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  • #033 - Relationships and RIOT - Kristi McHenry

    24 ABR. 2024 · Kristi McHenry joins Matt in the studio today to give a little insight into her childhood, and her new and amazing business, Riot Dance Fitness. Kristi talks about her upbringing with half siblings, step siblings, parents and step parents. She talks about meeting her husband Micheal and their teenage daughter Elle, and the things they do to stay connected during their busy schedules, especially with Kristi owning and operating the best dance fitness movement in Utah. 
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  • #032 - Days Away From Being A Dad - Adrian Maco

    17 ABR. 2024 · Adrian Maco, Matt's WATT brother joins him in the studio today to talk about being days away from being a dad. Adrian shares about being born in Peru and moving to the USA, being raised by his mom and living with sisters, and the relationship with his parents. Adrian and Matt discuss the preparation he and his wife Kim have been doing ready for their baby girl, and the excitement and fear about being new parents. 
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  • #031 - Moving Through Mom Life With Lindsey Taylor

    10 ABR. 2024 · Today's special guest is a mother of 6, a Zumba Instructor, a homeschool mom, Mrs Riverton, and competing for Mrs Utah. Lindsey Taylor shares how she got into Zumba and the lessons she has learnt from being a full-time working mom, and the passion she has to share those lessons and messages with other women. 
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  • #030 - From Baseball to Brotherhood - Jimmy Rex

    3 ABR. 2024 · Matt met Jimmy Rex 18 months ago when he joined We Are The They, founded by Jimmy. Today Matt and Jimmy are close friends, and Jimmy sits down to share with Matt about his childhood, baseball, leaving the LDS church, and the years of self development which led him to start We Are The They. This is an episode not to be missed.
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    #029 - Melissa Von Musser - Building A Life By Design

    20 MAR. 2024 · On today's episode, Melissa Von Musser sits down with Matt to share her story of how she created a life by design. She shares the story of her parents' marriage and her early life as a young girl. Melissa discusses her failed marriages, and what she did to pull herself out of the darkness, which ultimately led her to becoming a coach for Tony Robbins. Listen in to hear some wonderful words of wisdom from the Queen Bee herself. 
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  • #028 - The Girls - Finding True Friendship Later in Life

    13 MAR. 2024 · On this special episode, Matt's wife Andrea takes the lead as she hosts her closest friends in the studio. Michelle, Haleigh, Karissa and Andrea discuss how they became friends, and what that friendship means to them, and what it looks like with not all of them living in the same city. Want to know how to create everlasting friendship? This episode is for you.
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  • #027 - Sarah Martindale - Growing up in Brazil, and moving to the USA.

    6 MAR. 2024 · Today's guest originates from Brazil, and now calls Salt Lake City her home. Sarah shares about being raised in Brazil, what family life looked like, and also the traumatic event of being held up at gunpoint which was the deciding factor to leave and move to the USA. Listen in to hear about that transition, and the life that Sarah has now with her husband and children in Salt Lake City.
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  • #026 - Natalie Daniels - From Russia With Love

    28 FEB. 2024 · On the show this week is a remarkable young lady, with a very interesting story. Natalie shares with us how she grew up in an orphanage in Russia from the age of 4, eventually being adopted at the age of 9. She talks about her biological mother, and also about her wonderful parents who adopted her and her younger sister. Do not miss this beautiful episode.
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  • #025 - Matt Barré - Birmingham Boy To Brit Bear. Matt's Story

    14 FEB. 2024 · In today’s episode Andrea, Matts wife, takes the reins and dives into Matt’s story. Matt shares his past, the work that he has done in the last several years, and what brought him to create the Bear Den Podcast.
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    #024 - Amber Thompson - Protecting My Energy. Learning From My Past To Protect My Future.

    7 FEB. 2024 · In today’s episode, Matt is joined by his guest Amber Thompson. Amber shares her story about growing up in Colorado with a split family, and the issues and difficulties that caused. Amber then goes on to talk about some of the boundaries that she had created, to ensure the pain of the past does not show its presence in her future.
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In each episode of the Bear Den Podcast, you'll hear from parents who share their insights and perspectives. We delve into discussions about raising resilient children, fostering healthy parent-child relationships,...

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In each episode of the Bear Den Podcast, you'll hear from parents who share their insights and perspectives. We delve into discussions about raising resilient children, fostering healthy parent-child relationships, and implementing positive discipline strategies. Our guests provide valuable advice infused with their expertise and personal experiences
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