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The Fast-Track Coach with Terra Bohlmann

  • #111 Signature Coaching Offer Series - Hybrid Coaching

    18 JUN. 2024 · Episode #111 Overview: Hybrid Coaching In Episode #111 of The Fast-Track Coach podcast, Terra Bohlmann explores the exciting world of Hybrid Coaching as part of her Signature Coaching Series. Hybrid Coaching Programs combine online training modules with group coaching sessions or individual support, offering a blend of self-paced learning and personalized feedback. Terra shares her experience with her own hybrid coaching program, the Coaching Business Accelerator, detailing what worked well and what didn’t. She provides insights on how to format a hybrid coaching program, the best pricing strategies, and pro tips to make your hybrid offer stand out. Having helped create, price, and brand over 500 offers, many of which are Hybrid Coaching Offers, Terra emphasizes the importance of alignment between you as the Coach, and your future clients. Ready to explore the 9 most popular (and profitable) options for your own Signature Coaching Offer? Download "Your SOLD OUT Signature Coaching Offer Workbook" for free at https://TerraBohlmann.com/sco.
    32m 13s
  • #110 Signature Coaching Offer Series - Masterminds

    11 JUN. 2024 · Episode #110 Overview: Masterminds as Signature Coaching Offers In episode #110 of The Fast-Track Coach podcast, Terra Bohlmann continues her Signature Coaching Offer Series with a focus on Masterminds. She shares her personal experience with running a high-value Mastermind and how it became her signature offer. Terra discusses how to determine if you are the right fit to facilitate a Mastermind in your coaching business, the ideal format for a successful Mastermind, and the average investment you should charge. She also provides practical tips on how to market and enroll new participants with ease. Discover the 9 most popular (and profitable) options to create your own Signature Coaching Offer by downloading "Your SOLD OUT Signature Coaching Offer Workbook" for free at https://TerraBohlmann.com/sco.
    35m 3s
  • #109 Signature Coaching Offer Series - Group Coaching

    4 JUN. 2024 · In this episode of The Fast-Track Coach, host Terra Bohlmann dives into the world of Group Coaching as a powerful Signature Coaching Offer. Terra explains how to create, price, and deliver a compelling group coaching program that attracts clients and builds community. She shares tips on structuring sessions, setting the right price, and making sure your clients feel valued and engaged.  Don’t miss Terra’s insights on making your group coaching program a standout offer in your coaching business. Ready to design your own signature offer? Download "Your SOLD OUT Signature Coaching Offer Workbook" for free at https://www.TerraBohlmann.com/sco
    26m 46s
  • #108 Signature Coaching Offer Series - VIP Days

    14 MAY. 2024 · In episode #108 of the Signature Coaching Offer Series with Terra Bohlmann, we're diving into how you can create a VIP Day offer as part of your coaching suite. She'll guide you through structuring your VIP Day, setting the right price, and share her pro tips on what works and what doesn't.  This episode is packed with actionable insights that will help you elevate your coaching business. Don't miss out—tune in now and be sure to download your free "Sold Out Signature Coaching Offer Workbook" at TerraBohlmann.com/sco to get started!
    40m 28s
  • #107 Signature Coaching Offer Series - Private Coaching

    7 MAY. 2024 · Welcome to the first episode of our series where we dive deep into Private (1:1) Coaching. I'm Terra Bohlmann, and I'll be guiding you through everything you need to know to make private coaching your standout Signature Coaching Program.  We'll cover how to tailor your pricing, structure your coaching packages for maximum impact, and effective strategies for marketing and enrolling new clients. If you’re looking to enhance your one-on-one coaching practice, this episode is packed with insights to help you deliver exceptional value and grow your business. Let’s get started on making your private coaching offer a true reflection of your expertise and passion. To get more insight on picking your Signature Coaching Offer, grab my free workbook at TerraBohlmann.com/sco
    35m 41s
  • #106 The 9 Signature Coaching Offer Options That Scale Your Impact and Income with Terra Bohlmann

    2 MAY. 2024 · SEASON 3 of the Fast-Track Coach is in session! Join me, Terra Bohlmann, on a must-listen episode: 'The 9 Signature Coaching Offer Options That Scale Your Impact and Income.' We'll explore how to pick the perfect coaching offer that not only aligns with your style but also resonates deeply with your ideal clients. Plus, I'll break down average investment ranges to make pricing a breeze. Ready to up your coaching game? Head over to TerraBohlmann.com/sco to grab your FREE workbook '3 Steps to Choose and Price Your Signature Coaching Offer' and get the clarity and confidence you are craving to be come the go-to-Coach in your niche with a signature coaching offer that makes you stand out!
    35m 30s
  • #105 Creating Engaging Content Marketing Using Your Human Design with Krista Dickson

