• Episode 377 - And The Doctor Cried…

    10 JUN. 2024 · We are now deep into the newest season of Doctor Who and we continue down a path of questions and twists. We start this episode of MarkWHO42, with a tribute to William Russell by Mark Baumgarten and Juan Sanmiguel. He portrayed one of the original companions, Ian Chesterton, a schoolteacher, with The First Doctor. We follow with the next 3 episodes: 73 Yards, Dot & Bubble, and Rogue. In 73 Yards, themes of the supernatural and mysteries continue. Where did The Doctor go? What words does the woman say to the other characters to make them run? Is she a ghost? What is her purpose? Are we in a timeline paradox or an alternate timeline? In Dot & Bubble, we have an obvious commentary on social media and influencers. More than that, racism and xenophobia are at the forefront. Does this represent our present or possible future? Is Ricky September a part of the problem? He is an educated influencer who does not use his power to effect change until it is too late. Is Ruby naïve or overly optimistic? The Doctor’s tears in this episode are emotional and raw. What will happen to the survivors when they attempt to live outside the city? In the last episode, Rogue, we have the talented Jonathon Groff sparring with The Doctor. A formidable match, one who may recognize at least one of his many faces. What does this mean for the future? Or is it the past? The Doctor has a double blow in this episode; first, he thinks he has lost Ruby and then he loses Rogue. What is the emotional toll on The Doctor? Again, The Doctor has tears and anger, but he moves forward, as he knows he must.  In these three episodes, as with earlier ones of the season, we have seen many references to events of the past 60 years in the Doctor Who universe. Is there a reason beyond an easter egg? Do the homages have deeper meanings?  Listen to Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros trip the light fantastic with The Doctor and Ruby in anticipation of the 2-part season finale.   - To hear our older episodes from 2012 until now, including over 150 celebrity interviews from Doctor Who, Star Trek, Farscape, and more, go to our YouTube playlist and listen! Try our https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrzumqdkHrEBj332udRhdyJ_dHIa_gDLZ&si=mHD8cnsABhXtmd-q!
    2h 26m 56s
  • Episode 376 - There’s Always a MarkWHO42 at the End

    20 MAY. 2024 · Doctor Who is back! And whether you watch it on BBC One or Disney+, or call it Season 1, Series 14, or Season 40, you need to watch it! Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson have great chemistry and Russell T Davies is presenting a very “magical” storyline. On this episode of MarkWHO42's Universe, we review the first 3 episodes of the new season as well as the last Christmas special, The Church on Ruby Road, because everything is connected (well, maybe it’s because we didn’t review it back in December, but don’t tell anyone). Join Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski, and Juan Sanmiguel as they face the snow and more, while trying to overcome the urge to sing and dance! - To hear our older episodes from 2012 until now, including over 150 celebrity interviews from the worlds of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Farscape, and more, go to our YouTube playlist and take a listen! Try our https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrzumqdkHrEBj332udRhdyJ_dHIa_gDLZ&si=mHD8cnsABhXtmd-q by clicking this link!
    2h 3m 2s
  • Episode 375 - X-Men Turn Back Time

    29 ABR. 2024 · We are back after a brief pause.  Juan Sanmiguel has rejoined MarkWHO42’s Universe after a short stint away. The X-Men animated television show has also returned, resuming after a 30-year hiatus with the X-Men ‘97 series on Disney+. Welcome back, everyone. The series opens where season five left off in 1997. The X-Men are feeling lost without Professor Xavier, who may be dead or simply recovering in the Shi'ar Empire. Can Cyclops keep the X-Men together? Who is Madelyne Pryor and what is her purpose? What is the relationship between Rogue and Magneto and how can Rogue touch him? Are Magneto and the other “evil” mutants truly evil or are their motives more complex?  How does Storm handle her loss of powers and with whom does she face the Adversary? Which recent events influenced the showrunners and writers, especially with the attack on Genosha? What will the final three episodes tell us, and will we see Xavier back on Earth? How did various comic book series and writers, directly and indirectly, connect with these specific storylines? Listen as Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski, and Juan Sanmiguel dive deep into the characters, stories, and background of episodes 1-7 of X-Men ’97.
    2h 4m 16s
  • Episode 374 - The Giggling Balls of Gallifrey

    10 DIC. 2023 · The Toymaker has exploded into the 3rd and final Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special on BBC One and Disney+ worldwide. The Celestial trickster is back and wants to play a game again with The Doctor. Is The Toymaker a sore loser? Why would he play something as simple as a basic ball toss? Has he truly been beaten? How was The Doctor able to play after bi-generation when regeneration usually incapacitates the new Doctor? Who is the 14th Doctor now when we have the 15th Doctor? What is his place in the universe? As a fan favorite, will David Tennant overshadow the new series with Ncuti Gatwa? Will the bi-generation have a ripple effect on time and past Doctors? Does Kate Lethbridge-Stewart really believe all those horrid things she said while under the influence of the Giggle? How impactful (and ironic) is The Doctor’s speech about hate to the human race? Was Russell T Davies’ script borrowing too much from his previous stories? Will Donna join UNIT? Join Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski and Zion Quiros as the discuss The Giggle and the future of Doctor Who.
    1h 51m 41s
  • Episode 373 - The Mavity of the Situation

    3 DIC. 2023 · We are at the Edge of the Universe in Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special #2 on BBC One and Disney+ worldwide. The Doctor and Donna are lost in space and time thanks to her coffee snafu. When they crash into the apple tree above Isaac Newton, they create a linguistic ripple. Next, they land in a spaceship at the end of the universe. Should you watch this episode at night? Maybe not alone. Why does the TARDIS suddenly disappear? Where was the sonic screwdriver when The Doctor needed it? Are the doppelgängers harmless? What do they want from Donna and The Doctor? How do the Nots assimilate their victims? Will they escape into the known universe to start a war? Does Donna know everything The Doctor went through since they were last together? Can The Doctor and Donna solve the mystery in time to stop the Not-Thems? When Wilf welcomes them back to Earth, what is the danger? Listen as Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski and Zion Quiros chat about Wild Blue Yonder and the many twists and turns it includes.
    1h 27m 40s
  • Episode 372 - He’s Ba-ack!!!

