• How Do You Respond When Bad Stuff Happens?

    3 JUN. 2024 · In Episode 55, the discussion highlights the experiences and initiatives of Sean Beaton, Assistant Superintendent at Grasslands Public Schools in Alberta. The conversation delves into the challenges faced by a diverse student population, especially in a rural area like Brooks, Alberta. Topics include addressing racism, mental health, and literacy development post-COVID, leading to the creation of a documentary 'Bridging the Gap.' The episode also explores the impactful relationships and efforts within the school community, showcasing the importance of storytelling, empathy, and leadership in education. 00:00 Introduction to the Challenges Faced by Students 01:35 Episode Introduction and Guest Overview 03:32 Connecting with the Community 05:09 The Unique Diversity of Brooks, Alberta 07:31 Challenges and Opportunities in Education 09:44 Investing in Mental Health and Cultural Support 12:14 Research and Documentary on Immigrant Experience 15:41 Addressing Racism and Community Reactions 23:00 Leadership Challenges and Personal Reflections 28:25 Advice for Aspiring Leaders 34:09 Gratitude and Acknowledgements 37:34 Final Thoughts and Recommendations
    41m 34s
  • What is the Value of International Students for a School District?

    27 MAY. 2024 · Patricia Gartland on Global Education, AI in Schools, and Leadership Challenges Join Dean as he speaks with Patricia Gartland, a veteran educator and founder of an international education program. Patricia discusses the importance of preparing students for a globalized world, leveraging generative AI in education, and the role of international students in Canadian schools. She shares her insights on leadership, including the challenges of team building and the importance of work-life balance. Patricia also reflects on the transformative potential of AI and the future of education. Don't miss this insightful conversation! 00:00 The Genesis of an International Education Program 00:54 Exploring Leadership and Curiosity in Education 07:40 The Power of International Students in Canadian Education 13:54 Visionary Leadership and the Future of Education 19:56 Challenges and Reflections in Educational Leadership 31:38 Personal Insights and Closing Thoughts
    35m 12s
  • How Do You Build Community and Culture in Canada's Largest School District?

    21 MAY. 2024 · Insights from a Leader: Peter Singh's Journey with Toronto District School Board In this engaging conversation, Peter Singh, the Executive Information Technology Officer at Toronto District School Board, shares his leadership journey and philosophy. With a focus on creating a culture of followership, Peter emphasizes the importance of leadership beyond titles, reflecting on his personal experiences as a person of color in leadership roles, his career trajectory starting from data entry to playing a pivotal role in TDSB's technological transformation, and the significance of emotional intelligence and solid work ethics. He discusses the challenges and opportunities within the educational sector, including budget constraints, cyber threats, and the necessity of integrating AI and technology ethically and effectively into education. Additionally, Peter offers advice for aspiring leaders, highlights the value of diversity in leadership, and shares his passion for cricket and a hidden gem in Toronto for food enthusiasts. 00:00 Defining Leadership and Overcoming Stereotypes 02:02 The Journey of Peter Singh: From Data Entry to CIO 07:10 Building a High-Performing IT Team in Education 12:48 Addressing Future Challenges: Budgets, Cybersecurity, and AI 19:26 Engaging the Community: Layers of Communication 24:27 Pride and Aspirations: Transforming IT in Education 27:14 Addressing the Digital Divide and Cybersecurity 28:20 The Importance of Online Safety Education 29:59 Leadership Challenges and Opportunities 35:12 Advice for Aspiring Leaders 41:31 Personal Growth Through Reading 44:58 Leisure and Personal Interests 46:55 A Hidden Gem in Toronto
    48m 50s
  • What Does an Inquiry Based School System Look Like?

