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The Alchemy of ME with Tonia: Anatomy of Humanity Through the Lens of Science and Spirituality

  • Energetic Blueprint: Mapping the Body’s Subtle Anatomy

    19 JUN. 2024 · Join Tonia and guest Tamara Leach, a seasoned expert in the fields of energy healing, alternative medicine, and spiritual exploration as we invite listeners on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the body's subtle anatomy.   Through captivating discussion and exploration, this show provides a platform to illuminate the intricate pathways of energy that flow within us. From ancient wisdom to cutting-edge research, the "Energetic Blueprint" offers a holistic perspective on health and wellness, highlighting the profound connections between mind, body, and spirit.   Listeners will gain practical insights and transformative tools for understanding and harmonizing their energetic bodies, empowering them to cultivate greater vitality, resilience, and inner balance. Whether you're seeking healing, personal growth, or spiritual awakening, this dynamic talk radio show serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance on the journey to unlocking the full potential of your energetic blueprint. Tune in and embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery and transformation.
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  • How to Take Your Health to the Next Level

    5 JUN. 2024 · Embark on a journey with Tonia and Dr. Lou Walters, as they provide a fresh perspective on health and disease. In this episode, they look at health and disease through a different lens, exploring the root cause rather than waiting for symptoms to manifest. This discussion highlights how genuine health surpasses mere absence of illness, emphasizing the importance of achieving harmony in mind, body, and spirit. By embracing this comprehensive and proactive approach to well-being, they look at the significance of preventive actions and lifestyle decisions in fostering overall health. By addressing the underlying factors causing imbalance within us, each of us is empowered to unleash our body's inherent capacity to heal and flourish with the right support and environment.
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  • Stellar Grounds: Navigating Life through the Astrology

    15 MAY. 2024 · Join Tonia and astrologer Meredith McCowan, as they explore what it’s like to navigate life using the stars, or astrology, a practice as ancient as civilization itself. Astrology is an ancient art that is grounded in science. Through this lens, astrology lends itself as a key that encourages soul growth through self-awareness within a broader cosmic framework. From this stellar space we’ll explore the framework for what astrology is, how it can support you on your life journey, and the role past life astrology plays in life. Great ready for some fun!
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  • The Gameboard has Shifted for Humanity: Time to Start Playing

    1 MAY. 2024 · Join Tonia and her guest, Sean Padraic, as they discuss the ways the gameboard of life is changing from 3D to 5D for humanity. The old sandcastles are being washed away by the tides of a rising consciousness to allow a clean slate for people to create the life they desire. Join us for what will be a very fun and highly enlightening conversation where you’ll learn how to you can begin to shift yourself to the new gameboard and start playing!
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  • An Authentic & Candid Conversation about Personal Growth, Self-Discovery, & Enlightenment with guest, Tonia Johnson

    26 ABR. 2024 · There are those who have made major strides to develop their Human Potential. They serve as inspiration and role models for others seeking to Ignite Their Own Potential and on the path of Personal Growth, Self-Discovery, and Enlightenment. Such is the case with our guest, Tonia Johnson. Grab a refreshing drink, settle in, and listen to an open, authentic, and candid conversation as we reveal what the journey was like, the obstacles we experienced, and how a Victor vs. a victim mindset can lead to major changes in the pursuit of becoming our full potential in this life. If Tonia Can Do It, U Can Do It Too!!!!! Thanks for tuning in. This is our gift to help you make the most out of the most amazing journey you will take, YOUR LIFE!! Tonia & Michael   Watch Michael McGinnis' LiveStream Here  
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  • Choosing Presence for Divine Alignment

    17 ABR. 2024 · Join Tonia and her guest, Jessica Lang, as they deepen their exploration of the power of the Center. The center is a beacon of Light, a Universal note of attunement, to which we may align. When we empower ourselves to pause and to welcome a fullness of awareness upon our current experience in the Light of gratitude, trust, and faith, we invite the fullness and sovereignty of peace-filled union.
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  • Two Become ONE: Aligning with the power of the Center to presence with the Sacred

    3 ABR. 2024 · Join Tonia and her guest, Jessica Lang, as they discuss the center. The center is the womb, the point from which all life blooms, and to which all life returns. To foster awareness for the center, to create and honor space within and without our being and lived experience this day, is to uphold the integrity of the center, inviting the fullness and sovereignty of peace-filled union through harmonious reconciliation. 
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  • The Sacred Union Within: Harmonizing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine Energy to Create an Empowered Reality

    20 MAR. 2024 · Join Tonia and her guest, Sean Padraic, as they uncover how vital it is to inner-stand the masculine and feminine energies operating within us in order to gain self-mastery. They discuss the detrimental effects of these energies being out of balance and how that can lead to an “internal war” between our logic and imagination. From this space we’ll discuss how to harmonize those polarities and what life can look like as we do.   Watch Here: https://youtu.be/Dp8dXV5R3QM  
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  • What's Your VIBE?

    6 MAR. 2024 · What’s your frequency (aka what’s your vibe)? This episode of Alchemy of ME explores how our frequency and the frequency of our environment affects our susceptibility to acute and chronic illnesses. Join me and Dr. Pat as we use this time to discuss how making minor lifestyle shifts can improve your health and overall quality of life.   Watch Here: https://youtu.be/mqAJL-un_ZY  
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  • It's Time to Talk About The Loneliness Epidemic

    21 FEB. 2024 · We are all connected, so why doesn't it feel like it? Join Dr. Pat and me as we explore and unravel loneliness (lacking a sense of connection), an epidemic that affects a staggering 30% of the global population and 60% in the US. This is an opportunity to connect and shift from a space of accepting this epidemic as reality to awareness so we can take action.   “Everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo DaVinci   Watch Here: https://youtu.be/61o3VGF_zOs  
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Each moment is an opportunity to reclaim, transform, to ALCHEMIZE how you experience and live LIFE. Let’s unearth the layers and unravel the systems in-place that dim who we are,...

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Each moment is an opportunity to reclaim, transform, to ALCHEMIZE how you experience and live LIFE. Let’s unearth the layers and unravel the systems in-place that dim who we are, that dim our light…and let’s do this together. The Alchemy of ME is an eclectic blend of mind-body energy medicine concepts, tools, and practices where we’ll explore the anatomy of humanity through the lens of science and spirituality. On this journey together, we’ll nourish the seeds, the light, the fire, that gold of intelligence that is YOU. That, my brothers and sisters, is ALCHEMY.

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