• The Hammer Tape: A Journey into Darkness

    16 JUN. 2024 · A video rental place down the street, a sense of nostalgia washed over our character. The shelves were lined with rows upon rows of VHS tapes.
    6m 31s
  • A Walk Through Haunted Memories

    12 JUN. 2024 · Through the abandoned streets as I trudged along, my footsteps echoing in the eerie silence. Each house we passed was a painful reminder of what I had lost.
    4m 54s
  • Explícito

    Confessions Of a Somniatoris

    28 MAY. 2024 · 20 years of my life had never happened
    7m 47s
  • The Road of Recurrence

    14 MAY. 2024 · One day you will wake up and find yourself walking on a dirt road at what appears to be midnight. 
    4m 48s
  • Explícito

    NoEnd House [Rituals]

    22 ABR. 2024 · After I moved out of the dorms and into a small apartment, I didn’t see Peter as much. We would talk online every now and them (AIM was king in pre-facebook years). There was a period where he wasn’t online for about five weeks straight. I wasn’t worried. 
    26m 51s
  • Explícito

    Tale Of The Torturer [Rituals]

    21 MAR. 2024 · Warning: Is an Imagination by the Author. All Religions In the Audio Created to serve the Story Plot.
    13m 22s
  • Explícito

    The Runner [Rituals]

    15 MAR. 2024 · There is, in a small national park somewhere in the US, a bike path. #creepy #story
    5m 47s
  • Explícito

    Three Red Seconds - Narator: Elon Musk [Rituals]

    2 MAR. 2024 · Sumoners by our Evil Thoughts. Narator: Elon Musk #Demons #ElonMusk
    14m 49s
  • Explícito

    Lightless City [Rituals]

    29 FEB. 2024 · Do you have someone you hate? Someone you would do anything to hurt, pay any price for vengeance? If so.... #Creepy #Ritual #Loop #Scary
    3m 2s
  • Explícito

    The Flesh Market [Rituals]

    23 FEB. 2024 · Streets that surround can be steep, with the numerous sprawling alleyways even steeper. It is here that we find Fleshmarket Close.
    8m 24s
In a Proffesionalism in stories for horror and creepy stories, but now are poetic. by a known well group of people.

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