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  • The Importance of Communication in the Landscape Business

    13 MAY. 2024 · In this episode, Joseph King of the Landscape king Podcast stresses the importance of clear communication in landscaping, emphasizing the need for setting specific project objectives and discussing costs upfront. Reflecting on past miscommunications, he highlights the importance of continuous improvement in communication practices. At Landscape King, we're enhancing communication by adding an office coordinator to streamline interactions and prioritize transparency. Join us for insightful discussions with industry experts to gain valuable insights and practical tips for landscaping. Timestamps Starting Out in Landscaping Importance of Clear Communication Adaptability in Landscaping Projects Improving Communication Practices Engaging with Landscape King
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  • Nikki Krieg of Sweet Fern Landscapes | Landscape King Podcast

    6 MAY. 2024 · Join us in this episode of the Landscape King podcast as we chat with Nikki Krieg, a dedicated horticulturist from Sweet Fern Landscapes. Nikki's journey from childhood nature adventures to advocating for native plants and sustainable landscaping practices is both inspiring and informative. From her expertise in wildlife ecology to promoting biodiversity through eco-friendly designs, Nikki's passion for creating thriving ecosystems shines through in this engaging discussion. Timestamps 02:54 Love for Plants and Native Landscapes  03:48 Experience Working with Forest Service in Wyoming 04:32 Education and Passion for Wildlife Ecology and Horticulture 05:52 Sweet Fern Landscapes Mission 06:53 Importance of Native Plants for Ecosystem Support 08:17 Balancing Client Preferences with Ecological Practices 09:23 Native Nursery and Sustainable Practices 10:45 Utilizing Biochar for Soil Health 12:42 Favorite Landscape Style: Cottage Garden 15:27 Favorite Native Plants and Their Benefits 16:59 Weed Management and Eco-Friendly Practices 20:42 Industry Challenges: Overuse of Chemicals 23:40 Trends in Landscaping: Embracing Natural Looks 25:16 Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Plants 27:27 Achieving Low-Maintenance Landscapes with Natives 31:07 Landscape Design Process and Client Engagement 32:56 Community Event: Milkweed Giveaway 35:23 Exploring Alternatives to Common Landscape Plants 36:02 Continuous Learning and Plant of the Week Announcement
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  • Top 10 sun loving bedding plants in Baton Rouge

    29 ABR. 2024 · Join me in this episode of the Landscape King podcast as we explore the top 10 bedding plants perfect for full sun in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From vibrant Diplodinia to insect-repelling Marigolds, low-maintenance Lantana to butterfly-attracting Pentas, these plants offer beauty and functionality to any landscape. Regardless ofif your goal is to add color to flower beds or enhancing commercial spaces, these plants thrive in the Baton Rouge climate with proper care. Stay tuned for more plant varieties and landscaping tips as we journey through beautifying landscapes one plant at a time on the Landscape King podcast. Exploring the Top 10 Bedding Plants for Full Sun Sweet Potato Vine and its Versatility A Sneak Peek into Native Plants Discussion Plant of the Week: Hydrangeas If your in the Baton Rouge area you can hire the Landscape King for your Landscape Project by visiting: https://www.landscapekingla.com
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  • The 10 Mistakes People Make When Installing a Flower Bed

    22 ABR. 2024 · Joseph King, Host of The Landscape King Podcast sits down with Jim Chapman from Envision Podcast Production and he shares essential tips for avoiding common mistakes when installing a flower bed. From plant spacing to watering techniques, he provides practical insights based on his landscaping expertise. Discussions also cover the importance of landscape lighting, weed control, and drainage systems. Timestamps Mistake #1: Spacing Plants Mistake #2: Sunlight Consideration Mistake #3: Watering Practices Weed and Feed Timing Overwatering Woes Weed and Feed Strategy Plant Sizing Consideration mportance of Landscape Lighting Bed Preparation Importance Drainage Concerns Exterior Paint and Gutter System Importance Weed Prevention and Management Irrigation Systems and Safety Measures Community Strength and Recovery from Floods If your in the Baton Rouge area you can hire the Landscape King for your Landscape Project by visiting: https://www.landscapekingla.com
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  • Top 10 Warm Season Perennials in Baton Rouge

