• The Black Eskimo Podcast (Alyestal Hamilton) Ep #336

    27 JUN. 2023 · Poetry infiltrated the teenage mind of Alyestal Hamilton. Now, ten years into a professional career in Spoken Word, Hamilton is a seasoned performer.
    12m 11s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (Over the Wall) Ep #335

    15 JUN. 2023 · Brehanna Daniels is an anomaly within the testosterone laden world of Nascar. Add the fact that she's a Black woman, and she instantly becomes about as mythical as a unicorn. Directed by Krystal Tingle, Over the Wall, places the pit crew culture under a cinematic microscope. Over the Wall will be screening on Sat June 17 - 6:30 PM https://goo.gl/maps/EnoxvQKHktYnRZSx7 - New York Tribeca Film Festival
    11m 46s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (Reini B) Ep #334

    13 JUN. 2023 · France born, Montreal bred singer, Reini B, is the embodiment of diversity and culture. Her debut musical offering, "Venus", was released in 2022, a project infused with elements of her Benin and Nigerian roots. This year Reini was part of Canadian Music Week's 41st staging.
    11m 59s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (Kaje) Ep #333

    11 JUN. 2023 · Annually, Canadian Music Week introduces a new crop of singing talent through showcases dotting the city of Toronto. R&B singer Kaje was part of the 2023 staging. The music videos for Kaje's singles "Let You Go" and "Tear Us Apart" are both available on YouTube.
    14m 23s
  • The BlackEskimo Podcast (Samantha Dennis) Ep #332

    24 MAY. 2023 · Visual artist and OCAD graduate, Samantha Dennis, earlier this month had some of her paintings on exhibit at a unique Toronto event entitled "She is Woman".
    16m 31s
  • Explícito

    The Black Eskimo Podcast (Lord Jamar) Ep #331

    22 MAY. 2023 · Lord Jamar entered the fray as part of the Black empowerment Hip Hop collective Brand Nubian in 1990. The group disbanded two years later, then reassembled in the late-90s. Today, Jamar is still an active member of Brand Nubian, additionally churning out production for up-and-coming Hip Hop acts, and five years deep into his Yanadameen Godcast
    24m 50s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (Hot Docs 2023) Ep #330

    9 MAY. 2023 · The Hot Docs 2023 Film Festival ran from April 27th until May 7th.
    9m 31s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (She is Woman) Ep #329

    6 MAY. 2023 · Nigel Birch wears different hats within the artistic space, among them poet, playwright and author. His latest endevour, She is Woman, is a celebration of the Black woman. The event takes place on Saturday, May 6th at 918 Bathurst Centre in Toronto.
    20m 50s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (Netsanet Tjirongo) Ep# 328

    26 ABR. 2023 · As a producer and director, Netsanet Tjirongo's short film "Savi the Cat" leapt out at me. The film is an exploration of the intricate dynamics of a Black romantic relationship and the trials of pet ownership. "Savi the Cat" will be screening on May 2nd at Scotiabank Theatre 6 as part of the Human Kind Program (5pm) Also streaming online (May 5-9) Only in Canada
    17m 10s
  • The Black Eskimo Podcast (Christina Leslie) Ep #327

    24 ABR. 2023 · I happened upon an exhibit by academic and historian Christina Leslie last week. Her work focuses on the role of sugar in a colonial and present day context within Jamaica. Christina Leslie's "Sugar Coat" solo exhibit is available to view at BAND Pop-up Gallery 401 Richmond, Suite LL108, Toronto http://bandgallery.com/
    13m 32s
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