• Jeremy Rosado

    8 OCT. 2023 · In today's episode of The Artist Spotlight, we dive deep into the captivating journey of Jeremy Rosado, a fresh face on the Christian music scene. From his early dreams of leading masses in worship, his appearances on powerhouse reality shows like The Voice and American Idol, to the inspiration behind his music - Jeremy’s story is one of faith, passion, and perseverance. Born with a heart tuned to Jesus and a voice destined for the world stage, Jeremy navigates the challenges of the spotlight while remaining true to his divine calling. As we uncover stories of his Puerto Rican heritage, family, and personal faith journey, listeners get an exclusive insight into the man behind the music. Plus, Jeremy reveals his bucket list destinations and shares his love for Australian culture. Join us for an uplifting episode filled with music, faith, and dreams that know no bounds.
    19m 39s
  • Jeremy Camp

    8 OCT. 2023 · Dive into a soulful conversation with the legendary Jeremy Camp in this episode of The Artist Spotlight. Unravel Jeremy's journey from his early tours in Australia to the deeply therapeutic process of songwriting that's touched hearts in over 45 countries. Listen as he recounts his experience of reliving life's highs and lows in "I Still Believe" and the intriguing possibility of a Christian Music Cinematic Universe. Plus, get a sneak peek into his upcoming tour! Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering Jeremy's inspiring story, this episode is a melodic blend of faith, resilience, and the transformative power of music. Don't miss it!
    10m 48s
  • John Newsome

    14 SEP. 2023 · Join Aaron Brown this week as he catches up with John Newsome live from the CMAA conference in Brisbane. They chat about John's new music, faith, session work and his songwriting process.
    16m 12s
  • Riley Clemmons - Australian tour

    1 SEP. 2023 · This week Aaron hands the mic over to Chloe, his breakfast show co-host to have a chat with Riley when she visted the Rhema studios during her Australian tour! Listen in as they chat more about faith the tour and Aussie culture.
    14m 2s
  • Riley Clemmons

    11 AGO. 2023 · Riley Clemmons is coming to Australia! We catch up with Riley to talk about her upcoming visit to Australia as well as her new music. We’ll hear how a tough season has led to spiritual and personal growth for Riley and she’ll try her best to blend in as an Aussie!
    12m 53s
  • Benjamin William Hastings

    1 JUN. 2023 · Ben Hastings has lived out his faith in the spotlight as a world renowned worship leader... so what happens when he has doubts he has to wrestle with? We catch up with Ben to talk about his new song Dragons, the season of wrestling and doubt that inspired it and the honesty of worship when things aren't going how you hope.
    15m 10s
  • Jeremy Camp

    27 ABR. 2023 · We're catching up with Jeremy Camp with an exciting announcement for his Aussie fans! Plus we'll hear how he was able to overcome his anxieties, travelling the world with kids, and whether there will be a sequel to his biopic "I Still Believe".
    12m 54s
  • Rend Collective

    20 ABR. 2023 · It's been a few years since we last caught up with Rend Collective... in fact they have the distinction of being the last Christian band to tour Australia before the pandemic hit. We'll catch up on what the last couple of years have looked like for the Irish group, how they have learned to worship even through huge difficulties and we'll hear about their new album 'Whosoever'
    14m 46s
  • Ray Badham

    14 ABR. 2023 · Ray Badham takes us behind the scenes of how songs get written for Hillsong and how he became a big part of their songwriting team in the late 90s and early 2000s. Now stepping out as a solo artist we will hear about his new Easter themed song and why he is writing songs in the language of Papua New Guinnea.
    19m 3s
  • George Mhondera

    31 MAR. 2023 · Last time we caught up with George Mhondera, the world had just started going a little bit crazy with this new virus that had hit. Plus, George had just released his debut single. It's been a couple of years, so we're going to catch up with George to find out what the last few years have looked like for him. Some new music that is in the works, and we'll find out if he's still rocking the cool shades he's been spotted wearing in Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons film clip.
    24m 2s
Rhema 99.7's Aaron Brown chats to local and international artists to shine a light on their music and the heart behind it.

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