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    Episode 249: Father's Day

    16 JUN. 2024 · After a several month hiatus, the podcast for Dads, Husbands, and Average Guys has returned! Frank shares what he has been up to, getting redemption from when he was a kid, the wild cicadas, and more! Check out my website for more fun! https://www.thedailylifeoffrank.com
    22m 7s
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    Episode 248: We'll Do It Live

    27 FEB. 2024 · Frank and Kate talk about their upcoming trip to the waterpark and share stories of past waterpark trips. Plus, Frank details his “surgery” story and friendly advice for new fathers. Kate also talks about alligators and there is much much more!
    25m 25s
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    Episode 247: Getting Older

    13 FEB. 2024 · Kate brings the sass and Frank brings the craziness in this all-new episode of The Daily Life of Frank! Frank talks about his new glasses, and how he’s getting old. Kate shares how the sun affects the kiddos and the lack of jackets. Plus, they talk about the family fun they had, inappropriate car decals, and more!
    29m 33s
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    Episode 246: Mental Health Days

    6 FEB. 2024 · Frank is back and he is bringing his wife along as his co-host! Take a listen as Frank and Kate talk about mental health days, living in the 90s, school dances, the Alyssa Milano controversy, crazy algorithms and much more!
    28m 52s
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    Episode 245: End of an Era

    28 DIC. 2023 · It may be the end of an era for The Daily Life of Frank but don’t worry a new podcast beginning is on the horizon. On the final episode of 2023, Frank talks about where he has been, a jerk kid at Zoolights, finishing Christmas shopping early, and shares a heartwarming moment in memory of his father-in-law.
    18m 35s
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    Episode 244: Sometimes We Need a Good Laugh

    7 SEP. 2023 · Frank is back and talks about a Labor Day incident that will always make him chuckle, getting a meat substitute he didn’t ask for, what are the hardest games from NES, talks about going on an afternoon date with his wife and much more!
    19m 13s
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    Episode 243: Growing Up So Fast

    24 AGO. 2023 · Frank is back this week and talks about the kids getting ready to go back to school, his son learning to ride his bike, going to the movies, and more!
    18m 54s
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    Episode 242: Oozing with Variety

    10 AGO. 2023 · Frank and his son went to see the TMNT movie this past weekend and he shares his full review. Plus, he shares a random thought, the kids going back to school, bringing his own chair to events, and more!
    20m 27s
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    Episode 241: Sorta Seeing Red

    27 JUL. 2023 · It’s time for Frank to air out his daily grievances which include his thoughts on lemonade stands, speakerphones, and socks. Plus he talks about him and son bonding over a scary movie and what sporting event his son would like to go see. All this and more on Episode 241 of The Daily Life of Frank!
    21m 32s
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    Episode 240: Red, White, Blue & Vacation Too

    13 JUL. 2023 · Frank is back from his family vacation and recaps all the fun he and the crew had including their Fourth of July party, trip to the zoo, visiting the waterpark, and more!
    28m 1s
The MOST relatable podcast for Dads, Husbands, and Averagae Guys hosted through the POV of Frank who is the MOST relateable Dad, Husband, and Average Guy

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