• FWS-Soul Train Gang 1:15:24 12.03 AM

    15 ENE. 2024 · Podcast Intro music by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Cover Art by: Gail Nobles Song: Soul Train 76 (Get On Board) Song by: The Soul Train Gang In the early 1970s, the dancers on Don Cornelius' hit television program Soul Train were called the Soul Train Gang. But they became the Soul Train Dancers in 1975, when Cornelius and Dick Griffey co-founded Soul Train Records (later SOLAR Records), home to Lakeside, Shalamar, the Whispers and others—and decided to name an R&B vocal quintet The Soul Train Gang. Consisting of two brothers' from Cincinnati, Ohio; Gerald Brown & Terry Brown; Judy Jones, Patricia Williamson (replaced by Denise Smith in 1976) and Hollis Pippin, the Soul Train Gang recorded its debut album, Don Cornelius Presents the Soul Train Gang, in 1975. Produced by Cornelius and Griffey, the LP included "Soul Train '75," one of the many themes from Soul Train. But I like Soul Train 76 (Get On Board) by The Soul Train Gang. To me, it was a better theme. It was a theme that painted a picture in my mind what Soul Train was really all about. Coming up next: The Sound of Philadelphia featuring The Three Degrees. You're listening to Ferris Wheel Soul. I’m your host Gail Nobles.
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  • FWS-Solar Records 1:9:23 3.20 PM

    9 ENE. 2024 · Beginning Ferris Wheel Soul Intro by: Gail Nobles Ending podcast jingle by: Gail Nobles Cover Art by: Gail Nobles Circus Music: Pixabay.com Usage: Free Other Music by: Gail Nobles Hello! I'm Gail Nobles. Welcome to Ferris Wheel Soul. I'm gonna talk about music from the days of Solar Records when tunes were spinning from the records. Those were good days. Those were the best days of music. Solar Records was founded in 1977 by Dick Griffey. It was reconstituted out of Soul Train Records only two years after it was founded with Soul Train television show host and creator Don Cornelius. SOLAR began in 1975 as Soul Train Records, founded by Dick Griffey and Soul Train creator Don Cornelius.[2] The first act they signed was an R&B vocal quartet they named The Soul Train Gang (Gerald Brown, Terry Brown, Judy Jones, Patricia Williamson, and later Denise Smith), who performed one of Soul Train's many themes, "Soul Train '75". Their first album was entitled Don Cornelius Presents The Soul Train Gang. In 1976, their second album, The Soul Train Gang, produced by Philly's Norman Harris, was released. The Gang broke up in 1977. Next, I'll be talking about the Soul Train Gang and their music. You're listening to the Ferret-FWS. Another edition of the Ferret. Ferris Wheel Soul is about the artists of Solar Records and the days of Soul Train. Tune in again next time for more FWS-Ferris Wheel Soul.
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  • Shorty Long 1:2:24 8.34 PM

    3 ENE. 2024 · Intro by: Gail Nobles Today's topic: Shorty Long-Function at the Junction. Hello! I'm Gail Nobles. Welcome to The Ferret. The count about sounds… about songs from the music charts. Today we're going to talk about Shorty Long and his song Function at the Junction. Shorty Long was a soul singer songwriter musician and record producer for Motown soul records imprint.He was inducted into the Alabama jazz Hall of Fame in 1980. I like Shorty Long's song Function at the Junction released in 1966.It's a classic and soul song. It was a very popular hit. It has a catchy tune. The song is on his 1968 debut studio album album: Here Comes the Judge. The song might make you think of a gathering or people getting together for something. Function at the Junction was written by Shorty Long and Eddie Holland.
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  • Ashford & Simpson Coke Commercial 11:13:23 6.57 PM

