• Northwest Arkansas Real Estate Glow-Up: From Army Trucks to Closing Deals

    20 MAY. 2024 · Buckle up, real estate enthusiasts and Northwest Arkansas locals! In this episode of "The Bridge" podcast, we meet the dynamic Felicia Johnson from The Johnsons with Kevin Clifton Real Estate Inc. Felicia's journey from military truck driver to flourishing northwest arkansas real estate agent is nothing short of inspiring. With her contagious energy and unwavering dedication to helping families achieve the dream of homeownership, Felicia shares her heartwarming stories of assisting clients in finding their perfect abodes. From guiding a 60-year-old woman into her first-ever home to hosting an open house with free snow cones for kids (because who doesn't love a good snow cone?), Felicia's approach to northwest arkansas real estate is refreshingly personal and purposeful. But she's not alone in this endeavor. Felicia's husband, Ron, plays a vital behind-the-scenes role, meticulously reviewing contracts and providing numerical support to combat her dyslexia. Together, this power couple tackles the northwest arkansas real estate market with a heart for people and a knack for making dreams a reality. Felicia's backstory is one of resilience and determination. Growing up in poverty, she never imagined owning a home would be within reach. Now, she's on a mission to shatter those misconceptions and empower others to embrace the possibilities of northwest arkansas real estate, no matter their circumstances. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and equipped with valuable insights into the world of real estate in Northwest Arkansas. Felicia's infectious personality and genuine passion for her work will leave you motivated to chase your own dreams, whether that's finding your forever home or supporting small businesses that make a difference. Contact: Facebook: The Johnsons with Kevin Clifton Real Estate Instagram: @thejohnsonswithkevincliftonrealestate TikTok: @thejohnsonswithkevincliftonrealestate Website: kevinclifton.com
    25m 7s
  • From Sourdough to Charcuterie: Artisanal Delights of Local Entrepreneurs

    19 MAR. 2024 · Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/rAEZLtemB70 In this mouthwatering episode of The Bridge, host Adam Robison sits down with two inspiring female entrepreneurs who are making waves in the Northwest Arkansas food scene. Jasmine Rivera, owner of Swavory Snacks, and Ashley Dooley, the creative force behind Dooley's Dough, share their passion for crafting delectable treats that nourish both body and soul. Jasmine Rivera's journey with Swavory Snacks began during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she decided to turn her lifelong passion for food into a thriving business. The name "Swavory" is a clever combination of "sweet" and "savory," reflecting the diverse range of snacks Jasmine creates. From artisanal charcuterie boards to her signature "Flavor Pop" cornmeal-based snacks, Swavory Snacks offers something for every palate. One of Swavory Snacks' most popular offerings is the Cajun White Cheddar Flavor Pop, a zesty and addictive treat that has become a fan favorite. Jasmine's commitment to creating snacks that are not only delicious but also accessible to all is evident in her thoughtful approach to ingredients. Her Flavor Pop snacks are perfect for those with dental sensitivities or young children, as they don't contain any hard kernels like traditional popcorn. As Jasmine's business continues to grow, she has exciting news to share. Starting in May, Swavory Snacks will be the exclusive charcuterie supplier for Unwind, a new winery located in Chaffee Crossing. Visitors to Unwind will be able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, sample a variety of local wines and beers, and indulge in Jasmine's mouthwatering charcuterie creations. Ashley Dooley, the owner of Dooley's Dough, has a different but equally fascinating story. Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Ashley's passion for baking sourdough goods began as a way to provide her family with wholesome, nutritious food. What started as a home-based operation quickly grew into a thriving micro-bakery, specializing in sourdough breads, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and more. One of Dooley's Dough's standout products is their Smoked Gouda and Herb Bread, a flavorful loaf that has become a favorite among customers, including Adam and his wife. Ashley's dedication to her craft is evident in the care she puts into each loaf, from the long fermentation process to the generous slices that make for the perfect sandwich bread. As Ashley shares her baking knowledge, she delves into the fascinating world of sourdough. Each sourdough starter is unique, she explains, with its own biodiverse chemical reaction that contributes to the final flavor profile. The longer a sourdough starter is fermented or "cold proofed," the tangier and more complex the flavor becomes. This is why San Francisco sourdough, for example, has such a distinct taste that can't be replicated elsewhere. Ashley's passion for sourdough extends beyond just the flavor, however. She is committed to providing her community with real, nutrient-dense food that is easier to digest than commercially-produced breads. Through her weekly "bread drops" and online ordering system, Ashley has cultivated a loyal following of customers who appreciate the care and craftsmanship that goes into every loaf. For both Jasmine and Ashley, their businesses are a labor of love fueled by their desire to create something special for their families and communities. As mothers, they understand the importance of being present for their children while also pursuing their dreams. Through Swavory Snacks and Dooley's Dough, they have found a way to balance their roles as entrepreneurs and parents, all while sharing their love of food with the world. As the episode comes to a close, Adam reflects on the incredible stories of these two women and the impact they are making in Northwest Arkansas. By showcasing the talents and passions of local entrepreneurs like Jasmine and Ashley, The Bridge is helping to build a stronger, more connected community, one delicious bite at a time.
    36m 12s
  • Amerecon Security and Blade Runners: Protecting and Serving the Community

