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  • #100 Achievement Hijackers

    13 JUN. 2024 · In this episode, we dive into the world of "Achievement Hijackers"—those individuals who take credit for someone else's hard work and successes. We explore various scenarios where this happens, from bosses stealing team accolades to parents taking pride in their children's achievements as if they were their own. We discuss why this behavior is harmful to both the hijacker and the hijacked, highlighting the erosion of trust, stunted personal growth, and the creation of toxic environments. We also touch on the importance of celebrating genuine accomplishments and fostering a culture of integrity and recognition. To wrap up, I share how impactful it can be to work with a master goal coach to achieve your own goals and experience the true satisfaction of personal accomplishment. Join us as we uncover the negative effects of achievement hijacking and the powerful benefits of authenticity and collaboration.
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  • #99 Three Things You Haven't Thought Of to Achieve Your Goals

    6 JUN. 2024 · In this episode, we are covering three tips that will help you achieve your goals, and they may even be something you haven't thought of before. 
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  • #98 General vs. Customized Help

    30 MAY. 2024 · This week on The Goal Coach, we are talking about the difference between general and customized help. General help is what we find in things like podcasts, books, and even speakers. They may not know us personally and are giving us help that could work for anyone. General help isn't bad! But you want to learn how to use it effectively. Customized help comes from a coach or mentor who known you, your challenges, and your goals and knows what questions to ask, where your blind spots are, and how to be support you.  If you are looking for some support while going after your goals, look to see what type of help you are ready to invest in and then go out and find the right support for you.
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  • #97 Navigating Postpartum Challenges with Hope

    23 MAY. 2024 · In this heartfelt episode, we dive into the often unspoken challenges of postpartum life. We explore the emotional and physical hurdles that many mothers face, shedding light on the silent struggles that impact women around the world. Our discussion aims to break the silence and stigma surrounding postpartum experiences, emphasizing the importance of open conversations and community support. Join us as we share stories of hope and resilience, and highlight the resources available to help mothers navigate this difficult journey. By opening up about these challenges, we can create a more understanding and supportive environment for all mothers. This episode is dedicated to Lo, in honor of her strength and journey.
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  • #96- Achievement Hangover

    9 MAY. 2024 · So you have just accomplished that HUGE goal! You have celebrated, people have congratulated you, but now what?  In this episode of The Goal Coach, Master Coach Carrie Marshall talks about achievement hangovers. She talks all about what they are and what you can do to combat them. 
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  • #95- Your Goal Cheerleaders

    3 MAY. 2024 · Who do you have in your corner cheering you on? What do you do when you are feeling discouraged and want to give up? In this episode, we are talking all about how encouragement and having a cheering section can help you push through the hard times and keep working on your goals. 
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  • #94- Does it Really Matter

    1 MAY. 2024 · Did you ever take the ACT or SAT in high school? Do you remember thinking about how this test would make or break your future? I do. On this week's podcast, we talk about our perception of big moments in our lives and how we can use them to our advantage, no matter what the outcome is.
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  • #93- The Worse Feedback Ever Given

    21 MAR. 2024 · Hey there, welcome back to the podcast! Hope you're all soaking up the lovely spring vibes and sneaking in some sunshine between your busy moments. Today, we're diving into a topic that's a bit like that weirdly shaped present you’re not sure how to unwrap: feedback.Ever received advice or comments that stuck with you for all the right (or wrong) reasons? Whether it's from a boss, your mom, that tough-love friend, or even the little voice in your head, we’ve all been there. Today's episode is all about the rollercoaster ride of feedback – from the gold stars to the face-palm moments.I'll be kicking things off with a little throwback to my culinary school days, where "It's good" turned from a pat on the back into an epic quest for the perfect consommé. Spoiler alert: this story involves soup, salt, and a sprinkle of self-discovery. But hey, this isn’t just about me stirring pots in the kitchen. It’s about all of us and how we handle the curveballs of criticism and praise. Do we shrug them off? Do we throw a mini fit? Or do we take a deep breath and use it as fuel to get better at our game?And because we’re all about keeping it real, I want you to think about how you give feedback too. Are you the cheerleader, the wise sage, or the brutally honest buddy? Let’s figure out how to be the feedback giver everyone needs – someone who helps others sparkle a bit brighter. So grab your beverage of choice, get comfy, and let's chat about all things feedback. It’s going to be a mix of stories, laughs, and maybe a lightbulb moment or two. And don’t forget, the convo continues on Instagram at Drive Your Thoughts Coaching – I’m dying to hear about the most memorable feedback you've ever received. Let's make this a two-way street of stories and insights!
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  • #92 - How To Take Action

    7 MAR. 2024 · On this episode, Carrie discusses how to take action on those goals that you don't have much direction with and aren't sure what to do or how to get started. Big goals can be scary at times.. it may be difficult to get started but the most important thing is to take action.
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  • #91 - Who You're Perceived As & Who You Really Are

    29 FEB. 2024 · Sometimes we allow ourselves to get hung up on the actions that we are taking and assign them to our personalities. When we start to believe that we are the thing that we are doing, we start to believe that we are those labels. In this episode coach Carrie challenges you to find the areas in your life where you aren't aligned and to look at the things that are no longer serving you, that you have been defining yourself as.
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I'm Carrie Marshall, your host and master certified goal coach. With years of experience in inspiring action and fostering personal growth, this podcast is your weekly dose of motivation and...

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I'm Carrie Marshall, your host and master certified goal coach. With years of experience in inspiring action and fostering personal growth, this podcast is your weekly dose of motivation and practical strategies for goal setting.

Each episode is a journey through the landscapes of ambition and accomplishment, where we explore the power of vision and the importance of setting actionable goals. Whether you're looking to make a significant life change or seeking tips to refine your daily routines, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and insights.

As a master certified goal coach, I have guided countless individuals in identifying their true passions, setting clear, achievable goals, and developing action plans that turn dreams into reality. Through "The Goal Coach," I aim to empower you with the tools and confidence needed to take decisive action towards your aspirations.Join me, Carrie Marshall, as we delve into the art of goal setting, embrace actionable steps, and celebrate the journey towards success.

Subscribe and tune in to "The Goal Coach - Driving Your Thoughts to Success," and let's achieve your dreams together.
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