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    Episode Fifteen "Turning to art" with Iden

    8 OCT. 2022 · Today our founder had a conversation with a Dayton Ohio based artist, Iden. Iden is a mix media (multi-dimensional) artist and her work can be found by going to mynameisiden.com Instagram: @my_name_is_iden Facebook: facebook.com/mynameisiden NOTE: This episode marks the final interview based style of podcasts that will be produced by the Brain Drops Foundation (for now). The foundation has re-evaluated how the podcast/platform will be used going forward, so stay tuned as we make this change in format.
    15m 3s
  • Episode Fourteen: "Navigating the Emotions of Color" with Winnie Tataw

    28 SEP. 2022 · In this episode, our founder has a conversation with a South Carolina based artist, Winnie Tataw. Winnie explains how her color-driven work explores emotions and texture. Winnie's work can be found here: @winsartistry https://www.redbubble.com/people/winsartistry/shop
    21m 13s
  • Episode Thirteen: "Greg's Little Rock Show" with Greg Little

    17 SEP. 2022 · This episode was originally aired on KRYZ 98.5 FM https://www.kryzradio.org/ on Sept. 15, 2022 at 6 p.m. (pacific Time) and again on Sept. 19, 2022 at 2 p.m. (Pacific time)
  • Episode Twelve: "Mind Terrarium" with Ethan Riddle

    15 JUN. 2022 · In this episode, our founder has a conversation with collage artist Ethan Riddle. He is a Pennsylvania based artist that constructs pieces of art that emulates something our founder described as a "Mind Terrarium". His work was featured in the first issue of the Brain Drops Magazine, and it inspired the animation titled "Our Worlds". https://braindropsbook.com/Brain-Drops-Magazine https://youtube.com/shorts/nSRxRrwQHo8?feature=share Ethan's work can be found here: https://linktr.ee/ethanriddle88 @ethanriddle88 @themelonfactorymagazine
    14m 33s
  • Episode Eleven: "World Building" with Jaina Cipriano

    3 AGO. 2021 · In this episode, our founder has a conversation with team member Jaina Cipriano. She is a Boston based photographer, production designer, and filmmaker that shared some insight about "World Building". Her work explores the emotional toll of religious and romantic entrapment through immersive sets and emotional performances that mirror the subconscious. Her production company, Finding Bright Productions, recently collaborated with Carissa Johnson, a Boston based musician. That work is discussed in this podcast as well. https://www.carissajohnsonmusic.com/ New single “Wasting Dreams” out 8/12 Next show: 8/31 with TORRES and Sarah Jaffe @soniamideast Jaina's work can be found here: http://www.jainaciprianophotography.com/ @jainasphotography @letlightfindyou
    14m 1s
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    Episode Ten: #DISREGARDCOMPLEX (Part 3) - With Adriana Green

    10 JUL. 2021 · This episode was originally recorded for The AUDIOVISIO Podcast EPISODE #7 Jeannie Tyrrell - Dismantling Capitalism, The Disregard Complex, & Being A Voice for The Underdog. @audiovisiopodcast Adriana's IG: @HadriaMecca @WordsByHadria You can find Jeannie online at: @tyrrell_jeannie @braindropsfoundation @braindropsbooks @braindropsmagazine www.braindropsfoundation.org Resources for community groups: LGBTQIA+ www.translifeconference.org www.posimages.org www.translifeline.org www.thetrevorproject.org BIPOC Community Love and Light (Movement for change) https://gofund.me/d199be9b In this episode, Adriana talks to Jeannie Tyrrell, the founder of Brain Drops Foundation, author and illustrator of her personal memoir titled "Brain Drops," host of the Brain Drops podcast, and now the founder of her newest project, Brain Drops magazine. Jeannie is a passionate advocate for immediate change to our current Zeitgeist, who sees the compassion fatigue, the rampant escapism, the widespread dissociation, and the real consequences that such ignorance has on societies most vulnerable communities. Inspired by her mother's association, geared to help women in domestic violence situations, a series of turbulent events cause Jeannie to turn pain into purpose with the birth of the Brain Drops Foundation. Jeannie talks to us about her battle to break through to the other side of escapism, good and bad forms of escapism and how to streamline restless energy that comes from compassion fatigue. She also unveils to us her term, the "disregard complex," and how it runs as a central theme throughout the foundation, book and magazine. We also discuss the cognitive dissonance of billionaires, and how slowly but surely Brain Drops is working towards dismantling capitalism as we know it. If you enjoy Disney, don't listen to this podcast. You've been warned.
    1h 16m 26s
  • Episode Nine: #DISREGARDCOMPLEX (Part 2) - Meet Ron Lam

    2 ABR. 2021 · In this Podcast, our Brain Drops Team Member, Nate Mercier, has a conversation with Ron Lam. Ron is a retired police officer and he gives us his take on the growing #DISREGARDCOMPLEX. He shares his views on social media, communication, and his journey between being both a police officer and actor.
    47m 8s
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    Episode Eight: #DISREGARDCOMPLEX (Part 1)

    26 MAR. 2021 · In this episode, Brain Drops Team member Nate Mercier brings back our founder for a conversation about what is currently happening specifically in the United States. Nate also unpacks the first chapter of our founder's book, and asks her questions about what she has written. Our founder routinely takes a scary leap, and speaks out about the exploitation that goes along with toxic escapism. She doesn't hold back when she talks about the effect that it has on our society as a whole, because she believes that the #DISREGARDCOMPLEX needs to be addressed.
    15m 28s
  • Episode Seven: Meet Yvette Espinoza

    8 MAR. 2021 · Yvette is the creator of “envy eighteen photography”. She is a Hispanic portrait artist with a focus on “dream-like” editorials. She strongly believes in inclusivity in the arts and in everyday life. At just 6 months old, she was given the biggest challenge and had to fight for her life. Yvette underwent a liver transplant procedure and was later diagnosed with a rare disease called Dermatomyositis. Given the lifestyle she had to follow in order to stay “normal”, Espinoza discovered photography for her senior project, but it has grown to be so much more. In this podcast, our team member Nate Mercier asks Yvette questions about her growing photography business, and she offers up some advice to anyone interested in branching out in the photography world.
    17m 55s
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    Episode Six: Meet Adriana Green - Visio Magazine

    6 ENE. 2021 · Adriana Green is the founder and Editor- In-Chief of the independent online & print magazine called VISIO. In this podcast we discuss the ideas behind this "creative crucible", how Adriana processes all the art and words that come her way, and what is next for the magazine. The latest issue is called ZEITGEIST, and it is available on January 16th, 2021. https://linktr.ee/Visiomag
    18m 24s
Tune into The Brain Drop Podcast for up-to-date information on the Brain Drops Foundation. The podcast also features discussions, ideas, and interesting perspectives from an assortment of guests and members.

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