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The Death Of Journalism

  • Episode One Hundred Sixty Five: Cheap Fakes

    20 JUN. 2024 · A Daily Mail story breathes a little life into the prospects for Jerry Sandusky (0:00-13:15). While Sandusky continues to chase a merited exoneration false exonerations are on the rise (13:15-22:30). Dr. Fauci is confronted by a CBS anchor who didn't get the memo (22:30-47:40). The costly threat of "Cheap Fakes" (48:00-1:05:40). Willie Mays, Caitlin Clark, Rory McElroy, Bryson DeChambeau and the Buffalo Bills (1:05:45-1:41:00). Race issues and racial conspiracy theories (1:41:00-1:57:45) and Zig reviews Disney's Inside Out II ((1:57:45-END).
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  • Episode One Hundred Sixty Four: Collapse

    18 JUN. 2024 · Zig breaks down the US Open coverage like no one else can and makes a bold prediction following the epic collapse of Rory McElroy at Pinehurst (1:30-35:00). The latest drama in the world of the WNBA and Caitlin Clark (35:00-1:11:00). The induction of Tom Brady into the New England Patriots Hall Of Fame creates an opportunity for Zig to share a story about coaching HS football in California (1:11:00-1:37:00). CNN does some actual journalism (1:37:00-1:46:00). Update on the Biden / Trump battle (1:37:00-2:05:00). Swing state polls examine the Black vote and California pulls offensive U-Turn signs.
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  • Episode One Hundred Sixty Three: Single Issue Voter

    13 JUN. 2024 · The verdict is in and Hunter Biden was found guilty and Zig wonders whether he'll now be motivated to hope his father loses in November. The irony of aJoe Biden speaking about gun control days after his son is convicted on gun charges (1:00-13:00). DJT successfully wrangles those singe-issue-voters torn between electrocution and shark attack (15:00-22:00). Do recent elections across the EU indicate a red wave is coming to the US and Americans want to kick illegals out of the country (23:00-40:00). Jewish American still aren't voting for Republicans so should we believe the polls that say Black Americans are shifting (40:00-51:00)? Biden's imaginary crime stats (51:00-56:00). The Caitlin Clark effect (56:00-1:09:00). NBA coach silences a room full of reporters, the "logo" passes at 86 and Zig looks forward to this week's US Open (1:15:00-1:40:00).
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  • Episode One Hundred Sixty Two: Zig's Internal Clock

    11 JUN. 2024 · Did President Biden pirate Ronald Reagan's 1984 speech in Normandy and did he test the absorbency of his Depends on the world stage? Zig appeared with Dan Abrams on NewsNation to address these concerns about Biden and relied on his "Internal Clock" to close out the segment (1:00-21:00). Zig's BS detector registered a 10 when right wing media outlets were falling for the phony Facebook post from a supposed Trump jurors cousin (21:00-43:00). Chelsea Handler's racist strategy to get 50 Cent to pull his endorsement of Trump fails. Perhaps her incentive was not so enticing (43:00-49:00). Protests in DC and hostage rescue in Gaza (49:00-52:00). Hunter Biden is on trial and and the laptop was submitted as evidence (52:00-57:00). DeSantis 1 / Disney 0 (57:00-1:01:00). Happy Meals suck and so does Gavin Newsom's $20 minimum wage (1:01:00-1:10:00). Audrey Hale, the Nashville Covenant School shooter, had portions of her manifesto released illustrating a life of mental illness (1:10:00-1:15:00). US Olympic Committee warns media professionals about unacceptable descriptions of trans athletes (1:15:00-1:19:00). Caitlin Clark snubbed by Olympic Committee that prefers no one watch the games (1:19:00-1:34:00). The latest rumors about a potential Lakers coach and a KC Chief has a cardiac event but no one notices (1:35:00-1:42:00). It's the 30th anniversary of the OJ murders and a new Lifetime movie focuses on Nicole Brown Simpson and what they consider the actual motive (1:42:00-1:56:00).
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  • Episode One Hundred Sixty One: Drunk On The Blood Of Liberty

