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    #210~ April 13, 2024: A."Things That Are Probably True"; B. "The Legend Of Felipe Vidal Santiago", With GREG WAGNER.

    14 ABR. 2024 · IN THIS EPISODE~ A tour-de-force conversation with our great friend Greg that is absolutely bursting-at-the-seams with information and analytical conversation! In the first half: Spurred by a conversation with Alan Dale from our last episode, Greg has compiled a list of 15 things & ideas that- given what we now know, in 2024- are probably almost certainly true. From the involvement of Jack Ruby in the run-up to Dallas, to the certain assorted impersonations of Lee Oswald, to the undeniable coercion of witnesses by The Warren Commission, the culpability of Lyndon Johnson and the most probable locations for snipers in Dealey Plaza on that day, we will go down Greg's list one by one, analyze, and discuss. In the second half, we embark on a deep-dive of the individual that both Greg and Doug believe to have been the dark-complected man in Dealey Plaza- a south-Florida-based, JM/WAVE-connected anti-Castro paramilitary operator named Felipe Vidal Santiago. His presence in Dallas? Unexplained, yet confirmed. His connections to The Case? Many. Varied, striking, and chilling. And we are going to break it all down and explain it. Right HERE. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written And Hosted by Doug Campbell. Additional Content Written by Greg Wagner. Recorded And Engineered by Curato "Little Momo" Scaranucci, Jr. For Drop-D Podcast Productions. Music: "Bravado", by Rush "Daytona 500", by Ghostface Killah "Mescalero", by ZZ Top
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  • #209~Feb.24, 2024: " 'Alleged Facts' And The JFK Hit: What We Now Know Vs. What We Once Believed", With ALAN DALE.

    24 FEB. 2024 · IN THIS EPISODE~ We are again joined for an in-depth conversation with Esteemed Historian, Author ("The Devil Is In The Details", with Malcolm Blunt), Podcast Host ("JFK Conversations"), life-long Student Of Political Assassinations and much-respected Critical Thinker, Mr. Alan Dale. We start with a simple question: "What do we K-N-O-W, verses what we believe?" This leads us into a super-wide-ranging discussion that touches on topics such as: The phenomenon of "alleged facts" morphing into "actual facts" by virtue of repetition; the effect of Ego on Assassination Research; the recent descernible pattern within The Research Community of attempting to legitimize Ridiculous Assertions with no basis in reality simply by finding an illegitimate way to attach the name of CIAs George Joannides TO said Ridiculous Assertion; The FBI and Lee Harvey Oswald, from Mexico City to Dallas; why George Joannides would NEVER show his face in a Congressional Hearing Room while working undercover, the importance of Professor Peter Dale Scott's work to our ongoing efforts, the importance of simply being aware of one's own Evidentiary Prejudices, the importance of a finely-tuned BS-meter, and MUCH MUCH more! JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written And Hosted By Doug Campbell. Recorded And Engineered By Momo Scaranucci For Drop-D Podcast Productions. Music: "Free Yourself", by Ty Tabor "Punk Ass Boyfriend", by ZZ Top
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  • #208~ December 30, 2023: "DECLASSIFIED: The CIA's Secret 'Crash Investigation' Of The JFK Hit."

    30 DIC. 2023 · IN THIS EPISODE~ Last year saw the release of a completely-unredacted version of an affidavit/memo from the JFK Files containing testimony from a career CIA employee, now known as "The Heath Memo." If you blinked you probably missed it, and that's a shame, considering the potentially explosive implications of the assertions contained in this memo, realized once studied in detail, and context has been absorbed. That's exactly what we'll attempt to do in this episode. Using The Mary Farrell Foundation's JFK Assassination Documents Archive, The AARC, and Bill Simpich's masterwork-of-a-book "State Secret" as our Primary Resource Material, we will dissect & dig into The Heath Memo and follow a road from CIA's JM/WAVE Station to Dallas, Cuba, New Orleans, Lee Oswald in Mexico City, and a highly-educated, highly-trained, carefully chosen, specialized and little-known group of Anti-Castro Intelligence Operatives who worked only in the shadows, and were fiercely loyal to the man who assembled them. CIA's David Sanchez Morales. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell. Recorded & Engineered by Momo Scaranucci. Music: "Miles From Nowhere", by The Smithereens. "Genesis", by Deftones. "Goin' So Good", by ZZ Top.
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  • #207~ November 24, 2023: A. "My Weekend In Texas, My Visit To Dealey Plaza", B. "Intellectual Honesty And Assassination Research."

