• Episode #214 - Introducing Carnival Firenze To Southern California!

    5 JUN. 2024 · On this new episode, Scott has recently returned from his cruise on Southern California's newest ship, Carnival Firenze! Carrying on the ship's original theming from sailing under the Costa brand, this refreshed ship embodies Carnival's motto "Fun Italian Style"!  From the staterooms, restaurants, bars, public areas, dining rooms, specialty restaurants and more you will find yourself surround by the Italian flair. Scott dives in deeply on everything he tried to see, do and eat - and shares it all with us. Enjoy the show! Happy Cruising! Tommy & Scott
    59m 12s
  • Episode # 213 - Interview with American Idol Finalist Lou Gazzara!

    12 MAY. 2024 · We are so honored and privilged to welcome back American Idol Finalist, Lou Gazzara to the show! Lou shares with us some of the new projects he is working on along with his cruise show concerts on Princess Cruises and other cruise brands as well. When he is not sailing on the seven seas, Lou is also performing in Las Vegas, which is hometown as well. New opportunities are abounding for Lou, and he shares about a exciting new project happening in Las Vegas. We wish Lou all the success in the world and encourage our listeners to support this phenomenal entertainer whether it is on the seas or land.  Happy Cruising! Tommy & Scott Website: https://www.lougazzara.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouGazzaraOfficial/ Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/lougazzaraofficial/?hl=en    
    31m 22s
  • Episode #212 - Catching the Wind on the Carnival Breeze!

    4 MAY. 2024 · Scott and his wife Pam recently cruised from Galveston, Texas for the first time sailing on the Carnival Breeze. Their seven day Western Caribbean cruise was filled with food, fun, and frivolity. Adventures included exploring Mayan pyramids and water filled caves. Hear all about their amazing vacation on land and sea! Enjoy the show! Tommy & Scott
    1h 3m 11s
  • Episode #211 - Total Solar Eclipse Cruise On The Discovery Princess!

    21 ABR. 2024 · It was a cruise like no other! On this new episode, Tommy shares about his family’s experiences on the Discovery Princess to the Mexican Riviera for the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.  This cruise was sold out for two years and Princess Cruises made this cosmic event very special in many different and exciting ways for their guests.  And watching a total solar eclipse from a cruise ship is experience like no other. It was a highlight of our lives that our family cherished together and will never forget. Thank you Princess Cruises for making this phenomenal cruise possible! Enjoy the show! - Tommy & Scott 
    1h 29s
  • Episode #210 - Cruise Vacations With Your Kids!

    2 ABR. 2024 · On this new episode we explore cruising with your kids. We think taking a family cruise is a wonderful way to spend time together, try new things, visit new places and learn about other cultures. However, most of your time will be enjoying the cruise ship and all of its amazing kids programs and activities. We discuss what you can expect and experience on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Princess Cruises. Do you have a great experience that you had with your kids that you would like to share with us, let us know! Enjoy the show! Keep On Cruising! Tommy & Scott
    1h 5m 25s
  • Episode 209 - Is AI Infiltrating The Cruise Blogosphere? Part 2

    18 MAR. 2024 · We are back with part two examining the suspiciously clickbait article titled "What A Cruise Is Really Like - Fantasy Versus Reality" by Nicole Castelino. It is very apparent that this was written by AI and not by a real travel/cruise writer. This poorly written article was published to draw readers who are drawn into fake drama and negative stories, with unsupported "facts". This article's sole purpose is to create controversy to feed the search engines algorithyms that like negative stories, videos, etc. We are exposing their tactics. Keep On Cruising! Tommy & Scott    
    56m 22s
  • Episode #208 - Is AI Infiltrating The Cruise Blogosphere? Part 1

    27 FEB. 2024 · Scott recently ran across a blog post about cruising with a suspiciously clickbait title "What A Cruise Is Really Like - Fantasy Versus Reality" by Nicole Castelino. We take a dive and read through this article which was full of straw man arguments, untrue accusations and just poor writing about cruising. Why was this even published? Who is Nicole Castelino? What is Livstyl.com all about? It became more apparent as we read through this "article" we felt that an AI bot wrote this. Is this the future of cruise blogging? Listen and let's discuss. Share with us your thoughts on this show. Keep On Cruising! Tommy & Scott    
    1h 11m 17s
  • Episode #207 - Seven Things Cruisers Need To Stop Doing In 2024!

    30 ENE. 2024 · This is a different kind of episode. Normally, we like to keep it positive and such, but we have notice some trends and attitudes that need to change amongst our cruising community. We all have sees some crazy things that happen on cruise ships, and most of the time, people just turn a blind eye to it. But not today. We are going to call you it and hopefully, some of you will change your tune. And if you think there is something else we should call out, let us know and we will share it on a future show. We want everyone to have awesome cruise vacations, so hold on to your handrails and enjoy the show! Keep On Cruising! Tommy & Scott
    1h 6m 3s
  • Episode #206 - Cruising Down Under On The Disney Wonder!

    9 ENE. 2024 · On this new episode, we welcome Kat and Lewis Sutton from the Dis Down Under Podcast. The Sutton's are super Disney fans from Perth, Australia. They have visited all the Disney theme parks around the world and also love cruising They are excited to have Disney Cruise Line come to their homeland. The Disney Wonder travelled from west coast of the United States to Sydney, Australia for the Christmas holiday season through February 2024. Kat and Lewis enjoyed two cruises, with one that included a New Year's celebration. This interview has a lot of great information, fun cruise stories and more. Be sure to follow them on social media and check out their podcast as well! We hope you enjoy the show mates! Keep On Cruising! Tommy & Scott
    1h 1m 50s
  • Episode #205 - Cruising During The Holidays - Part 2!

    27 DIC. 2023 · Hey Cruisers!   We are back with part two of sharing tips and ideas on how to make your holiday cruise extra special. Also, we have exclusive interviews with Raymond Grills, Food and Beverage Director and DuVaul Gamble, Cruise Director on the Discovery Princess!  These are fun and informative interviews detailing of what you can expect to enjoy and make your upcoming cruise a most memorable experience. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and are grateful that you listen and support our show. Please keep sharing us with your family and friends.  Keep On Cruising!  Tommy & Scott 
    54m 3s
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