    11 MAR. 2024 · In this episode of The Bridge, host Adam Robison sits down with two entrepreneurial couples who share their experiences and insights on starting and running a small business. Henry Vargas from Blade Runners Lawn Care and Landscaping discusses his journey from working for others to starting his own company, and the challenges he faced along the way. Michael and Melinda Winkelman of AmeriCon Security share their story of launching a security business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how their faith and support for each other have been crucial to their success.Throughout the conversation, the guests emphasize the importance of perseverance, hard work, and treating clients like family. They also touch on the role of faith in their lives and businesses, with Melinda sharing about her involvement in the Celebrate Recovery ministry and how it has impacted their lives.Connect with Henry and Blade Runners: Facebook: Blade Runner's in WA TikTok: @bladerunnersinwaConnect with Michael, Melinda, and AmeriCon Security: Phone: 479-403-2952 Facebook: AmeriCon SEC Twitter: @AmeriConSec Instagram: AmeriCon Security LinkedIn: AmeriCon Security Website: (under construction)
    31m 26s
  • Exploring Sustainable Fashion and Luxury Glamping in the Ozarks

    10 MAR. 2024 · In this episode of The Bridge, host Adam Robison sits down with two inspiring entrepreneurs from Northwest Arkansas: Sarah Jane of A Line Consignment Boutique and Amanda Parker of Glamping of the Ozarks. Sarah shares her journey from college graduate to store manager of A Line, a unique consignment boutique offering a curated, high-end shopping experience. With a passion for sustainability and making fashion accessible to all, Sarah discusses how A Line is working to reduce the stigma around secondhand shopping and promote eco-friendly style. Amanda introduces us to the world of luxury camping with Glamping of the Ozarks. After finding happiness in her own marriage, Amanda and her husband Jason created a retreat for couples to reconnect amidst the beauty of the Arkansas wilderness. From gourmet local food to private hot tubs, Glamping of the Ozarks offers an unforgettable experience just minutes from home. Connect with Sarah and A Line Boutique: Instagram: @alinefayetteville Facebook: A Line Consignment Boutique Website: alineconsignment.com Email: info@alineconsignment.com Phone: (479) 935-4171 Connect with Amanda and Glamping of the Ozarks: Website: glampingtheozarks.com Facebook: Glamping of the Ozarks Email: info@glampingtheozarks.com Phone: (479) 222-1258
    35m 21s
  • Beard and Lady Inn and Hello Baby Ultrasound

    8 MAR. 2024 · Show Notes: Jersey Mike’s Studio Northwest Arkansas and Business Bridge Media are collaborating to support Jersey Mike’s Month of Giving by donating 100% of sales on March 27th to local charities, schools, and hospitals, with the goal of making a positive impact in the community. The Bridge podcast discusses its increasing listenership and promotes Sunrise Studios, a printing business, emphasizing the importance of community support and local entrepreneurship. Lacey Hendrix from Beard and Lady shares insights about Beard and Lady Inn in Chester, Arkansas, highlighting unique themed rooms, event spaces, and various events supporting a scholarship fund. Chester, Arkansas, is noted for its popularity in weddings and outdoor activities such as trails, kayaking, and rock climbing. Hello Baby Ultrasound, providing non-medical ultrasound services for expecting parents, is briefly mentioned, emphasizing the emotional and exciting experience of elective ultrasounds for expectant parents. An individual shares their joy in seeing their baby through ultrasounds, and a touching example is given of a father seeing his triplets for the first time. The emotional impact of hearing a baby’s heartbeat and the offerings of keepsakes like recorded heartbeats in stuffed animals and jewelry are also highlighted, showcasing the personal and touching aspects of the services provided by Hello Baby Ultrasound.
    17m 27s
  • Thriving Local: Small Business Owners Share Their Passions and Pursuits

