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    Series 2 Episode 10: Hercule Poirot Enters the Villa

    24 AGO. 2021 · WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS OF THE LOVE ISLAND 2021 FINAL. It's the final episode in this series of The Fire Pit and your hosts Lorenzo, Kendra and Paul have several things to say, one of which might be a Big Announcement. There's the final week of villa action to cover from Millie's piano concerto to Faye's inexorable rise to becoming a standup sensation. Plus: babies, families and the end of Jiberty. Then follows the trio's reaction to the final and, well, they're not terribly happy about it... but who is? Another reason never to let the public vote on anything. There's the usual stupid nonsense, roasting hot takes and continued anger that Shannon Singh was done dirty in the first week. We'll never get over it. Thanks for being with us for this series. We may be back... maybe... probably.
    1h 3m 37s
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    Series 2 Episode 9: Sooky Eyeballs

    16 AGO. 2021 · Paul Black, Kendra McPherson and Lorenzo Pacitti are back with another episode of the world's only podcast and, as usual, there's plenty to discuss. The series is rapidly reaching its climax and we're ever-closer to finding out who's going to win the grand prize of £350. Today's episode is a doozy and covers a bunch of completely normal stuff like sooky eyeballs, what constitutes a lanky streak of paralysed pish, mirror twins, watching Love Island on your Sky box vs watching it on a Now TV stick and, honestly, there's a lot of shadiness today. The team does manage to go deep on the Liberty/Jake stuff and don't hold back when assessing the latest contestants to enter the villa. Thanks for your support - tell your friends!
    55m 14s
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    Series 2 Episode 8: Newton Faulkner Enters the Villa

    9 AGO. 2021 · There's division in The Fire Pit as Kendra, Lorenzo and Paul can't come to an agreement over something... but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Paul has a hangover but give him a break, it's Freedom Day? Fortunately Lorenzo and Kendra are full of vigour and vim with plenty to chat about. The gang covers the events of the past seven days including Jake gaslighting Liberty, Faye's reaction to Teddy, the utter dismay at Millie taking Liam back, Dale rising up the power rankings, Laura Whitmore's questionable styling decisions and lots of other silly nonsense. Thanks for all the love so far. Tell your friends.
    59m 57s
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    Series 2 Episode 7: Beta Male Blockers

    2 AGO. 2021 · The gang is back with a bumper episode after another hectic week in the villa. In this episode, Lorenzo, Kendra and Paul turn their attention to the fallout from Casa Amor but there's plenty more to discuss: Who the hell are these contestants? Do buses have walls? Why is Leonard Nimoy in the villa? How do you hire the Red Arrows and why hasn't anyone given Paul an Audi yet? Thanks for listening... tell your friends!
    1h 6m 40s
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    Series 2 Episode 6: Love Island vs Emmerdale

    25 JUL. 2021 · Thankfully things are FINALLY starting to heat up in the villa so Paul, Lorenzo and Kendra have plenty to discuss on this very, very silly episode of The Fire Pit. Lorenzo is buzzing for the Olympics but Paul and Kendra can't agree on the correct way to pronounce 'Tyler'... is it Tyler or Tyler? The team cover Toby and Chloe's turmoil, Hugo's humiliation fetish, royals mental health, the prospect of Casa Amor and a very strange and very surprising Emmerdale detour that you absolutely do not want to miss. Also: something about shag bands (?). Thanks for listening. Tell your friends and leave us a nice review if you're listening on Apple Podcasts. xxx
    44m 9s
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    Series 2 Episode 5: Juicy Cream

    20 JUL. 2021 · The gang is back together in The Fire Pit Studio and they've got plenty to talk about after another stupidly busy week in the villa. The only thing hotter than the Love Island action is the temperatures of Kendra, Paul and Lorenzo as they record on what may be the hottest day Scotland has ever seen, according to Lorenzo's hairdresser's car. The team discuss why Everybody Hates Danny, Emmanual Macron and his wife, the never-ending boredom of Toby and Chloe and Big Brother (again.) Plus, the answer to the burning question: why go out for burgers when you've got Millie at home? Oh and something about Juicy Cream (ask Kendra). Thanks for your support and please tell your friends about the podcast
    41m 53s
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    Series 2 Episode 4: Pull The Wool From Under My Eyes

    15 JUL. 2021 · This episode comes live from The Blue Light nightclub in Fife where everyone's necking apart from Kendra who's apparently in Guantanamo Bay according to Paul and Lorenzo. It's been a busy week in the villa so the team has a lot to cover including whose bestie Millie should be, Evil Calculated Drama, trying to remember who Teddy is, what colour AJ's hair is and papier-mâché pants to hide all the semis. All this and Paul has decided now is the time to bring back Chuggs. It's squeaky bumhole time, or something...
    58m 34s
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    Series 2 Episode 3: When Breakfast Is Brunch

    7 JUL. 2021 · Paul Black, Lorenzo Pacitti and Kendra McPherson return to discuss the events of the past few days as the Internet's favourite villa gets busier. The team discuss the arrival of two new islanders, the controversial chalkboard game, more disgusting kissing and we find out what negging leads to... Meanwhile, Paul's at war with The AA, Kendra's performing secret ASMR and Lorenzo can't decide if he's Italian or Irish. Presented by Paul Black, Lorenzo Pacitti and Kendra McPherson. Produced in Glasgow by Paul Carlin.
    39m 46s
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    Series 2 Episode 2: A Eulogy For Shannon

    3 JUL. 2021 · Kendra, Paul and Lorenzo return for another episode breaking down all the stupid nonsense taking place inside the Internet's most famous villa. There are some new contestants who will have their eyes on the grand prize of £350 but does any of this matter now that Our Queen, Shannon, has been dumped from the island? We also cover important matters such as Brad's brain, the best railing methods, how the islanders need necking lessons, what the word chug really means, the amount of poshos on this show and the importance of washing off your fake tan. Canny be getting scales, people. Presented by Kendra McPherson, Paul Black and Lorenzo Pacitti. Produced in Glasgow by Paul Carlin. email: thefirepitpod@gmail.com or find us on all the usual socials.
    41m 32s
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    Series 2 Episode 1: Oxbridge Freshers

    30 JUN. 2021 · The world's only podcast returns for a second series! As more sexy people arrive on the island, Lorenzo Pacitti, Paul Black and new presenter Kendra McPherson discuss several topics including tonguing on the telly, Ray Quinn, gangsters and their relationships with their mothers and some Scottish guy called Doctor Alec. Plus, the first stage of becoming best friends with Anton's mum and the campaign to bring back Ovie starts here. The usual stupid features will return so put on your swimming costumes and listen to the only people in Scotland that matter for the next seven weeks. Let the railing begin! Presented by Lorenzo Pacitti, Paul Black and Kendra McPherson. Produced by Paul Carlin.
    44m 51s

A Love Island podcast covering all the Do Bits and drama from the Internet's favourite villa with Lorenzo Pacitti, Kendra McPherson and Paul Black. Produced in Glasgow, Scotland by Paul...

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A Love Island podcast covering all the Do Bits and drama from the Internet's favourite villa with Lorenzo Pacitti, Kendra McPherson and Paul Black. Produced in Glasgow, Scotland by Paul Carlin.
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