    7 NOV. 2023 · Join us in this exciting episode of the Fast-Track Coach Podcast as we explore the world of "Creating Engaging Content Using Your Human Design" with special guest Krista Dickson, founder of Soul & Sage. Krista, a 4/1 Projector, toddler mom, and advocate of slow, cozy living, is here to introduce us to the intriguing realm of Human Design. Discover the essence of Human Design, explore the various types of designs, and learn how understanding your own design can supercharge your content creation efforts. Not only will your content resonate more deeply with your ideal coaching clients, but it will also transform you into a better, more impactful coach. So, whether you're new to Human Design or already well-versed, this episode is packed with insights and strategies to help you craft content that truly engages and connects. Plus, don't forget to grab Krista's free resource, "Magnetic Content Prompts for Coaches based on your Human Design Energy Type," available for download at https://soulandsage.com/prompts. Tune in and elevate your coaching business content with the wisdom of Human Design!
    31m 28s
  • #102 Asking for Coaching Referrals - Fears and Solutions Unveiled with Terra Bohlmann

    20 OCT. 2023 · In this episode of the Fast-Track Coach Podcast, Terra Bohlmann takes a deep dive into growing your coaching roster by getting referrals. This is part 1 of a 2-part series that digs into the top fears that Coaches often struggle with when asking for referrals. Terra offers insightful solutions to overcome these fears, too. This valuable discussion gives coaches the knowledge and confidence to ask for more referrals to attract amazing new coaching clients. If you are ready to get more qualified referrals for your coaching business, you'll love this episode. Check out Terra's mini-course that digs deeper into making this word-of-mouth marketing strategy work for your Coaching Business by visiting https://www.TerraBohlmann.com/rr.
    26m 25s
  • #101 Transformational Live Event Secrets with Kristin Malek

    17 OCT. 2023 · Welcome to another insightful episode of the Fast-Track Coach Podcast! In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Kristin Malek, a true luminary in the art of designing experiences that drive profound behavior and mindset change - especially when producing live events for Coaches. With over two decades of expertise in the hospitality and event industries, Kristin quickly realized the critical importance of fostering change from within through transformative experiences. Her impressive track record includes winning numerous international, regional, and state awards, such as the coveted international Educator of the Year and Excellence in Teaching and Training awards. She has even graced the TedX stage as a speaker, further emphasizing her prowess in the field. Throughout her career, Kristin has made a lasting impact in both the meetings and events industry and higher education, earning accolades such as two-time Hospitality Hero during National Travel and Tourism Week and recognition as a Top 20 Meetings Industry Trendsetter by Meetings Today Magazine. Her mission? To positively influence the world, one life-altering experience at a time. Join us as Kristin generously shares her invaluable insights and strategies for crafting live events that not only transform attendees but also leave an indelible mark. If you're ready to unlock the secrets to creating truly transformational live events, you won't want to miss this episode.
    41m 17s
  • #100 7 Example Coaching Offers and Pricing with Terra Bohlmann

    10 OCT. 2023 · In this episode, we're diving deep into coaching offers and pricing. Host Terra Bohlmann is your guide as she unveils "7 Examples of Coaching Offers and Pricing" that will leave you inspired and ready to craft your own irresistible coaching packages. Discover the most impactful coaching offers that cater to various client needs and preferences. From the exclusivity of VIP Days to the camaraderie of Masterminds, Terra walks you through the limitless possibilities of how to package your coaching services. But that's not all—Terra shares insights on the art of pricing and delivering your offers in a way that not only meets but surpasses your clients' expectations. If you're seeking innovative ways to wow your ideal clients, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to explore these real-world coaching offer examples and supercharge your coaching business now. To learn more about how to work privately with Terra as your Business Coach, visit https://www.TerraBohlmann.com/takeoff to learn more and add yourself to the waitlist!
    40m 17s

TERRA BOHLMANN is a Business Mentor and online trainer who works with Coaches ready to go from Unknown Expert to Go-To-Coach in their niche. She helps Coaches value their time...

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TERRA BOHLMANN is a Business Mentor and online trainer who works with Coaches ready to go from Unknown Expert to Go-To-Coach in their niche. She helps Coaches value their time and own their worth.

With her revolutionary "Build FAST Framework™," she has crafted over 175 custom business models, leading clients to create six and seven-figure businesses.

Drawing from her 25+ years of business experience, Terra brings authenticity and transparency to every aspect of her work. Featured in Forbes and The Huffington Post, she believes that taking consistent action in your coaching business will bring you the results you want.

Her impactful speaking, training, coaching, and live events production have touched the lives of countless business owners globally.

Tune in to The Fast-Track Coach Podcast for actionable business strategies, self-care prioritization, and creating a significant impact in the world.

While she loves exploring new destinations, Houston, Texas is where she calls home, alongside her supportive husband, three boys, two cherished Aussie dogs, and an entitled rescue cat.

Let's toast to you for embracing your growth and taking flight in your coaching business journey!

For further connections and insights, visit www.TerraBohlmann.com, and join her vibrant journey on Instagram @TerraBohlmann.
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