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  • The Resume Whisperer | TCZ with Daniel Catalan

    26 MAY. 2024 · Are you currently job hunting? If so, this is the episode for you! In this episode of The Comfort Zone, April intereviews Dan the Resume Man aka Daniel Catalan which well known for his life changing resume writing skills. Daniel shares how he starting his resume writing business, tips to level up your LinkedIn and experiences with some of his top clients! 
    Played 38m 15s
  • Lashes around the world! | TCZ with Kelsey Esquivel

    19 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of The Comfort Zone April connects with another Filipino in Spain, Kelsey. They have been online Tiktok friends for years and finally sat down to have a fun conversation about what it is like growing up Filipino as well as a deep dive into how Kelsey was able to start her lash business in 3 different cities! We also get into the nitty gritty of buying a property in Spain. 
    Played 1h 20m 13s
  • Embracing QUEER ENERGY | TCZ with Lizzie Helmer

    12 MAY. 2024 · This week on The Comfort Zone podcast, we're thrilled to welcome Lizzie Helmer, a dear friend of April's. Lizzie opens up about her empowering journey embracing her queer identity in Madrid. She dives into the vibrant queer community in Spain and candidly shares her personal experiences with dating and coming out. Join us for an inspiring episode centered on self-discovery and embracing authenticity. 💖 Embra
    Played 38m 2s
  • What is it really like living abroad? | TCZ with Corentin Libouton

    5 MAY. 2024 · Welcome back to another episode of The Comfort Zone! This week we are with one of April's work bestie's Coco as he describes what it was like for him to move to London but also how his transition has been to Madrid not knowing a single word in Spanish! How did he find a job? How did he find an apartment? Why doesn't he have a door to the bathroom? Tune in to find out!
    Played 36m 13s
  • Language, Love, and La Liga | TCZ with Lo Oglesbe

    28 ABR. 2024 · From study abroad in Spain to now living here full time with her partner in Almeria, Lo Oglesbe has had an extraordinary journey! You will not want to hear how she was able to leverage her social media into a full time job in social media working for a Spanish football club. Get vulnerable with April and Lo about what it is really like moving abroad but also being the breadwinners of their relationships.
    Played 1h 9m 34s
  • Behind the scenes of a motor sports content creator | TCZ with Aaron Parales

    21 ABR. 2024 · In this episode we are interviewing Aaron Parales who creates content for various teams and driver in Formula 2, 3, 4, and F1 Academy! Even if you aren't a petrol head this is such an interesting look into that world as well as the technicalities of being a freelancer in Spain. What is the future of women in motor sports? Listen and find out with Aaron thinks. 
    Played 1h 5m 18s
  • Generations of Wisdom: A Conversation on Education and Philanthropy| TCZ with Odette Jereza

    14 ABR. 2024 · This is a very special episode of The Comfort Zone with April's remarkable grandmother. Lourdes "Odette" de Dios Jereza talks about some of her vocations in life such as education, philanthropy and motherhood. How does education shape a persons future? What are some of the social issues that need to be addressed? You won't want to miss this inspirational episode with a woman who has lived many lives.
    Played 33m 51s
  • From SLEEPING in a restaurant to OWNING one! | TCZ with Marianne Aldeguer

    7 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of The Comfort Zone April goes back to her childhood home of Cebu City, Philippines and reconnects with one of her oldest friends, Marianne Aldeguer, formerly Marianne Dungog. This is a special episode and both April and Marianne reminisce on their childhood and Marianne shares what she has been up to the past couple of years. From moving to Siargao to Manila, getting married and starting a business. You definitely don't wanna miss out on this episode!
    Played 1h 9m 3s
  • She sued her employer for HOW MUCH?! & Won the jackpot twice?! | TCZ with Lilian Gomez

    30 MAR. 2024 · Another comfy cozy day with one of April's best friends Lilian Gomez. They both met as language assistant in Madrid, Spain and have been inseparable ever since! You HAVE to hear all the lives Lili has lived! From working as a nurse, getting engaged, getting fired, suing her employer, winning the jackpot at a casino to moving to Spain! Cannot believe how much she has gone through in her short time on earth, whats next?
    Played 55m 25s
  • What is it like being the biggest FLOWER INFLUENCER in the world? | TCZ with Alexander Campbell

    24 MAR. 2024 · Our first guest on The Comfort Zone Podcast is Alexander Campbell aka ACFloralStudio on social media. Alex is not only a trailblazer in the flower industry but also a good friend of April. Stay tuned to hear what it is really like to be an "influencer" the good, bad and ugly!
    Played 49m 13s

The Comfort Zone is a space where we share stories, experiences and situations when we have gone out of our comfort zone in a comfortable environment. Kick back, put on...

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The Comfort Zone is a space where we share stories, experiences and situations when we have gone out of our comfort zone in a comfortable environment. Kick back, put on a face mask and chit chat with your internet besties. 
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