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The Bulldog Sessions

  • Episode 22 with John Dunkinson

    9 JUN. 2022 · A special episode with John Dunkinson. John and Jeff Crookall (studio owner and engineer) discuss the intricate makings of John's latest album: Days of Summer Pass, JD Robert's Band. From stories rooted in John's youth in Limington, a southern English village to the careful orchestration of song contributors, John and Jeff pull back the layers and reveal the science of a few recordings while John offers live versions of his standards and new creations. Includes album vocals by Don Wilhelm.
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  • Episode 21 with Sara St John

    28 MAY. 2022 · A fabulous time of discoveries with Sara St John. Sara describes herself as a troubadour and excels at the art of story thru song. Listen carefully for the hooks she weaves into each piece. Well versed from her years in New York, Nashville, and now Seattle -- playing with and experiencing the creative spirit of only the very best from the times and the places she called home.
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  • Episode 20 with Rylan Fischer

    23 ABR. 2022 · Magic happens when you least expect it. This is how we came to meet Rylan -- by stepping into a magical moment that he created during his first solo show. We fell head over heals for his sound. We hope you enjoy this unique session with a fast, up and coming singer-songwriter who composes with poetic meaning and heartfelt creative spirit. We are truly blessed to have had this opportunity to showcase Rylan's brilliant and emerging musicianship. Find Rylan at https://soundcloud.com/user-588720601-514197032 and https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Y7pgjOnBtFhjPtWrmTbnM?si=euLjSW7DRQCaBA5SJOHP4A
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    Episode 19 with Julio X

    5 FEB. 2022 · Climbing our way out of the COVID pandemic, we are back! Joining us for this milestone relaunch is Julio of Julio X. He shares his personal story and a few compositions from his latest album, Discordia. Julio expresses strong emotion and imagery in his unique, meaningful horror punk, pop-punk, hardcore, post-hardcore sound. Find Julio X's album at https://julioxmusic.bandcamp.com/album/discordia-pnw-comp-vol-1
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  • Episode 14 with Richard Finn

    12 SEP. 2020 · March 10, 2019 episode with Richard Finn. Preparing for St. Patrick's Day with our local and loved Celtic troubadour. A heartfelt episode with Richard, learning about his life story, his traditional songs and sounds, and his management of Parkinson's disease. Truly a special time with a wonderful person and artist. Encouraging support for research via https://www.parkinson.org
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  • Episode 13 with Patrick Thayer of The Reclamation Project

    12 SEP. 2020 · January 13, 2019 episode with Patrick Thayer of The Reclamation Project. One of the most prolific songwriters of the region, Patrick shares intimate stories about his life -- the source of his rich and memorable storytelling and songwriting. An insight into the creative energy that fuels The Rec's inviting sounds and its Somethin' Going On 2016 album (available on iTunes at https://apple.co/2FvmLKC).
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  • Episode 12 with Robinson Bolkum

    12 SEP. 2020 · January 7, 2019 episode with poet and author, Robinson Bolkum. A unique opportunity to showcase spoken word and poetry. Robinson reveals the art and magic (and some naughty secrets) of his recently published Trifling Rhymes to Bring You and Me Through These Truly Troublesome Times to a Happier Occasion's Inaugural a Concatenation of Doggerel, Book One of the Four Books, Evening Had Come.
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  • Episode 10 with Clint McCune

    12 SEP. 2020 · October 24, 2018 episode with The Clint McCune. A honor to interview and feature the sounds and songs of our long-time friend and exceptional musician. Clint brings rich, heartfelt stories and sounds to the Sleeping Bulldog Studio, sharing an intimate moment beyond his engaging shows that strum every cell of your heart, mind, and body.
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  • Episode 9 with Shawn Pennington

    12 SEP. 2020 · August 6, 2018 episode with Shawn Pennington. Exciting energy from new singer songwriter. Shawn excels on the guitar and blends modern sounds with his soulful stories and lyrics. Pure enjoyment and an honor to showcase Shawn's emerging art. Looking forward to Shawn's journey.
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  • Episode 8 with David Arnold Bishop

    12 SEP. 2020 · May 14, 2018 episode with David Arnold Bishop. Loving life and laughing though David's intricate songs about Washington state's uniqueness. Another time, another world, and another car.
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The Bulldog Sessions are a podcast that features musical artists from Snohomish County, Washington and the Pacific Northwest. The Bulldog Sessions are recorded at the Sleeping Bulldog Studio (www.sleepingbulldogstudio.com) in...

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The Bulldog Sessions are a podcast that features musical artists from Snohomish County, Washington and the Pacific Northwest. The Bulldog Sessions are recorded at the Sleeping Bulldog Studio (www.sleepingbulldogstudio.com) in Maltby, WA...only minutes from Seattle and the beautiful Puget Sound. Sound engineering by Jeff Crookall -- owner, engineer, and musician.
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