    6 JUN. 2024 · Just as Zig predicted, the post-verdict polling has been largely inconclusive (0:00-10:30). A few thoughts on the Hunter Biden gun trial (10:30-13:45). The Wall St. Journal has a new report about what's happening behind the scenes on team Biden as it become harder to ignore his diminishing mental acuity (13:45-29:30). Fauci testifies to House committee and John breaks it all down (29:30-58:00). Some fresh thoughts regarding Covid vaccines as two new studies are released (58:00-1:16:00). The Washington Post fires a female Executive Editor and the woke staffers speak out about it (1:17:00-1:29:00). Breaking sports stories from Caitlin Clark to Bob Costas to Lebron James to NIL (1:29:00-1:57:30). John wraps up with some thoughts on courage, faith and patriotism and the soldiers who ran towards almost certain death 80 years ago on a beach in France (1:57:30-END).
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  • Episode One Hundred Sixty: Louisville Slugger

    4 JUN. 2024 · In episode #160 Zigs has a great interview with Louisville radio legend Terry Meiners. Nobody was closer to the Scottie Scheffler, PGA Championship fiasco than Terry so Zig gets all the details plus the two share some thoughts about Zig's defamation trial and the state of college athletics. The interview starts at about 38:00.Before the interview John shares his initial take on the aftermath of the Trump verdict, the top 5 most conflicted juries of all time, the revelations revealed during Dr. Fauci's testimony before the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus , a NY Post story that uncovered hundreds of millions in Big Pharma royalties paid to NIH scientists, bumper cars between the Philly Pride Parade participants and Pro-Palestinians and the new Jordan rules being applied against Caitlin Clark in the WNBA.
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  • Episode One Hundred Fifty Nine: Below The Law

    31 MAY. 2024 · A frustrated Zig couldn't wait until next week to deliver his thoughts regarding the Trump conviction. In true John Ziegler fashion, his take and the analogy he presents are unique.
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  • Episode One Hundred Fifty Eight: "He's My Asshole"

    30 MAY. 2024 · As the Trump NYC jury begins deliberations Zig looks at the variety of possible outcomes and makes some predictions (0:00-23:00), actor Robert DeNiro delivers perhaps his worst performance as Biden's surrogate outside the NYC courthouse (23:00-45:00), Zig wonders if actors have any impact at all on elections and turns to Dennis Quaid for his thoughts ((45:00-50:00), as Zig predicted the charges are dropped against Scottie Scheffler as newly discovered audio spreads online (50:00-1:05:00), the passing of a legend and a character in Bill Walton has Zig longing for the days when we could look past our political differences (1:10-1:28:00), are reparations coming in the MLB (1:24:00-1:48:00), a new book is declared "most important ever" written on race but is it even original (1:48:00-1:55:00) and the story of WAPO, the NY Times and Justice Samuel Alito (1:55:00-2:02:00).
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  • Episode One Hundred Fifty Seven: Straight White Female

    28 MAY. 2024 · We start off with the tragic news from the world of golf regarding 30 year-old Grayson Murray taking his own life and then Zig rolls into the continuing ridiculousness of the Louisville police pressing forward with charges against Scottie Scheffler (0:00-23:30). Zig breaks down the latest news in Trump World including the first whispers about polling in the Omaha congressional district plus Trump in the Bronx and at the Libertarian Convention (23:30-57:00). Zig does an extensive review of Biden's attempts to make race the focus of the election (57:00-1:31:00). Zig breaks down some of the latest examples of media bias with a coordinated takedown attempt on Supreme Court Justice Alito (1:31:00-1:42:00). The hosts of the view say Caitlin Clark's popularity is about white privilege and "pretty" privilege (1:42:00-1:55:00) and Zig wraps with his latest thoughts on Bronny James, Harrison Butler and South Park
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  • Episode One Hundred Fifty Six: Back On Team Trump

    23 MAY. 2024 · Zig has a great interview with journalist, pollster, TDOJ subscriber and all-around good guy, Steve Cortes who is back supporting DJT following a dedicated effort to try and get Ron DeSantis nominated. Zig gets inside the battle ground polls Steve is conducting and the two friends have a direct and spirited conversation you don't want to miss. They make some time for some football talk near the end of the interview.
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Award winning journalist and truth crusader John Ziegler is back. In "The Death Of Journalism" Zig examines the loss of integrity in the news media and rips apart the popularized...

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Award winning journalist and truth crusader John Ziegler is back. In "The Death Of Journalism" Zig examines the loss of integrity in the news media and rips apart the popularized narrative of some of the biggest headline making stories.
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