    14 NOV. 2023 · Photo: Laurel Maryland Usage: Wikipedia https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0 Story by: Gail Nobles Hello everyone! Welcome again to the Ferret. I'm Gail Nobles and today's topic is Ashford and Simpson-Coke commercial. They were a husband and wife songwriting production recording duo composed of Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson. You may remember them from their biggest hit Solid from the 11 studio album Solid .The album peaked at number one on the US R&B albums chart. You might remember songs from them like Count Your Blessings, Street Corner, Found A Cure & more. I've enjoyed Ashford & Simpson’s songs and seeing them perform together. The way they have sung together looked as if they really had love for each other. Did you know that they were in a 1980 Coke commercial together? I considered it a wonderful classic as well. Commercials aren't made like they were made back then. There are some things you just don't forget, and that's how commercials were made. They were made in a way you didn't forget them. The commercial took place in a recording studio. Ashford had two Cokes and walked up to Simpson to hand her one while she was playing the piano. It put her more in the mood to sing with Ashford, and the band members began to play their instruments. When you were done watching the commercial, you were left in a great mood with them. The commercial put you in the mood to sing and this very day I remember it. I still remember Ashford and Simpson.
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  • Rod Stewart 11:7:23 3.22 PM

    7 NOV. 2023 · Music intro by: Gail Nobles Do we have any Rod Stewart fans out there? How many remember Rod Stewart in the 70s? Rod Stewart remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for 17 weeks during the 1970s. He is among the best selling music artist of all time having sold more than 120 million records worldwide. He has had 10 number-one albums and 31 top-ten singles in the UK. Six of which reached number one. Stewart has had 16 top-ten singles in the US with four reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Rod Stewart's first hit song was Maggie May released 1971. There were other hits like Hot Legs released in 1978, You Wear It Well in 1972. The hit song I remember most in the 70s is Da Ya Think I'm Sexy released in 1978. It was from Stewart's nineth studio album Blondes Have More Fun. It was written by Stewart Appice and Duane Hitchings. The song was released as the first single from Blondes Have More Fun in November 1978. It spent one week atop the UK Singles Chart in December 1978 and four weeks atop the US Billboard Hot 100 in February 1979. Billboard ranked it number four on its Top Singles of 1979 year-end chart. It also topped the charts in Canada for four weeks and in Australia for two weeks. I played Rod Stewart’s song to death when I was a little girl. My mother and father had the 45 record. I loved the music and the bridge of the song when Rod Stewart said: His heart is beating like a drum because it lasts he's got this girl home.” He was telling a story, and there was something about the music and Rod's voice in that spot. I always waited for that part of the song. I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to The Ferret. Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you'll come back to Tune in next time.
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  • The Real Thing 9:8:23 12.36 PM

    8 SEP. 2023 · Intro: By Gail Nobles Photo: Hans Peters / Anefo - http://proxy.handle.net/10648/ac034e18-d0b4-102d-bcf8-003048976d84 Usage: Wikipedia https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0 Today's topic: the British soul group The Real Thing. The Real Thing are a British soul group formed in the 1970s. The band charted internationally with their song "You to Me Are Everything", which reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart. They also had successes a string of British hits such as "Can't Get By Without You" and "Can You Feel the Force?". They returned to mainstream success in 1986 with the Decade Remix of "You to Me Are Everything". By number of sales, they were the most successful black rock/soul act in England during the 1970s. The Real Thing ffound chart success with the pop-soul single "You to Me Are Everything", which reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart, No. 29 on Billboard's "R&B Singles" and No. 66 on Billboard's "Hot 100". The song was certified silver for 250,000 in sales. Their follow-up, "Can't Get By Without You", did not chart in the US but was still a success in the United Kingdom, where it reached number 2. In 1976, they released their first album, Real Thing, which included both of their hit singles as well as a third UK hit, "You'll Never Know What You're Missing", which peaked at No. 16. You’re listening to The Ferret. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.
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  • The Sylvers-Cotton Candy 7:31:23 1.27 PM

