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  • How a Theory about Climate Change Led to The Feminine Mystique

    11 ABR. 2024 · This article explores the intriguing connection between Betty Friedan's groundbreaking work, "The Feminine Mystique," and her earlier foray into science journalism with an article on climate change. Nearly a year before publishing her seminal book that catalyzed the second wave of feminism, Friedan penned "The Coming Ice Age," detailing scientists Maurice Ewing and William L. Donn's theories on polar wandering and the cycles of ice ages. Despite initially facing skepticism for her lack of scientific background and disagreements over the article's tone, Friedan's piece was eventually published in Harper's Magazine, capturing the public's imagination with its accessible narrative style. This experience in reporting complex scientific ideas and the drama surrounding new theories not only sharpened Friedan's journalistic skills but also paved the way for her later feminist writings. By blending storytelling with scientific inquiry, Friedan managed to make intricate theories understandable and engaging for a general audience, a technique she would adeptly use in "The Feminine Mystique" to connect with and inspire her readers. Her journey from a curious journalist exploring climate change theories to an influential feminist writer highlights the unexpected ways in which different interests and experiences can converge to foster groundbreaking ideas and societal change. Subtopics: - Connection between "The Coming Ice Age" article and "The Feminine Mystique." - Betty Friedan's background and her path from science journalism to feminist writing. - The theory of polar wandering and its prediction of a new ice age by scientists Maurice Ewing and William L. Donn. - Journalism challenges faced by Friedan in publishing "The Coming Ice Age." - Influence of Friedan's science journalism on her style and approach in "The Feminine Mystique."
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  • The US finalizes rules for ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

    11 ABR. 2024 · US Implements Strict Drinking Water Standards for PFAS The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced stringent regulations on the levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly referred to as “forever chemicals,” in drinking water. This move aims to safeguard public health by reducing exposure to these harmful substances. Mathematician Awarded 2023 Turing Prize Avi Wigderson receives the prestigious 2023 Turing award for his groundbreaking work in the field of theoretical computer science. His research on harnessing randomness in computer algorithms has significantly advanced our understanding and application of computational methods. Innovative Approaches to Decision Making Explored at QCon London 2024 Hannes Ricklefs, the Head of Architecture at BBC, delivered an insightful presentation at QCon London 2024 on the multifaceted approach to decision making. He emphasized the importance of integrating art, science, and psychology to improve decision-making processes within organizations. Subtopics: - EPA and drinking water regulation - Advancements in theoretical computer science - Approaches to decision making in technology management
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  • Peter Higgs, father of 'God particle', dies aged 94

    10 ABR. 2024 · Peter Higgs, the acclaimed scientist known for his groundbreaking work that led to the discovery of the 'God particle,' has passed away at the age of 94, leaving behind a legacy recognized with a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013. In other developments, birdfeeder designs have evolved significantly since their inception in the 19th century, showcasing a journey of innovation aimed at deterring unwelcome visitors, a testament to the intricate relationship between humans and wildlife. Adding to the highlights, Forbes has announced its ninth annual Under 30 Europe List for 2024, featuring an impressive cohort of young visionaries poised to reshape the future across various industries. Subtopics: - Peter Higgs' contribution to physics and his Nobel Prize win - The evolution and design of birdfeeders - Forbes Under 30 Europe Class of 2024 announcement
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  • WATCH: Science of a total solar eclipse

    9 ABR. 2024 · Exploring Innovations and Strategies in Science and Industry This compilation delves into various topics, showcasing the wonders of natural phenomena, governmental economic strategies, and culinary business insights. It covers the fascinating science behind total solar eclipses, revealing how and when these captivating celestial events occur. On the industrial front, it highlights the Biden administration's investment of $6.6 billion in the expansion of the TSMC facility in the United States, a move aiming to bolster domestic chip production and mitigate security concerns linked to reliance on Asian suppliers. Additionally, it provides a glimpse into the art and science behind creating a fast-casual restaurant menu, demonstrating how businesses balance convenience, price, and quality to meet consumer demands. Subtopics: - Science of a total solar eclipse - Biden administration's support for US chip foundries - Crafting a fast-casual restaurant menu
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  • This diagram shows what happens during a total solar eclipse

    8 ABR. 2024 · Exploring Total Solar Eclipses, Accelerated Drug Approvals, and Tesla's FSD Strategy This compilation covers diverse topics ranging from astronomical phenomena to healthcare regulation and innovative automotive technology. Firstly, it demystifies the science behind total solar eclipses, specifically spotlighting the event on April 8. It then delves into the healthcare sector, discussing a study that raises concerns about the longevity of effectiveness for cancer drugs granted accelerated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Lastly, it shifts gears to explore Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) licensing and pricing strategies aimed at maximizing adoption among both manufacturers and consumers. Subtopics: 1. The science behind a total solar eclipse. 2. Analysis and implications of accelerated drug approvals. 3. Tesla's strategies for FSD licensing and pricing for widespread adoption.
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  • 7 times a total solar eclipse revolutionized science

