• The Color of Wellness OPEN HOUSE: Q3 Announcements

    17 JUN. 2024 · It Open House Season! Tap in and find out what is new at The Color of Wellness! Grab your seat to our DIGITAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP that is near capacity. Q2 Bootcamp is June 23 and 24th at 7pm EST nightly. Lets get your digital media platform launched: www.medianurses.com/events 
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  • Black Women and Fertility Options

    14 JUN. 2024 · The Color of Wellness - Black Women and Infertility Options featuring Quisha Umemba of Umemba Health In a recent episode of "The Color of Wellness," the podcast hosted an enlightening discussion on the topic of Black women and infertility options. The episode featured Quisha Umemba, a prominent health advocate and the founder of Umemba Health. This insightful conversation aimed to shed light on the unique challenges Black women face regarding infertility and the available options to address these issues. Key Points Discussed: 1. Unique Challenges for Black Women:    - Quisha Umemba highlighted that Black women often experience higher rates of infertility compared to their white counterparts. She discussed the role of underlying health conditions such as fibroids, which disproportionately affect Black women and contribute to infertility issues.    - The conversation also touched upon the societal and cultural stigmas surrounding infertility within the Black community, making it a challenging and often isolating experience. 2. Barriers to Accessing Care:    - One of the critical barriers discussed was the lack of access to quality healthcare and fertility treatments for Black women. Quisha emphasized that systemic racism and socioeconomic disparities play significant roles in limiting access to necessary reproductive health services.    - The high cost of fertility treatments and lack of insurance coverage for these services further exacerbate the issue. 3. Available Infertility Options:    - Quisha detailed various infertility treatment options available to Black women, including in vitro fertilization (IVF),  and the use of donor eggs or sperm.    - She also highlighted alternative approaches such as holistic and lifestyle interventions, which can complement medical treatments and improve overall reproductive health. 4. Advocacy and Support:    - The importance of advocacy and community support was a central theme in the discussion. Quisha encouraged Black women to seek out support groups and networks that can provide emotional and informational assistance.    - She also stressed the need for healthcare providers to be more culturally competent and aware of the unique needs of Black women when it comes to reproductive health. 5. Future Directions:    - The episode concluded with a hopeful outlook on the future of infertility treatment for Black women. Quisha advocated for more research focused on understanding the specific causes and solutions for infertility in Black women.    - She also called for policy changes to improve access to fertility treatments and reduce the financial burden on affected individuals. Overall, this episode of "The Color of Wellness" with Quisha Umemba provided valuable insights into the multifaceted issue of infertility among Black women. It highlighted the need for increased awareness, better access to care, and stronger support systems to help Black women navigate their infertility journeys.
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  • The Color of Wellness Media Presents_ The Voice of the Black Woman

    7 JUN. 2024 ·  Join The Color of Wellness Media as we discuss common misconceptions, problems, and  disparities in black women.    JOIN the Summer Boot Camp and learn Digital Media skills for Nurses.  www.medianurses.com/events   
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  • June 2024 announcements

    7 JUN. 2024 · Tap is as we share updates with The Color of Wellness Podcast.  www.medianurses.com/events SUMMER BOOTCAMP
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  • Women's Health Week! Have you been screened?

    14 MAY. 2024 · Join us as we review Women's Health Week, do not miss this week as we refresh our health goals.   www.womenshealth.gov Also, we are excited to announce the opening of THE COLOR OF WELLNESS CLUB! A monthly wellness membership has opened! Wellness Coaches Monthly Wellness Challenges Monthly Webinar Monthly Magazine  Private Podcast  Join us and our private chat today!  www.stan.store/colorofwellness 
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  • Color of Wellness meets SIRIUS XM RADIO on the Dr. Robin Show

    17 ABR. 2024 · Join us in one of our prime interviews with Dr. Robin Smith on Sirius XM. Brought to you by Novo Bank.  Get your free business bank account today. https://onboarding.novo.co/signup?email=thernlifecoach@gmail.com&customer_id=b5e5585299f55aa71d922daffd9c6dafb31786ae0a9d9eaac8b89443e0ebbe5a&utm_campaign=Lead+Nurture+Campaign&utm_content=Email+1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=customer.io
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  • Minority Health Month_ 10 Days of Awareness

    16 ABR. 2024 · Brought to you by Novo Bank, Grab your FREE business banking account today: https://onboarding.novo.co/signup?referral_code=MichelleRhodes&email=thernlifecoach%40gmail.com We are launching 10 days to health equity, a LIVE series. Does Healthcare even CARE? Listen in, Comment to let us know your thoughts , and consider supporting our podcast today. Thank you in advance, Team Black Wellness
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  • Dr_ Bridgette Jenkins_ Bouncing Back through Resilience

    1 ABR. 2024 · Join this special reverse podcast where we interview Dr. Bridgette Jenkins  as she kicks off her Holistic Wellness Podcast! Tune in as you discover what Holistic Wellness looks like! BECOME A SUPPORTER TODAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU! https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-color-of-wellness-show--4771294/support
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  • She sees, She Achieves! Join us

    25 MAR. 2024 · Are you a Black woman over 30,constantly juggling the demands of a bustling life, striving for professional success while yearning for personal fulfillment and wellness? You're not alone. "She Sees, She Achieves"is more than a webinar; it's a space of hope, a blueprint for balance, and a community waiting to welcome you.Black Wellness by Black Nurses April 2, 2024  at 7pm EST  www.medianurses.com/membership
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  • Nurse Leaders fostering Compassion_ Empathy_ Culture_ and Community

    1 MAR. 2024 · Join us as we discuss the Nurse Leaders role in fostering compassion within the Nursing Workforce. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-color-of-wellness-show--4771294/support.
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The Color of Wellness" media platform is the 1st of its kind. We are here to serve as that bridge between black nurses and black wellness. Our mission is to...

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The Color of Wellness" media platform is the 1st of its kind.

We are here to serve as that bridge between black nurses and black wellness. Our mission is to be the "Voice of Black Wellness".

From the magazine to podcast, to an upcoming visual outlet, we are excited to share our years of experience with the very communities in which we serve.

Many people in our vulnerable communities lack the health and wellness tools needed to avoid chronic diseases. By addressing wellness disparities, we hope to level the playing field for black wellness. This podcast is an extension of The Color of Wellness magazine,


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