    8 MAR. 2024 · https://youtu.be/FS1K1rfsLnk In this insightful episode of The Bridge, host Adam Robison engages in a captivating conversation with three passionate small business owners from Northwest Arkansas: Zia Renee from Ozark Health Company, Abby Austin from A-Team Collections, and Amanda Young from A Rooted Body. The discussion revolves around the importance of shopping local, pursuing dreams, and prioritizing wellness in the workplace. Zia Rene shares her journey of establishing Ozark Health Co., a company that offers face-to-face health insurance consultations with a focus on putting the consumer's needs first. She emphasizes the significance of keeping things local and providing personalized recommendations to clients. Born and raised in the area, Zia's passion for her community and her dedication to helping people navigate the complex world of health insurance shine through in her story. Contact Zia Renee at: Website: OzarkHealthCo.com Email: Zia.Rene@Outlook.com Phone: 479-274-8416 Abby Austin discusses her lifelong dream of opening a boutique and how she took the leap to create A-Team Collections. She highlights the importance of bringing new brands to the local market and providing a unique shopping experience for customers. Abby's determination to make her business succeed and her commitment to supporting the local economy are evident in her words. Contact Abby Austin at: Facebook: A Team Collections Instagram: shop.ateam Email: info@ateamcollections.com Amanda Young, the founder of A Rooted Body, shares her holistic approach to helping people feel better and thrive. She emphasizes the importance of education, building relationships, and finding individualized solutions for each client's unique needs. Amanda's passion for empowering people to listen to their bodies and make lifestyle changes that promote long-term wellness is inspiring. Contact Amanda Young at: Website: ARootedBody.com Email: ARootedBody@gmail.com Facebook: A Rooted Body Phone: 479-323-1254 The conversation then shifts to the crucial topic of wellness in the workplace. The guests share their insights on how to prioritize self-care, manage stress, and create a healthy work-life balance. They offer practical tips, such as taking breaks to enjoy sunshine, making mindful food choices, and finding pockets of peace throughout the day. Throughout the episode, the theme of supporting local businesses and building a thriving community emerges. The guests' stories showcase the resilience, passion, and dedication of small business owners in Northwest Arkansas. Their experiences serve as a reminder of the importance of shopping local and supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs in our communities.
    36m 6s
  • Connecting by Community

    5 MAR. 2024 · Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/tVpvu1ZiVJo On this episode of the podcast, host Adam Robison kicks off with a warm welcome to Jennifer Hill from Magical Moments Vacations, a home-based travel agency with a network of around 500 agents. The conversation begins with lighthearted banter about daily commutes and the weather, setting a friendly and welcoming tone for the episode. Jennifer Hill shares her journey of transitioning into a travel advisor during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by her passion for planning travel experiences, particularly those centered around Disney destinations. The discussion sheds light on the resilience and adaptability required in the travel industry, and the importance of pursuing one’s passion even in uncertain times. The episode also features an engaging interview with Timothea McGarrah from Rivercrest Orchard, a farm offering agritainment and pick-your-own activities for families and adults. Listeners gain insight into the value of unique and interactive experiences in fostering connections within communities and creating memorable moments for visitors. Furthermore, Josten Hearn from Ozark Home Pros joins the conversation, highlighting the company’s commitment to crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. The hosts reflect on their own travel experiences and memories, expressing a collective desire to see more families engaging in travel and strengthening bonds through shared adventures. As the episode draws to a close, the hosts express their vision for Ozark Home Pros to become a leading remodeling company in Northwest Arkansas, underlining the significance of community growth and development.
    28m 51s
  • Celebrating Small Businesses and Capturing Authentic Moments

