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    Ep. 39 Schwalbacher Brewing

    18 JUN. 2024 · There is a new brewery on the Horizon. Amsterdam, N.Y., is set to welcome https://www.schwalbacherbrewing.com/ to their Downtown neighborhood at 30 E Main St. We had the opportunity to sit down with CheyAnne and Colin Schwalbacher and welcome the former Coloradans to New York and the market!
    1h 18m 17s
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    Ep. 38 Brian Conley Seven Points

    20 MAY. 2024 · We are back at Dave’s house by the lake with our guest, Brian, from Seven Points Brewery. In this episode, we discuss the sale of 20 North Broadway, what happened to Nick’s truck, and we check in on Stella & Seven Points brewing. We also had a couple of special treats with the Eid Zäpfle Märzen from Rothaus and cigars supplied by our pal Brian! We dedicate this episode to Aaron from Craftpoint Brewery, whom we recently lost. Visit our website to see how to support the Barker Family @ capitalbrewpodcast.com
    56m 46s
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    Ep. 37 Paradox

    26 ABR. 2024 · We headed north to Paradox Brewery for this episode to speak with OM Devon and Owner Paul. It was a beautiful mid-April day as we started our short trip up the northbound side of 87. The conditions made this trip extra special because as we stepped out of our truck and walked up to the front door, we were surrounded by the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.
    1h 38m 57s
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    Brewers Panel Ep.2

    5 OCT. 2023 · Our second brewers' panel features some fantastic guests this week. We are happy to welcome Chris from The Warbler Brewery, Drew and Laura from Frog Ally, and Guy from Mixed Breed Brewery. Although we encountered some technical difficulties at the beginning of the podcast, we eventually got things going and brought you a fun discussion on brewing.
    39m 58s
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    Electric City Sour Collab

    14 JUL. 2023 · So for this episode, we tried something different. We sat down with the masterminds behind the Electic City Sour Collab. We all laughed; some of us cried, and we all laughed again. It was scary, it was exciting, it was chaos. It was our first First Brewers panel. Enjoy!
    1h 23m 59s
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    Ep.36 Stella-Seven Points

    21 ABR. 2023 · n this episode, we have the double threat in Stella Pasta Bar & Bistro and Seven Points Brewing. Plus, Dave is back as we sit down with a familiar face and a new one.
    1h 41m 50s
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    Ep. 35 Speckled Pig

    30 ENE. 2023 · In this episode, we hit up one of the newest breweries in Saratoga County, The Speckled Pig. We're not sure what will put the S.P.B. on the map (beer or their pizza), but we know they're going on it! We also have a bad news/good news situation. The bad news is, unfortunately, Dave could not join us, but the good news is we are excited to have Aaron from Craftpoint fill in.
    2h 41s
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    Ep.34 Active Ingredient

    6 ENE. 2023 · Happy New Year! For this episode, we find ourselves in Malta talking to Nate and Brian of Active ingredient. We learn who is getting a tattoo after the NFL bet comes to its conclusion, plus we talk about the importance of our local volunteer fire departments.
    1h 26m 24s
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    Ep.33 Craftpoint

    14 NOV. 2022 · We had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron from Craftpoint. We talk trucks, beer, and all things manly. Plus, changes are coming for Craftpoint, so learn how to keep up to date on all the breaking news.
    1h 14m 46s
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    Ep.32 New Scotland Spirits

    5 SEP. 2022 · This week we were super excited to be invited to the Capital District Scottish Games by our friends over at New Scotland Spirits. In this episode, we learn a little history behind the New Scotland Spirits crew. Then Jesse and Greg helped us teach our audience (and myself) how to taste whiskey as we sampled their complete lineup properly. Plus, what is the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch? We also learned how superheroes are made.
    1h 9m 35s

The Capital Brew Podcast is about "What's Brewing In The 518?" Each week, 20 North Dave and Nick Lee discuss hand-picked beers from the 518 and beyond to sample and...

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The Capital Brew Podcast is about "What's Brewing In The 518?" Each week, 20 North Dave and Nick Lee discuss hand-picked beers from the 518 and beyond to sample and discuss. Plus other life topics.
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