    24 NOV. 2023 · IN THIS EPISODE~ This past weekend (Nov. 17th-Nov. 19) I had the immense pleasure of attending the awesome and highly enjoyable "November In Dallas 2023" Assassination Research Conference by JFKLancer Publications in Dallas, Tx! We will begin by recapping this fantastic weekend filled with friends, colleagues, listeners, new information, fellowship, education, and damn good coffee at the hotel-adjacent taco stand. THEN we move to The Studies. We go from an awsome conference to some awful conjobs. Taking our cues from the works and wisdom of Dr. John Newman, we'll delve into the realities behind (2) alleged-"Trustworthy Whistleblowers" in the JFK Case, both of whom have come under scrutiny in recent years in the wake of Primary Resource Material releases by The Federal Government. The reason? The Declassified Historical Record is proving their claims to have either been simply not possible, or simply completely false,. PLUS~ the phenomenon of folks in The Research Community who will look you in the face and vehemently defend these two specific individuals by citing 25-year old speculation-filled books in the face of newly-released, formerly declassified Primary Resource Documentation that preclude any possibility of these individuals' claims being true. WHY, though? Cognitive Dissonance? Inability to reason? Analytical laziness? Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Vodka in plastic bottles? Boomeritis? We'll analyze! Right here! JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell. Recorded & Engineered by Curado "Little Momo" Scarannuci, Jr. for Drop-D Podcast Productions. Music: "Alright", by King's X "After All (The Dead)", by Heaven & Hell "Heartache In Blue", by ZZ Top
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  • #206~ August 10, 2023: "Ground Zero: The Texas School Book Depository Witnesses", With Author BART KAMP.

    11 AGO. 2023 · IN THIS EPISODE~ A new marathon conversation with none other than BART KAMP, on the heels of the release of his first book, "Prayer Man: More Than Just A Fuzzy Picture". (BUY THE BOOK NOW, HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Prayer-Man-More-Fuzzy-Picture-ebook/dp/B0CD9GB83W/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1TTEMBUXGQ665&keywords=prayer%20man%20bart%20kamp&qid=1691770061&sprefix=bart%20kamp%2Caps%2C719&sr=8-1&fbclid=IwAR2EHn8RFzUZkouLBibCmxdcraN7mkLoODv61zkqLyC-eAAk0aodhrI1_Wk ) The witnesses inside The TSBD at the time of Shots-Fired will be our primary focus. Who they were, where they were, what they said, what they saw and heard, who stuck to their story, who changed their story, and who had their story changed FOR them. Along the way, we'll touch on Bart's journey through Assassination Research, more revelations regarding the Interrogations Of Lee Oswald, the chronology of the discovery of Lee Oswald on the front steps, The Wiegman, Darnell, and Couch Assassination Films, why Doug will never claim to have found the secret diaries of Felipe Vidal Santiago, and MUCH, MUCH MORE! JOIN US! Written and Hosted by Doug Campbell. Recorded and Engineered by Curato "Little Momo" Scaranucci, Jr. for Drop-D Podcast Productions. Music: "Battle Axe", by Deftones "Third Man On The Moon", by Masters Of Reality "TV Dinners", by ZZ Top
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  • #205~ June 22, 2023: "Operations 'NORTHWOODS' And 'MONGOOSE': RFK, Lansdale, And CIA."

    22 JUN. 2023 · IN THIS EPISODE~ Thanks to the "decidedly-NOT-grounded-in-Primary-Resource-Material-Study"-variety of books, blogs and movies over the years, our understanding of the truth of the dynamics between the Kennedy Brothers and the National Security Apparatus has become a bit...skewed...over the decades since The President's murder. Sadly, many people newer to The Case are unaware of the truth of this dynamic. For example, some actually believe that "Operation MONGOOSE" was a CIA operation, or that Allen Dulles had a hand in "Operation NORTHWOODS". Or worse, that CIA placed Brigadier General Ed Lansdale in charge of MONGOOSE. Why? Because they heard an "expert" say it, saw it in a movie, or read it in a blog or book. We will read and discuss Primary Resource Documentation regarding MONGOOSE, and take a Deep Dive into the JCS-proposed horror show that was NORTHWOODS, and look at (1) aspect of NORTHWOODS that seems to have intrigued the Attorney General. So much so that~six days after JFK rejected it~ RFK circled back with the JCS, to see if it might really work. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written And Hosted by Doug Campbell. Recorded And Engineered by Momo Scaranucci for Drop-D Podcast Productions. Music: "She's The Woman", by Van Halen "This Corrosion", by Sisters Of Mercy "Dusted", by ZZ Top
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