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The Beat Down

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    TBD Episode 54 We go South By Southwest

    22 ABR. 2024 · Ledzepagain Mr. Jimmy  Eagles of Death Metal We learn about the Status Quo’s influence on Spinal Tap. 
    Played 1h 10m 21s
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    TBD Epsiode 53 Ready, Steady, Go!

    18 MAR. 2024 · Chris Goes Down a Guided by Voices rabbit hole. We talk  indie music festivals.  John comes up with a theme Song. We learn how MJ acquired the Beatles Catalog. We get to the bottom of who is older Andy Summers or George Harrison. Lew Grade is two faced.
    Played 1h 7m 18s
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    TBD Episode 52 On the Loo with Ringo

    6 MAR. 2024 · We discuss the up coming Beatles movies. We get Stooged. We talk about Iggy becoming Iggy and not a Stooge and John disparages Simon & Garfunkel. What?
    Played 1h 21m 57s
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    TBD Episode 51 Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

    29 ENE. 2024 · 50 songs with Paul to prove your mettle. Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. Mean Girls is rebooted. The unseen power of the picket fence. Mal contents and we talk Trag Jazz. Eddy Clayton and Les Stuart Quartet
    Played 1h 14m 47s
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    TBD Episode 50 Tell Me Something Good

    11 DIC. 2023 · Tell me something good. We are ridiculous as we Imagine a topical song. We spend some time in New York City then head over to Casablanca. The media steals the context and Jumps the Shark. Scuttlebutt is full steam.
    Played 1h 16m 4s
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    TBD Episode 49 Broadway the Hardway

    4 DIC. 2023 · Fancy Bound books don’t interest Chris. Ha Ha we are coming to take You away. We get into some Double Trouble and talk Stevie Ray. We Devolve and talk 70’s NYC Art Rock. Bob Gruen, Debbra Harry and John in an Elevator. Sounds like the start of a good joke. We talk Blue vs Red in the Atmosphere
    Played 1h 10m 34s
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    TBD Episode 48 Moon Over Marin

    22 NOV. 2023 · We Blast Big Audio Dynamite. We get Heady Topper. Then we talk 70's classic rock Dj's.
    Played 1h 33m 10s
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    TBD Episode 47 The Mal Machine takes over

    13 NOV. 2023 · The MAL Machine Episdode. We talk selling out 50 years later. Iggy goes Mersh. John is not buying a truck especially now. John has a bit of an attitude about some record shops that suck! We discuss the Oldest living Rock Star.
    Played 1h 20m 35s
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    TBD Episode 46 The Fun Lovin' Criminals

    4 NOV. 2022 · We kick start the third season with specials guests FLC. We discuss cockdogs and new music with Fast and Frank from Fun Lovin’ Criminals.
    Played 1h 10m 2s
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    TBD Episode 45 The Fisher Man

    17 SEP. 2022 · We end this season by speaking with our good friend Paul Fisher and get the story of the Selves. It all Comes together in front of a Clamboat platter.
    Played 1h 6m 18s
A Beatles Centric talk show that covers the early days of rock and roll through to today's bands.

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