    13 MAY. 2024 · Educational Leadership in the Far North: A Conversation with Superintendent Devin Roberts This episode features an in-depth conversation with Devin Roberts, Superintendent of the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The discussion covers the integration of land and indigenous learning into the curriculum, the importance of inquiry-based learning, and Devin's personal journey from Nova Scotia to becoming an educator in the Arctic. Also highlighted are the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching in the North, such as climate change and fostering a deep connection with the land and culture. Devin shares insights into the significance of community and elder involvement in education, the transformative power of inquiry-based learning, and the importance of leadership in embracing change and fostering collaboration. 00:00 Exploring Indigenous Education in the North 01:00 A Personal Journey into Northern Education 02:43 The Path to Becoming a Superintendent in Inuvik 08:25 Life and Education in the Beaufort Delta Region 09:13 The Power of Community and Overcoming Misconceptions 10:53 Fostering a Connection to the Land Through Education 16:14 Addressing Climate Change Through Local Perspectives 18:42 Embracing Inquiry-Based Learning Across the District 27:18 The Challenges and Rewards of Leadership in Education 29:39 Embracing Inquiry in Education: Strategies and Impact 30:02 Engaging Resistors and Empowering Teachers 30:35 The Power of Inquiry-Based Learning and Community Engagement 33:01 Fostering a Culture of Curiosity and Openness in Leadership 34:40 Advice for Aspiring Educational Leaders 35:55 Promoting Psychological Safety and Encouraging Questions 38:46 The Joy of Education: Fostering Positivity and Collaboration 42:47 Personal Insights: Gratitude, Reading Habits, and Escapism
    52m 4s
  • Can Leadership Principles Transcend Cultural and Sector Boundaries?

    6 MAY. 2024 · Transforming Education: Steve Brown's Leadership Journey This conversation delves into Steve Brown's transformative leadership across different industries and his significant impact on education through his work at Nelson Education. Beginning his career managing a golf club, Steve's journey took him through various sectors, including the automotive and media industries, before finding a passion for education. He shares insights on leadership principles applicable across professions and discusses the digital shift in education with Nelson's development of Edwin, a comprehensive educational platform. The conversation covers Steve's approach to leadership, the importance of adapting and embracing change, and how his strategies have fostered educational growth and innovation. Steve's reflections on leadership challenges and his advice for aspiring leaders underscore the importance of vision, perseverance, and the ability to navigate discomfort and uncertainty. The conversation also addresses the role of external perspectives in education, highlighting Steve's outsider view as a catalyst for change and improvement in the sector. 00:00 The Ripple Effect of Educational Success 01:04 Introducing Steve Brown: From Diverse Industries to Education Leadership 02:11 Steve Brown's Unique Career Journey and Insights into Leadership 06:39 Transforming Nelson Education: Embracing Digital Innovation 08:33 Leadership Across Industries: Skills That Transcend Boundaries 11:00 The Challenge of Change in Education: A CEO's Perspective 15:26 Building Bridges in Education: The Outsider's Advantage 18:12 The Continuous Evolution of Learning with Edwin 20:47 Embracing Outsider Perspectives for Educational Innovation 22:56 Listening, Learning, and Leading: Steve's Approach to Education 27:49 Revolutionizing Education with Edwin 28:45 The Impact of Edwin on Student Success 29:34 Falling in Love with Education 32:03 Leadership and Overcoming Challenges 39:00 Advice for Aspiring Leaders 42:10 Gratitude and Acknowledgments 44:21 Personal Insights and Recommendations 48:50 Discovering Toronto's Hidden Gems
    51m 31s
  • What Does it Take to Be a Great School Board Trustee?