    15 ABR. 2024 · Today on the Landscape King podcast, we delved into the top 10 warm season perennials for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I began by explaining the difference between perennials and annuals, emphasizing that perennials come back year after year. First on the list was plumbago, a tropical plant that typically returns each season, boasting beautiful blue and white flowers perfect for adding color to flower beds. Next, we discussed lantana, known for its various colors and sizes, with the yellow variety being a favorite due to its vigorous growth. Moving on, we explored perennial salvia, particularly the purple variety which complements bedding plant areas. Mexican heather, a type of kufia, was also highlighted for its consistent return each year. Variegated flaxseed, known for its green and white foliage, was lauded for adding visual interest to landscapes. Blue days, though sometimes considered an annual, was commended for its striking blue flowers and its potential to perennialize in certain conditions. Foxtail fern, which returns consistently each year, was praised for its unique appearance that adds texture to dense shrub landscapes. Cuban gold Duranta, popular for its bright foliage color, was noted for its annual return in many yards. Gumfrina, with its purple-pink flowers, was described as a loose-shaped plant that also tends to return yearly. Lastly, Coneflowers or Echinacea, in various colors and varieties, were highlighted as reliable perennials. Additionally, we introduced the concept of a plant of the week segment, featuring Distillium and knockout and drift roses in previous episodes. The drift rose, known for its continuous blooming from spring to fall, was singled out for its low maintenance compared to other rose varieties.
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  • Top 10 Plants That Grow in Shade in Baton Rouge

    8 ABR. 2024 · Today on the Landscape King podcast, Justin King, owner of Landscape King explores the world of shade-loving plants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He shares insights on the top 10 plants thriving in shady areas. From the textured Ligularia to the winter-blooming Camellia Japonica, we discover how these plants can enhance shady spots. He also discusses the Weeping Japanese Maple, Soft Caress Mahonia, and Split Leaf Philodendron for unique landscaping options. Highlighting fern varieties, Monkey Grass, Liriope, Hydrangeas, American Beautyberry, and the resilient Cast Iron Plant, He offers a diverse range of shade-loving plants for a vibrant garden. Stay tuned for our new segment, Plant of the Week. Timestamps Exploring Shade-Loving Plants in Baton Rouge Diving into Top 10 Shade Plants Highlighting the Beauty of Ferns in Landscaping The Allure of Hydrangeas in Shady Gardens American Beautyberry: A Native Shade Delight Thriving Cast Iron Plant: Shade's Champion If your in the Baton Rouge area you can hire the Landscape King for your Landscape Project by visiting: https://www.landscapekingla.com
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  • Toby Massengale on Building his Landscape Business From the Ground Up

    1 ABR. 2024 · In this episode, Toby Massengale shares his journey in the landscaping business, starting from working with his father's landscape business to selling his own in 2016.  He emphasizes the importance of reputation, product quality, and customer satisfaction for industry success. Toby highlights team culture and values alignment. He explores industry evolution, noting trends like operator-less mowers and battery-operated equipment.  Transitioning to EOS implementation, Toby advises on reputation, response times, and customer expectations, underscoring hard work, consistency, and debt management as success pillars in landscaping.  Toby's insights encapsulate the essence of delivering excellence and building a reputable business amidst industry transformations. Timestamps: 3:15 Growing the Business 06:07 Winning the Mall Project 08:53 Working with H-2B Workers  10:38 Family Business Expansion  12:31 Bonding with Hispanic Workers 13:07 Overcoming Challenges 13:25 Transition to Commercial Work 14:07 Building the Organization 15:07 Implementing EOS 16:09 Struggles with Leadership 20:25 Delivering Exceptional Service 22:04 Fixing Landscape Issues 24:41 Aligning Expectations 26:26 Pursuit of Excellence 27:24 Work-Life Balance 31:40 Building a Healthy Organization 33:43 Importance of Leadership 34:47 Selling the Business 38:48 Future of the Industry 45:06 Customer Focus and Reputation 46:47 Advancements in Technology 50:10 Managing Debt 51:12 Importance of Online Reputation 52:19 Speed and Efficiency in Delivery 52:50 Setting Expectations 53:55 Key Steps to Starting a Landscape Business
    Played 55m 56s
  • The Ten Most Commonly Used Plants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    25 MAR. 2024 · In this episode of the Landscape King podcast, Joseph explores the top 10 most commonly used plants in Baton Rouge. Joseph discusses the knockout rose, drift rose, distillium, Japanese yew, variegated flax lily, foxtail fern, camellias, hollies, hydrangeas, southern magnolias, and liriope, highlighting their features, maintenance, and landscape applications. He emphasizes understanding plant categories and upcoming episodes on shade-loving plants, flowering shrubs, and more. The podcast aims to educate plant and landscaping enthusiasts on popular and durable plant species for outdoor spaces. Timestamps Distillium: The Dwarf Evergreen Shrub Japanese Yew: Ideal Hedge Plant Variegated Flax Lily: Colorful Border Plant Foxtail Fern: Unique Texture and Appearance Camellias: Beautiful Blooms for Different Sun Preferences Hollies: Versatile Evergreens for Landscaping Hydrangeas: Summer Blooms for Shaded Areas Liriope: Commonly Known as Border Grass If your in the Baton Rouge area you can hire the Landscape King for your Landscape Project by visiting: https://www.landscapekingla.com
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  • The Ultimate How To Guide on Beautifying Your Garden & Landscape