    29 NOV. 2023 · First, we have the Children in Need Doctor Who skit drop showing the genesis of the Daleks. It is hilarious and explains everything you ever wanted to know about the Daleks and why The Doctor is to blame. From Mr. Castavillian to Davros, this charitable short is an absolute must for fans and newbies alike. Then Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special #1, The Star Beast, is released on BBC One and Disney+ with a bang. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are back, delivering a special jam-packed with emotions, action, and the twists we have come to expect from The Doctor. Who didn’t feel joy when we met Donna and her family…which includes her daughter Rose. Of course, her daughter has to have that name… it is fate. But why does The Doctor have the face of Ten? What is pushing him towards Donna? Who is Meep and where can we get one of our own? This special uses music by Murray Gold and some are renditions of his previous episodes. How does this which impact the action? Will Donna survive if she once again became DoctorDonna? How does motherhood affect her survival? What gift does Rose offer her mother? Who is counting the minutes until the next special streams? Join this week’s show as Whovians Mark Baumgarten, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros dissect, gush, and discuss the future.
    1h 35m 18s
  • Episode 371 - Hiding Behind the Sofa

    31 OCT. 2023 · MarkWHO42's Universe gets into the Halloween mood this week by talking about the scariest moments in television and movies, including Doctor Who, that made us go behind the couches (yep, that's what we call sofas on this side of the pond) during our childhood. Join Eduardo M. Freyre and Zion Quiros as they give all our tricks and treats to celebrate this spooky holiday!
    54m 30s
  • Episode 370 - Ahsoka’s Pathway Within The Force

    10 OCT. 2023 · As Season One of Ahsoka comes to a close on Disney+, we discuss the latest release from Lucasfilm. The Empire has fallen and our favorite animated Rebels are back, this time in the flesh. We’ve learn that Ahsoka was training Sabine in the ways of the Jedi. So, why did she stop? Why is Anakin in the World Between Worlds? What was he trying to teach Ahsoka? Why does Hera not go with Ahsoka? Was the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn the goal or the search for Ezra? How cool were the Stormtrooper Zombies? What is the correlation between Baylan and The Ones? With the possibility of Ahsoka inheriting the spirit of the Sister and Anakin the Father, could Baylan be seeking the Son? Will the return of Thrawn spell doom for the known universe? Join Eduardo M. Freyre, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros debate the ups, downs, and future of Ahsoka Tano while Mark Baumgarten is stuck in the unknown regions for another week. - This episode features new content not heard on https://www.subspace.radio!
    1h 33m 30s
  • Episode 369 - Cloning Rebels for a Snip of a Jedi

    3 OCT. 2023 · The Ahsoka series is running on Disney+ so in preparation we are looking back at her history in the earlier Star Wars animation series Clone Wars and Rebels. Why would the Jedi give Anakin his own Padawan? How did Ahsoka fair in her first battle? What was her impact on the leadership of Mandalore and their rulers? Did the Sister give Ahsoka a special connection with the Force? Who is Folcrum? How does the Jedi arc of Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka intertwine? Will Ahsoka survive her encounter with her former Master who is now a Sith? What stories and characters are canon and what are legend? Does it matter? Will it matter tomorrow? Listen as Join Eduardo M. Freyre, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros prepare you for the upcoming Ahsoka show while our fearless leader, Mark Baumgarten, hangs out in the World Between Worlds. - This episode features new content not heard on https://www.subspace.radio!
    1h 31m 54s
  • Episode 368 - Phasers on Stun

    22 AGO. 2023 · The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is out and we jump into the continuing adventures of our Enterprise crew. As always with Star Trek, there are lessons to be learned, laughs to be had, and tears to shed. Why is Nurse Chapel taking the fellowship and leaving Spock? Is Ambassador DakRah’s death justified? Should La’an have stopped Kahn as a child during her time travel? Does their musical episode work? Who will survive the cliff-hanger? Will the viewers be able to wait until the cliff-hanger is resolved? Eduardo M. Freyre and Vicky Jakubowski travel in space, the final frontier, to challenge our listeners. Write us at https://gmail.com and tell us what you thought of the season finale. We will read them on a future episode of MarkWHO42!
    54m 28s

The award-winning science fiction podcast, MarkWHO42’s Universe. - Our website: https://www.markwho42.com - Our sister show is https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA-_kg01q4bEdu7oDc5v6FyGVIY-KXsVz&si=g-PoPHXOSEStg5vr, an interview show made in conjunction with https://www.the77comic.net on https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA-_kg01q4bEdu7oDc5v6FyGVIY-KXsVz&si=g-PoPHXOSEStg5vr. We interview British...

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The award-winning science fiction podcast, MarkWHO42’s Universe.
  • Our website: www.markwho42.com
  • Our sister show is MarkWHO77, an interview show made in conjunction with The77 Publications on YouTube. We interview British comic book creators like John Wagner, Steve MacManus, Mike Collins, Steve Parkhouse, and many more!!!
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