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The Handoff w/ Jason Freeman

  • The Handoff, Episode 8 | Attitude is Everything: The #1 Obstacle Holding You Back

    10 ENE. 2024 · In this episode of The Handoff, host Jason Freeman interviews Mollie Watkins, founder of Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses. They discuss Mollie's background working in various small business roles that equipped her with expertise across areas like leadership, marketing, processes, and staff management.After getting let go from a top 100 insurance company in 2019, Mollie started her own consulting firm. She explains how her business is unique in that she provides both high-level strategy consulting as well as hands-on implementation. Mollie believes effective leaders need to not only tell people what to do but show them how.When advising clients, Mollie says the number one roadblock she encounters is attitude. She emphasizes that the ingredients for success are believing you can achieve your goals, executing on plans, and maintaining positive cash flow. Even when people have tried something unsuccessfully in the past, Mollie encourages them to give it another try with a fresh perspective.Mollie also shares how she handled an employee that was not accountable at one of her client companies. By asking pointed questions and requiring accountability from leadership, she was able to get the situation corrected. She then leads by example to demonstrate what accountability looks like in action.Overall, this episode provides an inside look at Mollie's consulting approach rooted in setting clients up for success by identifying opportunities, providing hands-on guidance, and instilling strong leadership principles.
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  • The Handoff, Episode 7 | Navigating Health Insurance Options with Expert Blair Beaty

    9 ENE. 2024 · In this episode of The Handoff, Jason Freeman interviews Blair Beatty from Optimum Health Insurance. They discuss the intricacies of health insurance options for individuals, families, and small business owners.Topics covered include: - The differences between private insurance plans, Healthcare.gov plans, Medicare plans - Upcoming changes to private insurance plan regulations - Strategies small business owners can use to offer health insurance benefits to employees without breaking the bank - Creative ways employers can supplement health care costs for staff - The challenges of finding coverage for non-U.S. citizens and permanent residents Blair shares his wealth of knowledge on these complex topics, explaining terminology and regulations in easy to understand language. His expertise ensures listeners walk away far more informed on how to secure the right health insurance for their personal situation.
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  • The Handoff, Episode 6 | Understanding Coverage Complexity with Blair Beaty, Part 1

    11 DIC. 2023 · In this wide-ranging discussion, health insurance broker Blair Beatty traces his accidental career pivot from medical sales into the complex world of policies and regulations. Sparked by the steep premiums and paltry coverage he secured during a gap in work, Blair realized how challenging securing affordable care could be. He highlights the annual changes requiring continuing education and certification maintenance. Turning 65 presents a pivotal transition into Medicare with Advantage versus Supplement plans. Blair prides himself on simplifying the process so people can evaluate options. He helps younger buyers parse health exchange criteria and warn of looming eligibility restrictions in private market options. With open enrollment in full swing, families have until December 15 to lock in a 2023 plan or pay a monthly premium penalty. As rules frequently shift, Blair underscores the value of having a knowledgeable guide. He looks to eventually expand his solo practice to meet demand.
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  • The Handoff, Episode 5 | A 500-Year Accounting Journey: Demystifying Debits & Credits with Dr. Alli

    28 NOV. 2023 · Host Jason Freeman interviews accounting professor Kris D. Alli, Ph.D., to unpack the extensive 500-year history of double-entry accounting and the emerging conceptual framework underlying modern standards. Kris explains how 15th century Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli pioneered debits and credits with his double-entry system that underpins financial reporting today. They discuss the impetus for developing GAAP amid 1930s economic turmoil to communicate company health and value. Kris details Enron’s creative abuse of gray areas in accounting rules despite auditing by the now-defunct Arthur Andersen, spurring increased regulation like Sarbanes-Oxley. He notes the constant interplay between rule gaps, evolving technology, and corporate incentives that compel regulators to continually modify standards. Kris argues that few accountants grasp the full conceptual framework that grounds specific accounting guidelines. He plugs a free FASB-published book elucidating the development of accounting concepts and standards for inquisitive listeners seeking deeper perspective. Overall, this illuminating exploration of accounting’s rich history provides context to modern complexity and demystifies how today’s financial reporting intricacy has evolved over centuries.
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  • The Handoff, Episode 4 | Rescuing Main Street: The Power of Business Credit