    18 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, we delve into the intricate world of landscaping with Landscape King. Established as a landscape company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we pride ourselves on designing, installing, and maintaining beautiful landscapes. Our goal is to educate and share insights on landscaping concepts, components, and problem-solving within the industry. Defining a landscape as the visible features of land, encompassing natural and man-made elements, we focus on components such as flower beds, irrigation, drainage, landscape lighting, sod, artificial turf, and outdoor living spaces. Flower beds play a crucial role, requiring careful consideration to prevent common issues like plant overcrowding near houses, emphasizing the importance of expert knowledge or research for optimal outcomes. We explore irrigation systems, including high-pressure and micro-irrigation, highlighting the significance of strategic water planning to avoid overwatering or drainage problems. Drainage considerations, such as gutter redirection and catch basins, are essential in maintaining a healthy landscape that effectively manages water flow. Additionally, we discuss the aesthetic and practical benefits of landscape lighting, enhancing safety, security, and visual appeal for outdoor spaces. Sod installation is also addressed, emphasizing the role of grass in providing a lush, low-maintenance lawn and the versatility of options like St. Augustine, centipede, and zoysia grass varieties. Furthermore, we touch on outdoor living spaces as crucial areas for recreation and entertainment, catering to individuals' diverse needs and lifestyles. We acknowledge pools as integral parts of outdoor landscapes, contributing to the overall ambiance of residential or commercial properties. Embarking on the landscape maintenance journey, we underscore the importance of weeding, pruning, and mulching to preserve the landscape's beauty. Different levels of maintenance packages - the King, Prince, and Royal - offer varying services to ensure the longevity and vitality of landscapes. Addressing common misconceptions about zero-maintenance landscapes, we advocate for proactive maintenance strategies to uphold the landscape's integrity and aesthetics. Finally, we share our commitment to continuous learning and client satisfaction, inviting questions and feedback to tailor our podcast content and services to meet audience needs. With a promise to strive until our clients love their landscapes, we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional landscaping experiences. Stay tuned for future episodes as we delve deeper into landscaping intricacies and address frequently asked questions to further enrich your landscaping knowledge. Join us on this landscaping journey as we navigate the world of plants and outdoor spaces together. Let's plant some plants and transform landscapes with Landscape King. Timestamps file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter1 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter2 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter3 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter4 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter5 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter6 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter7 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter8 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter9 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter10 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter11 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter12 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/landscape-king-final-march-17.html#chapter13 If your in the Baton Rouge area you can hire the Landscape King for your Landscape Project by visiting: https://www.landscapekingla.com
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  • Spring Has Sprung!

    11 MAR. 2024 · In this episode of the Landscape King podcast, Joseph delves into the tasks and considerations for spring, covering topics from managing weeds to proper irrigation practices. he emphasizes the importance of weed control, using pre-emergent products, addressing sticker patches, and adopting correct watering techniques. Additionally, he provides insight on starting irrigation systems, early spring pruning, and planting warm-season annuals like Japanese magnolias and Chinese fringes. Timestamps file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter1 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter2 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter3 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter4 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter5 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter6 file:///Users/jchapman/Downloads/lanscape-king-2.html#chapter7 If your in the Baton Rouge area you can hire the Landscape King for your Landscape Project by visiting: www.landscapekingla.com
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Owner of Landscape King, Joseph King, presents The Landscape King. An podcast mixed with some often times dry humor aimed help you beautify your Landcape!
Produced by Envision Podcast Productions.

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