• A Look Ahead To One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year...

    12 JUN. 2024 · Todd Glister and Becky Bates (in for Andy Cam) preview Installer Show 2024, coming up at the NEC in Birmingham from June 25th - 27th. Tim Pollard gives you a lowdown on everything worth checking out from stalls, trends in the industry, talks, debates and social events and much more
    20m 1s
  • The Challenge Of Taking Time Off...

    5 JUN. 2024 · Todd Glister is joined by Becky Bates to talk about the challenge of taking time off over the course of the year. Andy Cam phones in from his holiday in Turkey to discuss this and also gives a lowdown of what he's been up to during his time away. James from Plumber Parts also joins to talk about how he approaches time off as well 
    27m 7s
  • Plumbers vs. Electricians Football Match

    29 MAY. 2024 · Andy Cam brings you the Heating & Plumbing Show from Barnsley Football Match where he's playing on a team of plumbers for Soccer Trade against a team of electricians. Andy also walks you around the trade exhibition at the match and talks to attendees
    18m 40s
  • Are These Some Options To Look Into?

    22 MAY. 2024 · Andy Cam and Todd Glister delve into the training sector once more. Rob Whitney and Martyn Raine join the show to discuss spotting 'rogue' training providers and key areas for future skills development. 
    26m 9s
  • Are These The Most Challenging Aspects Of The Trade?

    15 MAY. 2024 · Andy Cam and Todd Glister talk about the aspects of the trade which they find most challenging. From boiler breakdowns, emegency callouts, bathrooms, working with gas and more
    25m 38s
  • Is This The Most Challenging Aspect Of Employment?

    8 MAY. 2024 · Andy Cam and Todd Glister talk to plumbing & heating engineers who have worked for a variety of businesses as employees so that they can find out what were worst and most challenging aspects of being employed in the trade were. They also touch on the positives and get some advice for anyone about to make the jump from employment to starting their own business, or about to be employed for the first time
    22m 38s
  • Best & Worst With Little Miss Plumbing & Heating

    1 MAY. 2024 · Alice Illidge, who operates as Little Miss Plumbing & Heating joins Andy Cam and Todd Glister to discuss the best and worst aspects of the trade for her
    19m 50s
  • Rogue Trainers

    24 ABR. 2024 · Andy Cam and Todd Glister look at the rogue trainers taking advantage of those wanting to re-train and join the industry and other suspicious training providers and short courses. Jerry Whiteley from The Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating talks about why this has come about and what could realistically be done and John Thompson from the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Ltd. talks about the different forms these rogue trainers take, what to watch out for and the long and complicated history of rogue trainers in plumbing & heating
    23m 56s
  • Are Renewables On The Rise?

    17 ABR. 2024 · Andy Cam and Todd Glister talk to installers and also get the latest data from MCS with regards to whether Heat Pumps are seeing an increase in popularity in 2024
    25m 57s
  • Why Dan Draper Loves Plumbing!

    10 ABR. 2024 · Dan Draper covers for Andy and Todd while they take a week off for holiday. Dan is joined by three show regulars to discuss why they love the trade 
    17m 49s
Andy Cam gives you the week's rundown from the world of plumbing with all the best stories, tips and interviews with some of the world's best plumbers.

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