    7 ABR. 2024 · Title: Impact of Eclipses on Science and Climate Discussions This article delves into the significant moments when total solar eclipses have not only captivated the public but also propelled scientific advancements, highlighting seven pivotal instances. One notable example includes Einstein's theory of relativity gaining worldwide recognition following observational validation during an eclipse. Furthermore, the article touches upon contemporary controversies, such as the criticism faced by the Biden Administration for purportedly pushing a climate agenda based on inadequately substantiated scientific claims. This scrutiny raises concerns about the potential erosion of public trust in scientific authorities. Additionally, the piece encourages readers to engage with astronomical events, offering tools and resources to enhance the experience of witnessing a total solar eclipse. The emphasis is on the unique opportunity eclipses provide for observers to connect with the natural world, promoting a collective moment of awe and reflection. Subtopics: - Historical instances where solar eclipses advanced scientific knowledge - The role of eclipses in validating Einstein's theory of relativity - Critique of the Biden Administration's use of climate data - The importance of reliable science in public policy - Resources for observing total solar eclipses - The societal and personal impacts of experiencing an eclipse
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  • All the Citizen Science Projects You Can Participate in During the Eclipse

    6 ABR. 2024 · Citizen Science and DIY Tech: Engage and Innovate Discover exciting opportunities to engage in citizen science projects during the upcoming eclipse on April 8. With several initiatives aiming for major scientific advancements, there's still room for you to contribute and make a difference. Additionally, dive into the world of DIY technology with the latest update on the e-Kayak project by Bare Naked Embedded featured on Hackster.io. The second installment revolves around crafting an oar controller equipped with a NeoPixel ring and a Feather M0 basic proto, enhancing your kayaking experience. Meanwhile, a groundbreaking collaboration across political divides reveals that simple accuracy reminders can significantly reduce the spread of misinformation, emphasizing the importance of cross-partisan efforts in improving information quality. Subtopics: - Citizen science projects during the eclipse - DIY e-Kayak project: Oar controller development - Reducing misinformation through accuracy nudges
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  • These Women Came to Antarctica for Science. Then the Predators Emerged

    5 ABR. 2024 · These stories uncover groundbreaking developments and unsettling truths within the realms of science and exploration. From the harrowing experiences of women facing sexual harassment and assault in the cold isolation of Antarctica, shedding light on a shadowed aspect of scientific field work, to the innovative strides in sustainable exhibition design being championed by the London Science Museum's new Energy Revolution gallery. Additionally, the completion of the world's largest digital camera marks a monumental achievement in the field of astronomy, promising to revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos. These narratives intertwine the pursuit of knowledge with the imperative of ethical integrity and environmental responsibility in science. Subtopics: - Sexual harassment and assault in Antarctic scientific communities - Sustainable exhibition design at the London Science Museum - Completion and capabilities of the world's largest digital camera in astronomy
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  • Is Psychological Science Self-Correcting?

    4 ABR. 2024 · Is Psychological Science Self-Correcting and Other Insights This piece explores various dimensions of current research findings across different fields. Initially, it delves into the world of psychological science, questioning whether the field is self-correcting. This is examined through the lens of how replications impact the perceived credibility of scientific outcomes. Following this, attention shifts towards how airlines, through an analytical piece by a Temple University faculty member, might be influencing politics by adjusting flight schedules to cater to key political figures. Lastly, an investigation presents a detailed account of the pre-collapse conditions of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, highlighting the significance of the dam for regional water management and illuminating the geopolitical tensions surrounding its control and eventual catastrophe. Subtopics Include: - Impact of Replication on Psychological Science - Airlines' Covert Lobbying Techniques - Pre-collapse Monitoring of Kakhovka Dam, Ukraine
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  • Science Fiction and the Death of the Sun

    3 ABR. 2024 · Exploring the Relationship Between Technology and Fiction This piece delves into two distinct realms: the portrayal of apocalyptic futures in science fiction and the intriguing world of modern technology. It kicks off by examining how science fiction often adopts a nihilistic view, utilizing the concept of the sun's death as a metaphor for end times and driving pessimistic visions of what lies ahead. Transitioning from speculative fiction to tangible reality, the discussion shifts to the intricacies of electrical baby toys. Specifically, it focuses on the assembly and design of toys from companies like VTech and Clementoni, offering a glimpse into their production without delving too deep into technical details. Additionally, the text highlights "Guess My RGB," an in-browser game that challenges players to match the page's background color using RGB sliders, showcasing a simple yet engaging use of technology for entertainment. Through these topics, the piece encapsulates the fascinating interplay between the fictional end of days and the innovative spirit that pervades our everyday gadgets and games. Subtopics: 1. Nihilism in Science Fiction 2. Electrical Baby Toys: A Look Inside 3. Interactive Entertainment: "Guess My RGB" Game
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