    29 ABR. 2024 · Insights Into School Boards and Education Leadership: A Conversation with Carolyn Broady This podcast episode features an enlightening conversation with Carolyn Brody, vice president of the Canadian School Board Association and the current chair of West Vancouver Schools. The discussion opens with the importance of curiosity, open-mindedness, and the unique role of school trustees and boards in the education system. Carolyn shares her journey to becoming a trustee, emphasizing the significance of understanding the community's needs and the responsibilities that come with the position. The conversation also delves into governance models, the challenges and shifts in education over the years, notably around digital citizenship and social media's impact. Additionally, Carolyn discusses the pursuit of equity and progress in education, including initiatives for indigenous education and supporting vulnerable students. The episode touches on the implications of eliminating school boards and the unique position of Manitoba in allowing school boards taxation rights. Carolyn reflects on leadership challenges, particularly during COVID-19, emphasizing the singular focus on student welfare. The podcast wraps up with personal insights, book recommendations, and hidden gems in Vancouver for visitors. Overall, it offers a comprehensive look into the complexities of educational governance and leadership from a seasoned trustee's perspective. 00:00 The Role and Challenges of School Trustees 00:52 The Impact of School Boards on Education Success 01:16 A Deep Dive with Carolyn Brody: Insights from a School Trustee Veteran 01:55 The Journey of a School Trustee: Carolyn Brody's Story 06:44 Governance and the Role of School Boards Across Canada 10:40 The Evolution of Education: Challenges and Achievements 14:15 Exploring the Future of Education and Leadership 23:09 Personal Reflections and Advice for Aspiring Trustees 28:53 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude in Education
    35m 1s
  • What Do You Notice, What Do You Wonder?

    22 ABR. 2024 · Celebrating 50 Episodes: A Journey Through Canadian Educational Leadership In the 50th episode of the Canadian Ed Leadership Podcast, the host celebrates the milestone by embarking on a virtual tour across Canada, highlighting the diversity and innovation in educational leadership across the provinces and territories. Starting from Prince Edward Island and moving westward to British Columbia, with a detour to the Northwest Territories, the episode showcases leaders who are addressing seminal issues, fostering team-building, navigating system disruptions, tackling recruitment and retention challenges, and promoting wellness in schools. The podcast aims to connect educational leaders across Canada, sharing insights on leadership, the integration of technology in education, and the importance of joy, love, and well-being in the educational environment. The episode encourages networking among educators and provides a platform for sharing innovative practices and solutions to common challenges faced by educational institutions. 00:00 Celebrating 50 Episodes: A Journey Through Canadian Education Leadership 02:33 Starting in the East: PEI's Leadership Insights 04:54 Navigating Change in Nova Scotia's Education System 07:54 Addressing Recruitment and Retention in New Brunswick 11:20 Exploring Quebec's Unique Educational Landscape 12:53 Innovative Leadership in Ontario's Education System 16:27 Embracing Joy and Love in Manitoba's Schools 20:13 Generative AI and Future Technologies in Saskatchewan 22:21 Wellness and Wellbeing: Alberta's Approach 25:37 Visionary Education in the Northwest Territories 29:13 British Columbia: Collaboration and Leadership Fun 34:25 Wrapping Up: Reflections and Connections
    35m 28s
  • How Does Education Shape Life Success Beyond the Diploma?

    15 ABR. 2024 · Transforming Education: The Success Story of New Frontier School Board This podcast features a conversation with Mike Helm, Director General of the New Frontier School Board in Quebec, highlighting innovative approaches to education and student support post-graduation. With a focus on adult vocational education, the board operates under a philosophy of lifelong learning, serving a diverse student population up to age 70. Through personalized learning experiences and a strong emphasis on vocational training and re-engagement strategies, the board successfully addresses absenteeism and prepares students for the workforce, resulting in impressive job placement rates. The discussion also touches on leadership in education, the importance of coaching and mentoring, and the integration of indigenous perspectives and histories into the learning experience. 00:00 Transforming Lives Through Vocational Education 02:00 The Importance of Post-Graduation Support 02:25 A Deep Dive into New Frontier School Board's Unique Approach 03:53 Challenges and Opportunities of an English School Board in Quebec 06:29 Innovative Adult Vocational Education Programs 09:33 Success Stories and the Impact of Vocational Training 12:29 Addressing Absenteeism and Student Engagement 14:10 Beyond Graduation: Measuring Success in Education 20:01 Leadership Insights and Challenges 30:32 Personal Reflections and Recommendations 37:44 Exploring the New Frontiers Region: A Hidden Gem 39:52 Closing Thoughts and Contact Information
    40m 25s
  • Is It Time to Rethink Our Approach to Education and Career Readiness?

