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The Industry with John McElroy

  • GM's EV Sound Signature: From Didgeridoos to The Sun; Why Legacy OEMs Got The Software Defined Car Wrong

    31 MAR. 2023 · Legally, all EVs need a sound signature to alert pedestrians. GM is using psychoacoustic engineers to create unique sounds using everything from Australian didgeridoos to NASA recordings of the Sun. And all automakers are talking about developing software defined cars but Jan Becker from Apex.ai says they're not doing it the right way.
    Escuchado 40m 43s
  • Lessons From The 1902 Stanley Steamer & Today’s EV Infrastructure; Why Car Dealers Who Opted Out Of EVs Will Change Their Minds

    21 FEB. 2023 · The 1902 Stanley Steamer could drive faster and farther than any other car of its day. But it failed. Russell Hensley, Partner, McKinsey, says that's because the company didn't take the entire infrastructure into account. The same applies to EVs today. Many car dealers want nothing to do with electric cars. But Mike Darrow, CEO, TrueCar says they'll probably change their minds and figure out how to do a good business selling EVs.
    Escuchado 31m 26s
  • The Industry: Mr. CES Talks Tech, China and American Politics

    22 DIC. 2022 · Gary Shapiro is the CEO of the CTA, the Consumer Technology Association. That’s who puts on CES, the biggest tech show in the world. Obviously, he’s eager to talk about technology, but he also has strong opinions on other things going on in the world.
    Escuchado 26m 48s
  • The Industry: Why Elon Musk Is Kissing Up To Legacy Car Companies; Hailing an Autonomous Taxi

    14 NOV. 2022 · Elon Musk has been disdainful of legacy automakers. Not an more. Now he’s kissing up to them. And it’s all got to do with the debacle at Twitter. Phoebe Wall Howard, a reporter with the Detroit Free Press, dug up what’s going on behind the scenes. While autonomous technology is running behind schedule, it’s not running away. Henry Payne, the car critic for the Detroit News, talks about what it’s like to take one of GM Cruise’s robotaxis for a jaunt around San Francisco. The future is closer than you think!
    Escuchado 34m 23s
  • The Industry: Is Mary Barra Really Turning GM Around? Why The Chip Shortage Isn't Going Away Soon - Episode 2

    10 NOV. 2022 · Bloomberg’s top notch automotive reporter David Welch wrote a book called Charging Ahead: GM, Mary Barra & The Reinvention Of An American Icon. He talks to John about what’s working, what’s not and what’s to come. After that Kristin Dziczek, a policy advisor with the Chicago Fed’s Detroit office, explains why the auto industry is not going to solve the chip crisis anytime soon.
    Escuchado 35m 23s
  • The Industry: What Legacy Automakers Need to Unlearn From EV Startups. Why Chinese Automakers Have To Build Cars In The USA - Episode 1

    4 NOV. 2022 · Benchmarking experts from Caresoft talk about things legacy automakers have to unlearn. Industry analyst explains why Chinese car companies will start making cars in America.
    Escuchado 37m 58s
Automotive expert John McElroy talks to executives and experts about what's going on behind the scenes in the automotive industry.
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