• Job's Lament: Understanding Suffering and Faith

    13 JUN. 2024 · Episode 444:  In this episode, the main focus is a deep dive into Job chapter 3, where Job delivers a heart-wrenching speech cursing the day of his birth. The guys explore the themes of suffering, questioning, and faithfulness in the face of immense pain. They highlight how Job, despite his profound suffering, never curses God or contemplates taking his own life, showcasing his unwavering faith.
    24m 32s
  • Integrity in Trials: Job's Unwavering Faith

    12 JUN. 2024 · Episode 443:  In this episode, we delved into the Book of Job, specifically Job's second test. We read Job 2:1-10, where Satan challenges Job's integrity by attacking his health. Despite his immense suffering, Job's response remains steadfast and faithful to God. We wrapped up by reflecting on the importance of cultivating a deep relationship with God, so that in times of trial, we can respond with the same unwavering faith as Job.
    22m 54s
  • Faithfulness in Trials: Insights from Job's Calamities

    11 JUN. 2024 · Episode 442:  In this episode, we kick off our exploration of the Book of Job, one of the most profound and challenging books in the Old Testament. Job's story is a powerful narrative of faith, suffering, and divine sovereignty. We dive deep into the first chapter of Job, discussing the unimaginable trials he faced and his unwavering faith in God. We reflect on the importance of staying faithful to God, even when life throws its toughest challenges our way.
    24m 46s
  • Overcoming Resentment: Joseph's Example of Grace

    10 JUN. 2024 · Episode 441:  In this enlightening episode, we focus on Joseph's act of forgiving his brothers after their father, Jacob, passes away. We read from Genesis 50:14-40, where Joseph reassures his fearful brothers that he harbors no ill will towards them, despite their past wrongdoings. This leads us into a deeper conversation about the power and importance of forgiveness.
    25m 24s
  • From Betrayal to Blessing: Joseph's Story

    7 JUN. 2024 · Episode 440:  In this episode, we continue our deep dive into the life of Joseph, focusing on Genesis 45 and how Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers and the emotional reunion that follows. We look at the difference between forgiveness and restoration, and how Joseph exemplifies choosing holiness over revenge. We discuss how we can apply Joseph's story to our own lives, especially when it comes to forgiving those who have wronged us.
    24m 8s
  • Unexpected Blessings and Family Drama: Joseph's Tale

    6 JUN. 2024 · Episode 439:  In this episode, Jeff and Wesley dive into Genesis 42, reflecting on the themes of forgiveness, redemption, and divine providence in Joseph's story. They highlight Joseph's moral integrity and his unwavering faith in God despite the hardships he faced. Wesley draws a parallel between the returned money in the brothers' sacks and the concept of tithing, emphasizing that God seeks our hearts, not our material possessions.
    23m 35s
  • Joseph's Journey: Dreams, Famine, and Faith

    5 JUN. 2024 · Episode 438:  In this episode, we explore Genesis 41 and the incredible journey of Joseph from being sold into slavery to becoming the second in command in Egypt. We also learn about the importance of seeking wise counsel, being steadfast in difficult times, and preparing for the future. Jeff and Wesley discuss how to apply the lessons from Joseph's life to our own, including the value of discipline, preparation, and giving God the credit for our successes.
    24m 27s
  • Navigating Temptation: Joseph's Stand Against Potiphar's Wife

    4 JUN. 2024 · Episode 437:  In this episode with Wesley, we do a deep dive into Genesis 39, exploring Joseph's journey from being sold into slavery to becoming the head of Potiphar's household, and the trials he faced with Potiphar's wife. We learn how Joseph's faithfulness and hard work, even in adverse conditions, can inspire us to trust in God's presence and plan in our own lives. We also discuss the importance of setting boundaries and fleeing from situations that could lead to sin.
    24m 33s
  • Sibling Rivalry and Deception: Joseph Sold by His Brothers

    3 JUN. 2024 · Episode 436:  In this episode, we delve into Genesis chapter 37, where we meet Joseph, a significant figure in the Bible. Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, faces jealousy and betrayal from his brothers, leading to a series of unfortunate events. We highlight the themes of sibling rivalry, jealousy, and the consequences of our choices. The story of Joseph serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of our decisions on ourselves and those around us.
    23m 55s
  • God's Faithfulness in Times of Desperation: The Story of Hagar

    31 MAY. 2024 · Episode 435:  In this episode, we explored the miraculous fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham and Sarah, as Sarah gave birth to Isaac in her old age. The joy and laughter that Sarah experienced after initially doubting the possibility of having a child at her age were highlighted, emphasizing God's faithfulness in keeping His word. The episode took a poignant turn as we discussed Hagar and Ishmael's plight after being sent away by Abraham and Sarah due to Sarah's jealousy.
    23m 24s

The Bible Guys, featuring Jeff Forester & Chris Zarbaugh, is a daily podcast with two guys who like talking about the Bible in fun and practical ways! We think you...

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The Bible Guys, featuring Jeff Forester & Chris Zarbaugh, is a daily podcast with two guys who like talking about the Bible in fun and practical ways! We think you can grow as much as you want to grow and a daily devotional can help. Join us every Monday thru Friday and get ready for some laughs, engaging stories, and unexpected Bible conversations.
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