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The Bear Tent

  • Fury Jackson!

    21 SEP. 2022 · A new goalie for Hammersmith, a 13 year old international and the ugliest kit of all time
    25m 13s
  • Xos Vin's 2nd Cousin!

    16 JUL. 2022 · Len returns with some massive news from the transfer window, a remarkable new film star and a power play by the Whitehouse family. PLUS! Your questions answered.
    30m 8s
  • England: Champions Of Earth!

    14 JUN. 2022 · A special celebratory episode looks back on a truly glorious night in Rio, with a few surprise appearances!
    21m 34s
  • "Denny Lelaney"

    27 MAY. 2022 · Len's Leniverse alter-ego! Earth Tournament quarter finals! Climate crisis! And someone else is living in our house!
  • The Ancient Spaniard

    20 MAY. 2022 · The latest from Earth Tournament 22, team USA appoint a 102-year-old manager and the funniest ads in the Lenniverse!
    30m 42s
  • Earth Tournament 2022 Special!

    12 MAY. 2022 · The fixtures, the favourites, the stars - and England's private Brazilian mansion!
    35m 4s
  • Skate v Moores

    10 MAY. 2022 · Monty Moore faces off with his old friend and mentor Jeffrey Skate in a Shakespearean drama; Xos Vin releases ‘Ultimate Takedown’; Shanklin almost win the bloody league!
    25m 8s
  • Guess Who's Going To The Moon

    16 MAR. 2022 · To celebrate the landmark fifteenth episode, Len reveals this year’s earth tournament line-up, examines scientific innovations in the universe, celebrate the charity work of Michael Fresh and marvels at a Lenniverse legend travelling into space.
    28m 45s
  • The World's Biggest House!

    18 FEB. 2022 · Zito Morko's little brother hits the big time, a 19 year old lottery winner buys his local club and Spencer Whitehouse splashes out on a new gaff!
    30m 1s
  • The League Of Iron

    26 ENE. 2022 · Monty Mores thrives on Merseyside, the sh*thousery of Putney, cheese sandwiches that grow on trees and Len's plans to replace Boring John on the show!
    33m 33s
Lenny Delaney brings you a podcast about an incredible made up football universe with his co-host, Boring John (as we like to call him)

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