
  • (EP 10) That's Life / Feat a new CoHost?!

    19 ABR. 2024 · WELCOME BACK TO LIFE YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL HUMANS! This week we were joined by a furry co-co host (we are still workshopping his official name!) Enjoy todays ADHD riddled podcast as we discuss everything from UFC, to fishtanks, to Modern Family! This will be the last time I give Hannah full creative podcast planning control thats for sure!
    58m 55s
  • (EP 9) That's Life / A Secret Guest Stops

    10 ABR. 2024 · Welcome Back to life you beautiful beautiful humans!  After surviving the eclipse/apocalypse, brace yourself for my 7am morning chatter! Listen to the end of todays episode to hear some pretty hard to belive stories with my spontaneously secretive guest! Trust me, even he didnt see things coming!
    1h 1m 56s
  • (EP 8) That's Life / A tornado of a tale

    3 ABR. 2024 · Welcome Back to life you beautiful beautiful humans!  Theres no better way to start your day then by hearing us yap on about anything and everything. From Godzilla x Kong movie reviews, to learning that were secretly 85 years old, to telling stories about almost being swept away by tornados, todays episode is jam-packed with laughs and stories that will blow you away  (haha get it?) 
    48m 59s
  • (EP 7) That's Life / We are on strike

    29 MAR. 2024 · Welcome back to life you beautful humans! Episode 7 has alot to unpack. I discuss my latest DCEU thoughts and Hannah does what she does best. Follow us on @thatslifewithjacob on instagram. 
    1h 7m 44s
  • (EP 6) That's Life / We have a new CAMERA!

    19 MAR. 2024 · WELCOME BACK TO LIFE YOU BEAUTIFUL,  BEAUTIFUL HUMANS! WE HAVE A NEW CAMERA!! If you're listening to todays episode, I highly recomend hopping over to one of the many video streaming platforms and watching the podcast there so that you can truly see the camera quality in real time! Todays episode truly is all over the place, so grab an energy drink, pop some popcorn, and join us for the time of your life! 
    50m 31s
  • (EP 5) That's Life / The time I met Little Big Town

    11 MAR. 2024 · WELCOME BACK TO LIFE YOU BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL HUMANS! This week, my producer and lovely wife Hannah is back as we discuss meeting famous people, dating an asparagus, the state of our Union, and more. Trust me, this episode will keep you on your toes, and you will never guess what is coming next... 
    1h 55s
I bought a mic and started talking, thus was born Thats Life Podcast. A true passion project of mine, Thats Life is a comedy podcast airing weekly.
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