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    The Bassment: F*ck You Ice Cube!!!

    16 MAY. 2020 · The Bassment is back and we are discussing the nigga you love to hate; Ice Cube. It was 30 years ago today that Cube dropped arguably the greatest hip hop album ever created.... Amerikkka's Most Wanted. We take a look back at that album and the impact of Ice Cube on the rap game.
    1h 29s
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    The Bassment: Like Nag Champa For Ears

    28 MAR. 2020 · It was 20 years ago today..... Common dropped arguably one of the dopest albums of the 2000s; Like Water For Chocolate. Join The Bassment as they discuss the album song by song and ponder if it is the "perfect" project.
    49m 11s
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    The Bassment: The Miseducation of the Bassment

    25 MAR. 2020 · 1998 was a good year in R&B. Not only did Lauryn Hill come through and crush the buildings, but we also got projects from Maxwell, Dru Hill, 112, and many others. This episode we talk about that year and its impact on the culture.
    51m 35s
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    The Bassment: Poetry, Power, & Pistols

    15 MAR. 2020 · It has been 25 years since Tupac released arguably his greatest project, Me Against The World. The Bassment looks at that alum and discusses the legacy of Tupac in this episode of The Bassment.
    1h 4m 26s
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    The Bassment: The Illest

    9 MAR. 2020 · This week the Bassment Crew breaks down the legacy of The Notorious BIG. He has been gone for over 20 years. Is his albums still classic material? Is he still considered a GOAT? Hit play and vibe with us in The Bassment.
    54m 8s
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    The Bassment: We Know Shuggie Otis

    29 FEB. 2020 · Part of chilling in the Bassment is introducing each other to new music. This week El brings Shuggie Otis to the conversation. They look at who he is, his legacy, and the music. The crew also gives a first impression review to Royce's new album; The Allegory.
    46m 33s
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    The Bassment: Mamasay Mamasa Mamakusa

    8 FEB. 2020 · Yo!! If you listen quietly you will hear some folks right now arguing what is the better album; Off The Wall or Thriller. Well, this week in The Bassment they joined in on the age-old debate. We stripping away all the copies sold, awards, and hype to make this decision. Song for song how do the albums compare? Hit play and join us.
    56m 42s
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    The Bassment: Who Gives A F*ck About A Grammy?

    2 FEB. 2020 · Hip Hop and Grammys don't go hand in hand. From the beginning, the culture had little to no respect for the awards. Why is that? The Bassment Boyz take a look at that and discuss how come we don't create our own award show that has significance.
    50m 58s
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    The Bassment: Boogie Bang - Summer of 88 Part 1

    25 ENE. 2020 · Did anyone ever tell you about the Summer of 88? The summer when classic albums dropped like rain from the sky. What a time to be alive! Join The Bassment Boyz this week when we touch on that magical summer in part one of this series. We are the foundation. We are The Bassment!
    46m 11s
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    The Bassment Episode 5: The reListen - Voodoo

    18 ENE. 2020 · If Jesus was commissioned to make an album he would create Voodoo. The Bassment Boyz break down the album and its influence on Neo-Soul. Is it a classic? How does it stack up to Brown Sugar? Knock on the door and come on down to the Bassment.
    54m 2s
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