    8 ABR. 2024 · Transforming Education in Northern Alberta: A Conversation with Mike McMann This episode features a deep dive into the educational innovations and leadership of Mike McMann, Superintendent of Fort Vermilion School Division in Northern Alberta. McMann discusses how his division is revolutionizing education by creating career pathways for students from kindergarten through high school. This initiative aims to align education with real-world job opportunities, enabling students to gain post-secondary credits and job experience while still in school. The discussion also explores the unique challenges and advantages of living and educating in the North, underscoring the importance of community, family, and tailored education systems that respect local needs and potential. The conversation reflects on leadership challenges, the power of human connections, and the drive to provide meaningful opportunities for students to succeed in their careers and lives. 00:00 Unlocking Student Potential: A New Approach to Education 01:26 A Deep Dive into Career Pathways with Mike McMahon 03:54 Exploring the Unique Lifestyle and Values of Northern Alberta 04:46 Mike McMahon's Journey to Fort Vermilion and Insights on Northern Living 11:27 Revolutionizing Education: The Collegiate Model in Fort Vermilion 19:23 Building Strong Community and Industry Partnerships for Education 22:32 Wellness Initiatives and Their Impact on Education 24:34 The Power of Mental Health Support in the Workplace 25:56 Creating a Supportive Environment for Staff 27:04 The Importance of Therapy and Vulnerability 28:40 Community Support and Cultural Practices 29:54 Leadership Challenges and Personal Growth 35:04 Advice for Aspiring Leaders 38:37 Gratitude in Education and Personal Foundations 40:57 Exploring New Perspectives on Mental Health and Education 43:55 Personal Reflections and Closing Thoughts
    46m 53s
  • Do You Need To Be A Great Teacher, To Be A Great Leader?

    1 ABR. 2024 · In this insightful conversation, the speaker engages with Steve Gallagher, the Regional Executive Director of Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE), exploring the nuances of educational leadership and the journey from teaching to administration. Steve shares his views on the important qualities of a leader, emphasizing the crucial role of relationships and trust in both teaching and leadership. He reflects on his personal career trajectory, highlighting the rapid shifts in his roles within the education sector and discussing the changing landscape of education in Nova Scotia, including addressing teacher shortages, the impact of technology on learning, and the importance of strategizing for the region's growing student population. The dialogue also covers the reformation of professional development for educators and the evolving expectations on teachers' time and compensation. Through Steve's experiences and perspectives, insights are offered into the challenges and opportunities present in current educational leadership, underscoring the importance of adaptation, strategic planning, and the value of bringing communities together for the betterment of the educational system. 00:00 Reflecting on Teaching and Leadership 01:28 Introducing Steve Gallagher: A Journey in Education Leadership 04:24 The Path from Classroom to Leadership 13:28 Navigating Growth and Change in Nova Scotia's Education System 17:17 The Role of MLAs in Education and Parental Involvement 22:45 Pride in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education Team 24:58 Transforming Educational Leadership: A Journey of Change 26:48 Reimagining School Administration and Instructional Leadership 28:22 Fostering Instructional Leadership: The Impact of School Learning Communities 29:09 The Evolution of Instructional Leadership in Schools 31:50 Addressing the Teacher Shortage: Innovative Recruitment and Development Strategies 34:54 Redefining Professional Development and Compensation for Teachers 38:43 Exploring Leadership Challenges and Solutions in Education 41:10 Personal Reflections and Gratitude in Education 44:34 Engaging in Personal Interests: Reading, Podcasts, and Hidden Gems
    49m 11s
Dean Shareski interviews leaders from coast to coast to coast discussing innovation, change and the role leaders play in providing Canadian students with a world class education

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