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  • 50 Shades of GDs: Celebrating 50 Earth Days!

    22 ABR. 2020 · It's an odd time for us humans on earth to be sure. The planet and its other creatures have been getting a bit of a vacation from us. A lot of lessons to be learned about our impact during our timeout. Meanwhile, 50 years of earth days!? In this episode, we asked some of our favorite green divas and green dudes what they see as the most important actions we need to take in order to make the 100th earth day even more amazing for the next generation and generations to come. Listen to the wise words of Ed Begley, Jr., Climate Mama (Harriet Shugarman), Raffi, Green Living Guy (Seth Leitman) and others for hope and inspiration. Love the earth, wash your hands and be a good human.
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  • 50 Shades of GDs: sexy tortoises, eco-therapy & eco-travel

    24 MAR. 2020 · Great show from GD PonderRosa Studios! This episode was kinda lively with GD Max's Silly Science facts about a very old, but studly tortoise named Diego, who's active libido has helped his species recover from the brink of extinction -- go Diego! GD Lisa shares why we need to consider visiting places that have been hit hard by climate change, and more on why we all need eco-therapy!
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  • 50 Shades of GDs: Giraffes, death & climate optimism

    3 MAR. 2020 · NEW FORMAT: More of a round table discussion. Imagine you are sitting at a kitchen table w/ your favorite tea or coffee or whatever... each green diva brought a topic. GD Max talked about a film about an amazing woman who loves giraffes and brought some great audio clips from interviewing the director of the film and the subject of the film Dr. Anne Innis Dagg. GD Lisa did an update on the state of green burial. She too brought some interesting interview clips from integrative thanatologist, Gina Colombato. After getting a bit intense about death and all that fun, GD Elly had an uplifting report on reasons for climate optimism -- and we do indeed need more of that! Visit http://thegreendivas.com to see more detailed show notes!
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  • GD Essential Wellness: Natural Remedies for Anxiety

    19 DIC. 2019 · It's always a good time to have some great natural remedies for anxiety in your wellness toolkit, but the holiday season? More than ever... GDs Meg & Katie offer up some solid, simple and effective natural remedies for anxiety and stress.
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  • GD PonderRosa Studios

    13 DIC. 2019 · Ok. We've been neglecting you, but for good reason! We have moved and merged and amped up our game in a BIG way... Joined forces with PonderRosa Studios to become GD PonderRosa Studios. Our new studio is built within this amazing professional recording studio, and yes, we are doing it ALL now people. Podcast production, music production, video production, digital media production, live streaming events, live events, weekend workshops, retreats (even record and retreat packages!)... seriously fun. GDs Meg & Max are joined by rock star (literally) and audio engineer Tom Askin, GD Lisa McWilliams who now lives on the property, and one of our favorite GDs Elly Lessin. SOOOOO much happening. Please listen and share. We hope to be producing shows more regularly now...
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  • GD Spirit Pub: Transformation - the art of change

    4 OCT. 2019 · Change ain't always easy, but according to these green divas, it is definitely worth it. GD Meg and Weenie Greenie Julie Bond Genovese share, ramble and giggle about transformation -- what it has meant for them personally, ways to get through it, and why change is a good thing.
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  • Travelin' GDs: eco-tourism in western Ireland

    26 SEP. 2019 · If you love traveling green and want to visit some of the most beautiful and important natural landscapes in the world, you will want to make sure western Ireland is on your travel bucket list. It’s definitely on ours! The Burren region of western Ireland is now a UNESCO global and european designated Geopark. Our travelin’ green diva Raquel Noboa talks about the eco-tourism network that helps to make the Burren one of the best natural destinations in the world. We need more organizations like this one!
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  • 50 Shades of GDs: the light side of green burial

    17 SEP. 2019 · For most people the idea of death and preparing for it seems a morbid bummer, but it is a reality for everyone. no, really. no one gets out of here alive, right? So, if you are concerned for the environment and our climate crisis while living, you may want to consider how you want to go and make sure to let your family know what you want. There are people who are working hard to get the word out about more eco-friendly burial options. We talked to a few of them, and they are anything but gloomy!
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  • GD Essential Wellness: Natural Allergy Relief

    20 AGO. 2019 · We actually recorded this pilot way back in June! Oddly enough, this allergy season is STILL plaguing so many in August, so it is still (and always) relevant! We are so thrilled to introduce this excellent new podcast series to our GD family of podcasts.
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  • Travelin' GDs: take the #SaucyChallenge

    18 AGO. 2019 · Raquel Novoa is on a mission to make the hospitality industry in western Ireland greener. As an ecotourism management consultant, she has set out to abolish single-use condiment "sachets" or packets in restaurants, hotels and anywhere these little bits of landfill filler can be found. Yes, she's starting with Ireland, but we say, why not do it around the globe? Listen to learn why this is something we need to do.
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