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  • CEO & Founder Brannon Poe, CPA talks candidly about life, business, and the M&A industry.

    10 ABR. 2024 · This is a real special espisode for me - interviewing a neighbor who is a close friend. I was drawn to interview Brannon because he's both a hell of a nice guy, and also an accomplished CEO & Founder. His company, Poe Group Advisors, https://poegroupadvisors.com, is over 20 years old now and doing extremely well in the M&A space, focused on selling CPA firms. Why did he do it? How important was team? We'll answer these and more. Enjoy the show. If you have any questions for me or on the topic of Mergers & Acquistions, please reach me at https://www.bullstreetmergers.com Thanks for being a part of the Chuck Crumpton Show family. Have a great day.
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  • Tikvah CEO/Founder David Thedinga is bringing disruption to the healthcare industry.

    7 FEB. 2024 · After being an executive in the insurance industry for over 20 years, David knew there was a better way. His mission is quite simple - not to eradicate how healthcare works with insurance, but how can we improve the current health and wellness landscape to make it better and more robust. You'll find his style laid back, informative, and entertaining all while addressing questions that many of us have. Did you know Tikvah means hope? David can best be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidthedinga If you have any comments about today's episode, please feel free to reach out to me - Chuck@BullStreetMergers.com Thanks for listening, enjoy!
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  • A raw conversation about addiction, life, and business with M&A deal maker Shay Houser

    24 ENE. 2024 · Shay Houser, known for doing over $1 billion in M&A deals, talks openly about his life-threating addiction to drugs and alcohol and how his illness impacted his life, family, and business endeavors. This is somewhat of a follow up to his TEDx Talk "Addiction in the C-suite". Powerful and raw, this episode will deliver unbelievable transparency from one of the brightest minds in business. He will talk about his journey through addiction and how he used that dark chapter in his life to help bring about change for so many folks struggling with substances and the real reasons behind the pain. He and I also talk about building companies and the essential requirements of success for every business owner and entrepreneur. Enjoy the conversation! Please let me know your comments...Chuck@BullStreetMergers.com
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  • From the mind of an acquirer...with Randy Woods

    18 OCT. 2023 · Canadian business executive opens up about his background along with building & selling a multi-million dollar company. The day of the exit is very interesting. You'll find him to be likeable and vulnerable as he shares some priceless wisdom nuggets in the world of M&A. Randy now leads the Mergers & Acquistion activities for a 6000-employee company, https://valtech.com. The company has 60 offices in 22 countries. More information can be found at Valtech.com Please enjoy the podcast. Send thoughts and comments to Chuck@BullStreetMergers.com Thanks for listening.
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  • Ron Holt's company cleaned up by going from scratch to nearly 100 locations

    13 SEP. 2023 · This UGA grad living in Birmingham, AL went from an idea, a few goals, little cash, and a mission to build his cleaning business, Two Maids and a Mop, from ground zero to nearly 100 locations. Ron sold his company and is now on a fresh pursuit to be disruptive in the moving industry with Pink Zebra Moving, already with 10 locations and growing. During his early days as a chemist and sitting in heavy Atlanta traffic, Ron realized his calling to leave corporate America and pave a new way in the cleaning industry. You will find him transparent and vulnerable as he shares the struggles of his early journey in business and why I think he'll find success again in his new endeavor. Please let me know your thoughts about this conversation. Enjoy Ron Holt! Thanks...Chuck https://BullStreetMergers.com
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  • Amanda Murdock & Michael Flatley got off the couch...and created something!

    9 AGO. 2023 · Courage sums up the journey that Amanda and Michael have been on since a serious scare with cancer. They got off the couch and created The Impact Band, a really cool product designed to protect our smart watches while we participate in all sorts of contact sports. They have invested a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into this new launch...and it's paying off! Thanks and enjoy! Chuck Crumpton BullStreetMergers.com
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  • Silicon Valley technology executive Tom Williams talking disruption in American business

    3 AGO. 2023 · What does disruption in the marketplace look like? Can start-up companies survive and thrive in today's crazy economy? What does it take to be an entrepreneurial success? My conversation with technology executive Tom Williams. He unpacks years of success in companies like Cisco, Praxon, Novell, and Combinet. An advisor to a multitude of boards, Tom has also authored 6 books and is a featured speaker in multi-national events. More information about the podcast can be found at TheChuckCrumptonShow.com Thank you for listening. Please enjoy.
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  • A good conversation with my friend and financial expert Mike Dare

    26 ABR. 2023 · After a long winter break and a house move, The Chuck Crumpton Show is back! I have genuinely missed my audience. Having Mike Dare on the show is a real treat. Mike is damn good at what he does and is an incredibly nice guy. I'm honored to call him a friend and I think you will also be drawn to his practical and entertaining approach to finances. Please enjoy. Mike can best be reached at 843-548-7565 or mikedare@myfinancialtrainer.io https://www.TheChuckCrumptonShow.com
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  • A compelling true story of leadership...and love with Chief Luther Reynolds

    14 SEP. 2022 · Luther Reynolds is the Chief of Police in my town, Charleston, SC. His journey took a drastic turn last October when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that ultimately led to him losing his leg. This is his story, a moving narrative of leadership and love for his family and city. Thank you Chief for the incredible work you do, in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
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  • Real life communication help with Wharton lecturer and CEO Shelly O'Donovan

    24 AGO. 2022 · Wharton lecturer and CEO Shelly O'Donovan talks real life and true communication with our audience. I have had the privilege of speaking on the same platform with Shelly several times over the past 7 years and she is quite amazing. You will be drawn to Shelly as she unpacks one of the many statements she has made publicly..."After walking the halls of government and GlaxoSmithKline for years seeing many people rise and fall, I uncovered patterns...". Please let me know your thoughts on the episode at TheChuckCrumptonShow.com
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My real and raw conversations with thought leaders about aspects of life and business.

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