    5 MAR. 2024 · Watch this video on YouTube:https://youtu.be/xopOgYF7YLQ In this episode of "The Bridge" on Business Bridge Media, host Adam Robison sets the stage by emphasizing the value of listener engagement and acknowledging the show's sponsors. The episode unfolds into a heartfelt conversation that beautifully encapsulates the essence of celebrating small businesses and preserving genuine moments. Ariane Clark, the talented force behind Erin Marie Photography, takes center stage as she shares her passion for capturing authentic emotions in various life events, be it weddings, family gatherings, or senior portraits. The discussion delves into the art of steering clear of contrived or "cheesy" photography, emphasizing the significance of natural expressions and genuine connections. Ariane's dedication to preserving cherished memories and genuine emotions shines through as she shares her journey of finding joy in creating lasting mementos for her clients. Tracy Burba, the representative of Main Street Mercantile, steps into the spotlight, offering a glimpse into the collaborative haven that nurtures over 40 small businesses in Van Buren. Tracy and her sister, co-owners of the boutique, intricately weave a tale of transitioning from diverse career paths to establishing a supportive space that champions community involvement and fosters positive contributions. Their dedication to creating a welcoming environment for both business owners and customers is palpable, underscoring the significance of small businesses in cultivating vibrant communities. As the episode draws to a close, listeners are encouraged to engage with Main Street Mercantile through their website and social media platforms, reinforcing the importance of supporting and celebrating small businesses. This enriching episode encapsulates the power of authentic storytelling, community involvement, and the lasting impact of capturing genuine moments. Join "The Bridge" as we bridge the gap between captivating narratives and the heartbeat of small business support.
    26m 38s
  • Embracing Wellness: Stem Cells, Rock Climbing, and Inclusive Ventures

    29 FEB. 2024 · In this episode of Business Bridge Media, host Adam Robison sets the stage for an exciting Valentine’s Day giveaway, urging listeners to engage by following their Facebook page and tagging friends. The show opens with a warm acknowledgement of Elissa Seratt for orchestrating the upcoming giveaway. The episode then delves into a fascinating discussion with Pat from Boulder and Brew, shedding light on the nuances between sport climbing and bouldering while emphasizing their business’s inclusive ethos. Additionally, LifeWave’s revolutionary non-invasive stem cell patches take center stage, sparking conversations about aging, skincare services, entrepreneurship, and holistic treatments. As the dialogue unfolds, personal narratives come to the forefront, spotlighting the transformative power of activities such as rock climbing and the significance of seizing opportunities regardless of physical ability. The episode wraps up with heartfelt invitations for listeners to explore the businesses featured and a sincere thank you extended to the audience for their support. Tune in for an engaging exploration of wellness, community, and empowerment, and don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the upcoming Valentine’s Day giveaway
    29m 46s
  • Cultivating Young Minds and Hearts Through Reading and Rainbow Rice

    20 FEB. 2024 · In this fun and engaging episode, host Adam is joined by three female entrepreneurs pursuing ventures fueled by passion and purpose. Elyssa Seratt of children’s boutique Whimsically Wakely details using her shop’s huge social media following to give back, regularly organizing community fundraisers spotlighting good causes and families in need. Next, teacher-turned- entrepreneur Kristen Thomas unveils her creation, Sensory Phonics. This involves hands-on educational kits leveraging stimulation across multiple senses through activities like rainbow rice bins to reinforce early literacy skills while calming active minds. Kristen explains how various textures facilitate greater concept retention for children, especially those with developmental disabilities. Finally, boundless optimist Jessica Jernigan shares her mission to restore families via uplifting books published by her startup, Abound Publishing. Ranging from laughing adventures to lessons on finding one’s voice, she spotlights how stories crafted through a Biblical lens can positively shape kids’ characters. Jessica describes partnering with her grandfather to bring his tire swing parable to print for generations of readers. #education #literacy #specialneeds #family #christian #entrepreneurship #womeninbusiness #community #givingback #parenting
    51m 48s

Business Bridge Radio hosted by Adam Robison brings you inspiring stories of business success right from the heart of Northwest Arkansas. Tune in as Adam interviews local entrepreneurs, executives, and...

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Business Bridge Radio hosted by Adam Robison brings you inspiring stories of business success right from the heart of Northwest Arkansas. Tune in as Adam interviews local entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders making an impact in Northwest Arkansas and beyond. Get motivated by hearing the startup journeys, growth strategies, and lessons learned from some of the most innovative companies and personalities calling NWA home. Whether you’re looking for your next business idea, seeking career and leadership advice, or just wanting to hear positive stories of overcoming adversity, you’ll love Adam’s authentic conversations that inform, empower, and entertain. Recorded live in studios at Downtown Fayetteville Square, you’ll get a taste of the vibrant business community and entrepreneurial spirit that make Northwest Arkansas such a special place. Join Adam each episode as he introduces you to the excellent people doing excellent things in Northwest Arkansas and discovers how their success can inspire yours.
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