    31 JUL. 2023 · Song: Cotton Candy Song by: The Sylvers Photo: Wikipedia Public Domain Intro by: Gail Nobles Before the New Edition’s Candy girl, it was the Sylvers's Cotton Candy. Hello! I'm Gail nobles. Welcome to The Ferret. Everyone wanted that bubblegum pop music sound. That catchy an upbeat style. The Sylvers had that sound during the 1970s. I love the song Cotton Candy from the album Showcase. It was number 19 on the Billboard RnB chart. The Sylvers had the Jackson 5 magic. They were a very popular group. A family vocal group. A large vocal group. There were nine of them. Five guys and four girls all together. You can see them performed the song Cotton Candy on YouTube and can see their other videos such as Hotline and Boogie Fever. Where are they now? You can follow Leon Sylvers III at Leonsylvers.com. He’s a producer, writer, and singer. You can check out his bio. You’re listening to The Ferret. Im you’re host, Gail Nobles.
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  • Soul Groove on Tunein 7:6:23 8.29 PM

    7 JUL. 2023 · Intro song: Soul Groove Intro song by: Gail Nobles Podcast Cover Art: Gail Nobles Soul Groove is online only on Tunein. If you love the 70s, you can get all the soul sounds from the 70s on Soul Groove. Just look for Soul Groove with the words: Find your groove with the smoothest soul from the 70s. They play Natalie Cole: I’ve Got Love On My Mind Teddy Pendergrass: When Somebody Loves You Back Marvin Gaye: Got To Give It Up And a whole lot more. Not only do they play songs of the 70s, but the 80s and 90s too. All the soul music you need. https://tunein.com/radio/Soul-Groove-s259261/
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  • The Osmonds - One Bad Apple 3:12:23 8.06 PM

    13 MAR. 2023 · Song: One Bad Apple Song by: The Osmonds Music Intro by: Gail Nobles All vocals by: Gail Nobles A quick summary of what we have talked about so far in the podcast. *Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Do You See My Love (For You Growing). * Joe Tex - Ain’t Gonna Bump No More ( With No Big Fat Woman). * James Brown - Kansas City * Maxine Nightingale’s first hit - Right Back Where We Started From * BJ Thomas - Raindrops All of the songs were released in the 1970s except for James Brown’s song - Kansas City. It was recorded in 1967. Now let’s get started on today’s topic. The Osmonds - One Bad Apple. The song was released as a single on Nov. 14, 1970. It debuted on the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Hot_100 on January 2, 1971. It hit the top of the chart on February 13, 1971 and stayed there for five weeks. It also reached No. 6 on the R&B chart. Billboard ranked it as the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Year-End_Hot_100_singles_of_1971Both "One Bad Apple" is on the 1970 album https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osmonds_(album). It was certified Gold by the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recording_Industry_Association_of_America on February 4, 1971. The song was written by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Jackson_(songwriter), who originally had the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson_5 in mind when he wrote it. According to Donny Osmond, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson later told him that the Jackson 5 almost recorded this song first, but chose to record "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC_(The_Jackson_5_song)" instead. "One Bad Apple" was also used as the theme to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Osmonds_(TV_series) cartoon show on ABC-TV. It is the only song in the Osmonds' repertoire that continues to receive any appreciable https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airplay on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oldies radio.
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  • B.J. Thomas - Raindrops 2:24:23 1.38 PM

    24 FEB. 2023 · Song: Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head Song by: B.J. Thomas Hi! I’m Gail Nobles! Today’s topic is about a hot number one single of the 1970s. I’m going to talk about B.J. Thomas, “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”. It was a single that reached No.1 on charts in the United States, Canada and Norway, and reached No. 38 in the UK Singles Chart. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks in January 1970 and was also the first American No. 1 hit of the 1970s. Billboard ranked it as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Year-End_Hot_100_singles_of_1970. The song was still being played after 1970. I remember hearing it all the time, and I remember everybody was singing it in the 70s. My family members & some of my classmates were always singing it. The song was released in 1969. I think of the song sometimes now when it rains. The song was written by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burt_Bacharach and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hal_David
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The podcast is about the count about sounds. About songs from the music charts by Gail Nobles © 2022.

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