    16 NOV. 2023 · This is the second part of a conversation between Jason Freeman and Troy Dunbar of J. Galt regarding separating personal and business credit for small business owners. They continue discussing the benefits of establishing independent business credit to provide working capital, increase valuation, and alleviate reliance on personal collateral. Troy outlines the additional perks of J. Galt's lifetime membership, including proprietary cashflow mapping software, annual accredited business valuations, and access to fractional executives. He stresses their mission is rescuing businesses by bringing “Wall Street benefits to Main Street.” Troy explains they leverage clients’ existing payroll to quickly build business credit scores above 80. This allows small businesses to operate like larger entities. The episode underscores why business credit is essential for trades industries with longer project timelines. Troy and Jason advise starting the credit-building process proactively rather than waiting until urgently needed. They emphasize business credit can increase valuation and sale price, making it important to consider even before exiting. This practical discussion provides key insights to equip business owners.
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  • The Handoff, Episode 2 | Prospering Together: Introducing The Handoff Podcast

    18 OCT. 2023 · Welcome to The Handoff podcast with host Jason Freeman! In this episode, Jason lays the foundation for what’s to come in this series aimed at improving prosperity. He shares his mission to have thoughtful discussions from an objective, “no agenda” point of view. Topics will range from business and finance to society and technology, always considering the total impact of change. Jason emphasizes understanding our interconnected roles, discerning when to outsource, and learning from history to chart the future. With generations handing off responsibility and AI transforming industries, we must adapt wisely. By strengthening individuals, we uplift our communities. Listen in as Jason sets the stage for co-creating success!
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  • The Handoff with Jason Freeman, Episode 1 | Launching the Handoff

    18 OCT. 2023 · In the inaugural episode of The Handoff podcast, host Jason Freeman introduces himself and provides background on his journey to launching his own company, Elevation Finance. Jason discusses taking the long road to obtain his college degree, working a range of jobs from manufacturing to investment advising, and ultimately feeling unfulfilled in the corporate world, which led him to entrepreneurship. He outlines Elevation Finance's services providing bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management for small businesses and nonprofits. Jason then explains the premise of his show going beyond just accounting and finance to explore a range of life and business topics, with the goal of understanding context, history, and effective communication. Jason's first guest on The Handoff podcast is his wife Jennifer Freeman, who has been by his side for 24 years of marriage and is also an entrepreneur as the owner of Encompass Real Estate. They have an honest conversation about the ups and downs of their journey together, supporting each other's dreams and business ventures, and advice for other married couples navigating one or both spouses embarking on entrepreneurship. Jason emphasizes his passion for numbers, data analysis, and precise word definitions in order to clearly communicate and avoid misunderstandings in business and life.
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The Handoff with Jason Freeman is a podcast focused on thoughtful discussions across a range of topics from business and finance to society and technology. Host Jason Freeman's mission is...

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The Handoff with Jason Freeman is a podcast focused on thoughtful discussions across a range of topics from business and finance to society and technology. Host Jason Freeman's mission is to have objective, "no agenda" conversations to understand history, context, and our interconnected roles in order to chart a wise path forward into the future.As an entrepreneur himself with over two decades of experience in accounting, finance, and advising small businesses, Jason aims to go beyond just numbers to explore effective communication and prosperity for all. With responsibility being handed off between generations and AI transforming industries, we must adapt prudently.In the premiere episode, Jason introduces his background and the genesis of launching his own company, Elevation Finance. He shares his journey to obtaining a college degree later in life, feeling unfulfilled in the corporate world, and ultimately following his passion for entrepreneurship. His first guest is his wife Jennifer Freeman, an entrepreneur herself, for a candid discussion about supporting each other’s dreams in business and marriage.Listen in as Jason lays the foundation for co-creating success on The Handoff podcast! By strengthening individuals, we can uplift our communities.
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