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    S3 E14: Le Chien Brewing Company

    17 JUN. 2024 · Chuck P finds himself in Denham Springs, Louisiana for some beers and conversation with Brett & Ron Dunham, father and son owners of Le Chien Brewing Company. They discuss their history from homebrewers to brewery owners, the lastest goings on and what's to come including the possibility of an ABV/Le Chien collaboration. Make sure to follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LeChienBrewingCo) and Instagram (@lechienbrewingco) to be in the know about all of the cool things happening there.
    Played 1h 41m 5s
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    S3 E13: Burger Specials & Beers At Agile Brewing

    4 JUN. 2024 · This episode of the podcast finds Chuck P and his special co-host Joey Cavlier and Tony Ridinger from Eat The Boot hanging out at Agile Brewing here in Baton Rouge. They have a sit down with owner Keith Premeaux to talk about a new burger special created by none other than Chuck P himself. The Southern Burger will only be available for one day only (JUNE 5TH) so the guys talk with Keith about this delicious creation, have some tasty brews and also catch up on what's going on at the brewery. To find out the latest goings on in the Baton Rouge food scene make sure to check out The Eat The Boot Podcast avaible on all streaming platforms.
    Played 1h 4m 6s
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    S3 E12: Flying Heart Brewing & Pub

    16 MAY. 2024 · On our latest episode Chuck P and guest host Jay Ducote are drinking local beers and eating tasty pizzas at Flying Tiger Brewing & Pub in Bossier, Louisiana. THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED IN OCTOBER 2023.
    Played 1h 24m 29s
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    S3 E11: Getting Ricked At Mid Tap

    23 ABR. 2024 · We're leaning into the food side of things on this latest epiosde. But don't worry, there's beers and cocktails as well. Chuck P is joined by Jay Ducote as they chat with Rick Patel, owner of Mid Tap in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Also, copy and paste the link below and take advantage of a 50% off Mid Tap voucher! https://wafb.incentrev.com/BatonRouge/9000392-mid-tap
    Played 1h 4m 50s
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    S3 E10: A Testament To Making A Great Beer - The ABV Podcast/Cypress Coast Collaboration

    16 ABR. 2024 · Chuck P is at Cypress Coast Brewing in Baton Rouge for a very special episode. The guys sit down to talk about their collaboration beer releasing this Friday, April 19th at the brewery. A way too easy drinking Triple IPA called A Testament To The Transformative Power Of Unplanned Encounters. 
    Played 1h 3m 24s
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    S3 E09: The Seventh Tap Chat Attack

    27 MAR. 2024 · Back in October of 2023, Chuck P and Jay Ducote took a trip up to Shreveport, Louisiana to have some beers and hang out with the crew at The 7th Tap Brewing Project. Have a listen...
    Played 1h 53m 4s
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    S3 E08: Brewers Roundtable 2: Rally Cap Brewing & Grain Creations

    13 MAR. 2024 · The ABV Podcast returns with another Brewers Roundtable episode. Chuck P sits down for a few beers and conversing featuring Kevin Whalen from Rally Cap Brewing and Jimmy Alford and Amanda Parent from Grain Creations Brewing.
    Played 1h 49m 13s
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    S3 E07: Crying Eagle Brewing Pt.2

    25 OCT. 2023 · The continuation of our conversation with Chuck P & Jay Ducote talking with Eric Avery of Crying Eagle Brewing in Lake Charles, Louisiana. They talk more about the taproom selection, their favorite beer citties and the latest on their new restaurant and brew pub concept that's coming to the area soon.
    Played 1h 23m 53s
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    S3 E06: National Pizza & Beer Day At Rotolo's Craft & Crust

    10 OCT. 2023 · It seems like there's a holiday for everything nowadays, but the one we're celebrating on this episode is a truly important one. October is National Pizza Month and October 9th is National Pizza & Beer Day. So Chuck P and Jay Ducote made their way to Rotolo's Craft & CRust here in Baton Rouge and sit down with Eusebio Gongora to talk abour the specials they have this month to celebrate this momentous occasion and of course enjoy some pies & pints.
    Played 1h 2m 19s
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    S3 E05: Crying Eagle Brewing Pt.1

    28 SEP. 2023 · On our latest episode, Chuck P is joined by Jay Ducote (jayducote.com) as they sit down for some cold beers at Crying Eagle Brewing in Lake Charles, Louisiana with owner Eric Avery for Part One of our two part podcast.
    Played 51m 57s

We are a craft beer, wine & spirits podcast (but mostly craft beer) located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that focuses on our amazing local craft breweries and distilleries in our...

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We are a craft beer, wine & spirits podcast (but mostly craft beer) located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that focuses on our amazing local craft breweries and distilleries in our state as well as the craft beer/distillery industry as a whole. We drink. We talk. And we hope you enjoy. Cheers!
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