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    Ep 31: Resident Evil Village

    31 MAY. 2021 · Lady D: "Ethan Winters" Me: STEP ON MY NECK MUMMY! ...sorry Resident Evil Village is finally here and we're more excited than The Duke in a room with 100 pork pies! Join us as we take an M. Night Shyamalan style journey through Mother Miranda's mould infested village full of Vampire hoes, Magneto cowboys and the Bride of Chucky... Grab some chem fluid and let's break down RE Village!
    1h 57m 26s
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    Ep 30: The Evil Within 2

    10 MAY. 2021 · Let's head to union and get weird because it's time to breakdown The Evil Within 2! Today we take the plunge and jump back into STEM for another Matrix inspired rollercoaster to save our daughter! This game has it all, callbacks to the original, creepy Japanese ghost girls and readily available instant coffee. What more could you ask for? Anyway grab your agony bolts, creepy cat and favourite riddle talking dead nurse and joining us as we jump into the world of The Evil Within 2!
    1h 17m 23s
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    Ep 29: Resident Evil Village / Castle Demos

    3 MAY. 2021 · Quick! You only have 30 minutes to listen to this podcast, in an 8 hour window, while Mercury is in retrograde, but it has to be a Monday... good luck! Today we breakdown the Resident Evil Village Demos and what we actually learn form them! Do they bode well for the main game? Do we know why Ethan loves to wreck a car? Have we met the witch before? Grab your goat totem and lets talk!
    56m 56s
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    Ep 28: Evil Inside

    26 ABR. 2021 · Do you miss PT? Do you yearn for the days when you could walk around the same corridor again and again? Do you miss having weird baby-related jump scares? Then look no further! Evil Inside is here! Join us as we break down the PT 'inspired' walking sim with a copyright infringing story.. Samara from 'The Ring' is suing!
    54m 9s
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    Ep 27: Resident Evil Showcase

    19 ABR. 2021 · Lady Demitrescu... Lady Demitreees... Lady D... Let's stick with Lady D. Anyway! Apart from learning we were pronouncing Lady Demitrescu wrong we also saw so much gameplay from Resident Evil Village! Then there was Infinite Darkness, RE4 VR, Mercenaries.... oh my lord! Just join us on the podcast as there's a lot to break down! Let's goooooo
    56m 55s
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    Ep 26: The Evil Within

    12 ABR. 2021 · Is it really Monday if you're not being chased by a genetically altered demon and his horde of undead? No? Maybe it's more of a Tuesday thing...Anyway, today we are taking a mind-altering journey through The Evil Within! A gore filled nightmare that leaves you with more questions, fear and trauma than the your Year 11 GCSEs. Grab your handgun, green gel and your cracked mirror and join us as we break it down! Oh and please, please, please don't drop your glasses because, remember, its not about being able to see... it's about feeling normal - Joseph, 2014.
    1h 29m 53s
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    Ep 25: Control

    5 ABR. 2021 · What the F is happening in this game? Does anybody know? If you or someone you know has any information as to what we just played then please reach out. Today we take a look at The Bureau, a place where the time and space collide and the rule of three applies. What exactly is going down in this place? Who exactly are all these people? And why does the janitor take so long to share his walkman... all questions that are never answered... So, pick up your service weapon, grab your mods and levitate on down as we break down Control.
    1h 14m 56s
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    Ep 24: Spider-Man Miles Morales

    29 MAR. 2021 · Spider-Man has a fresh hip-hop beat and his name is Miles Morales. Joins us as we swing through the Christmassy streets of Harlem rocking a new suit, new bio-electric powers and a cat! Yes a cat! So what are you waiting for!? Grab your web-shooters, your emotionally devastating postcards and lets dive head first into the Spiderverse with our *New* Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.
    47m 34s
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    Ep 23: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    23 MAR. 2021 · Mako is being sucked from the Earth's core, a giant meteor is heading towards the planet and ancient weapons of mass destruction are walking the planet... and it's only Monday. Today we dive into the world of Gia and venture through the city of Midgar to experience Final Fantasy 7! Grab your elixir, pour yourself a potion and meet us in 7th Heaven!
    1h 40m 5s
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    Ep 22: The Last of Us Part 2 - part 2!

    15 MAR. 2021 · We finally did it! We got through TLOU2.. This game was so good it blew our fingers off. Death, destruction, love affairs, rivalries, grudges, awkward boat sex scenes, this game has it all. So grab your guitar, hand gun and traumatic backstory and join us as we break down, The Last of Us Part 2!
    1h 26m 11s

Welcome to The Game Breakdown, the weekly podcast where Ant and Carrie break down and discuss the best and worst video games they've played and give you opinions you didn't...

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Welcome to The Game Breakdown, the weekly podcast where Ant and Carrie break down and discuss the best and worst video games they've played and give you opinions you didn't ask for. New episodes every Monday!
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