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  • 1-26-24 | ICJ Rules Against Israel But No CEASEFIRE! | GOP Launches Civil War 2.0 | Trump Storms Out of Court

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  • 1-11-24 | South Africa Takes Israel and Netanyahu Before the Hague

    11 ENE. 2024 · In this episode of the Benjamin Dixon Show, we take a focused look at the high-profile case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) between South Africa and Israel. Our primary agenda today is to examine and review the compelling opening statements by South Africa's attorney, Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, in this landmark legal confrontation.
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  • 1-1-24 | Palestine History & Crisis | Trump Whistleblowers | Maher's COVID Claims | Tim Pool's Civil War Fixation

    1 ENE. 2024 · Welcome to today's episode of The Benjamin Dixon Show, where we dissect and delve into pressing issues, offering insightful analysis and thought-provoking discussions. Segment 1: The Palestinian Perspective – A Historical and Humanitarian Lens In this segment, we turn our focus to Palestine, particularly the Gaza Strip, following the events of October 7th. We reflect on the tragic toll this conflict has had, especially on children, and trace back the historical significance of the region, highlighting the early references to Bethlehem as 'Palestine' by Greek historian Herodotus in 450 BCE, and its mention during the time of Jesus by Josephus Flavius. This journey through history is crucial to understanding the deep-rooted complexities of this enduring conflict. Segment 2: Voices Against Trump – The ABC News Exclusive Next, we dissect the recent ABC News interview featuring Cassidy Hutchinson and two other former White House aides, unraveling their stark warnings about the potential threats posed by former President Trump. This enlightening discussion underscores the importance of heeding lessons from history and the vital role of whistleblowers in safeguarding democracy. Segment 3: Bill Maher's Controversial Take on COVID-19 We then pivot to Bill Maher's recent controversial clip, where he links COVID-19 infections to vaccinations and leans into anti-vax rhetoric. This segment is a critical examination of how public figures shape narratives about health and science, and the potential consequences of spreading misinformation. Segment 4: Tim Pool’s Civil War Obsession Finally, we delve into Tim Pool's fixation with the idea of a second American civil war. By analyzing his statements and timelines using GROK, we uncover disturbing trends and take time to critically examine and challenge his viewpoints, offering our audience a balanced perspective. Join us on The Benjamin Dixon Show as we navigate these complex topics with depth, clarity, and a touch of humor. Tune in, stay informed, and be part of the conversation.
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  • 12-8-23 | Netanyahu Calls War Crimes "Fake News" | Speaker Mike Johnson Thinks He's MOSES

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  • 12-4-23 | 6600 Palestinian Children Killed | BARD, Google's AI Apparent Suppression of Alleged War Crimes by Israel in Gaza

    4 DIC. 2023 · We're back! Thank you so much for your patience during last month's research binge. I have enough to share with you all for the next 4-5 years and not run out. Yes, I'm serious and cannot overstate what I've found. That said, here's today's episode because the world is absolutely absurd right now.. Support the show and the efforts by becoming a patron: patreon.com/thebpdshow
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  • Ben Versus the Machines: A Brief Introduction

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  • 11-14-23 | The War On Gaza Rages On | Christian Nationalism Winning? | Ai Fails Black History

    14 NOV. 2023 · Support the show by becoming a patron: patreon.com/thebpdshow I'm still away doing a massive research project that is winding down and nearing demosntration phase. But I had to get some things off my heart about the state of politics in America and the plight of the Children of Gaza. Also in today's episode, I had a chance to show Dr. Carl Mack, Engineer and Historian, what I've been working on, and he was impressed. I've included a clip of my demonstration to him of how my efforts took Ai from failing Black History to passing with an A! But to be certain, the work I've been working on is designed for the Hard Sciences. That said, if your world includes any of these fields, maybe we should set a demonstration up for you! See you as soon as I am free from this sidequest! Ben
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  • The Case Against Benjamin Netanyahu

    17 OCT. 2023 · Support the show by becoming a patron: - Benjamin Netanyahu is widely criticized for empowering Hamas militants by strategically dividing policies between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, coupled with his passive stance towards Hamas's military actions post-2014 and his facilitation of substantial financial inflows to Gaza. This has fueled the belief among many Israelis that Netanyahu has directly bolstered the Hamas militant faction. - In 2015, Netanyahu's controversial comments linking a Muslim leader to Hitler's genocide revealed a deeply entrenched suspicion, if not vilification, of Muslims. This mindset, which borders on dehumanization, provides a disturbing context to understand his decisions in the 2023 conflict, where excessive violence led to the tragic death of over 1,000 Palestinian children. Such rhetoric, underlining distrust and hostility, can dangerously rationalize aggressive actions in political leaders' minds. - Netanyahu's controversial Supreme Court reforms, which he attacks by calling the court "elitist and liberal," have led to tens of thousands of Israelis protesting for over 36 weeks. These citizens voice their dissent and concerns about an encroachment on democracy, with one poignant remark capturing the sentiment: "democracy dies in a series of small steps." This significant and enduring public outcry highlights Netanyahu's waning popularity and might suggest a motive for seeking distractions from these substantive issues. - Benjamin Netanyahu is embroiled in accusations involving bribery, fraud, and breach of trust with allegations that include receiving gifts worth $195,000, such as expensive cigars, champagne, and jewelry. As of June 2023, his trial, which began in May 2020, remains unresolved. In a striking parallel, Donald Trump is also currently facing his own fraud trial. For both leaders, these severe allegations present situations where they might seek external distractions to divert public scrutiny and overshadow their respective legal predicaments. - Opposition leaders in Israel have accused Benjamin Netanyahu of being complicit in the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, suggesting his and others' opposition played a role in the incendiary political climate that led up to Rabin's murder. In the lead-up to Rabin's assassination, Netanyahu, then the opposition leader, attended right-wing rallies where Rabin was branded a "traitor" for signing the Oslo Accords, a peace agreement with the Palestinians. While Netanyahu has consistently denied direct involvement in inciting Rabin's murder, he has been vocal about his opposition to the Oslo Accords, expressing his belief that it was an error to make such a peace agreement with the Palestinians. - Jewish American activists, led by groups such as IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace, staged significant demonstrations against the aggressive policies of Prime Minister Netanyahu's right-wing Israeli government towards Hamas. In a profound act of dissent, these demonstrators blocked multiple entrances to the White House, underscoring that not all Jewish people support or align with the actions and ideologies of Netanyahu's administration. The Government of Israel is not synonymous with all Jewish people. - Netanyahu is wildly unpopular in Israel - 86% of polled Israeli Jews fault Israel’s government for the surprise attack from Gaza. - 94% believe the government was responsible for the security breach that facilitated the Hamas infiltration. - 56% of Israelis feel Netanyahu should resign post-conflict, but only 28% of coalition supporters concur. - 8. An Egyptian intelligence official alleged that Israel, under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, disregarded repeated warnings about a major operation by Hamas. While Netanyahu refuted these claims as "fake news," it's noteworthy to consider that Israeli intelligence agencies, such as Mossad, have been historically renowned for their extensive surveillance and information-gathering in areas like Gaza. Given this extensive intelligence infrastructure, it prompts the question: did Netanyahu intentionally overlook the intelligence, and if so, was it for strategic, political, or other reasons, especially when considering Mossad's reputed omnipresence in the region?
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News and commentary from a progressive perspective. Cautiously idealistic yet reasonably pragmatic: as hopeful for the future as he may be, Benjamin Dixon isn't afraid to tackle the issues of...

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News and commentary from a progressive perspective.

Cautiously idealistic yet reasonably pragmatic: as hopeful for the future as he may be, Benjamin Dixon isn't afraid to tackle the issues of today. The Benjamin Dixon Morning Show is the go-to source thanks to the talent and power of our team including Rebecca Azor, DJ XXXclusive, independent journalist Georgia Fort, Dr. Carl Mack, and our producers that make everything happen behind the scenes.
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