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  • Why God Loves Friendship - Philippians Ep. 9

    3 MAY. 2024 · The Bible is full of stories of God's provision. From the parting of the Red Sea which allowed the Israelites to escape Egypt, to the exorcisms performed by Jesus in the Gospels, God is constantly providing, delivering, and strengthening His people. In the FINAL episode of our expositional walkthrough of Philippians, we see Paul encourage the Philippians with this truth: God provides. But then he shifts gears a little bit to show them one of the ways God chooses to provide for His people, and in this particular circumstance, God chose to provide for Paul in this way. So what is the surprising way God chooses to provide for His people? Have a listen and find out! We're glad you're here with us, let's get into it :)
    24m 2s
  • Follow Those Who Follow Jesus - Philippians Series Ep. 8

    12 ABR. 2024 · In the fall of 2002, the DC sniper caused terror across the DC area by choosing people at random and shooting them from a distance. When his reign of terror ended, the world was surprised that it wasn't just one, but TWO snipers at work... and one of them was only 17 years old. The story of John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo is a fascinating case study on the importance of discipleship, because it shows us that we can disciple people really well... in the wrong direction. This is precisely what Paul is encouraging the Philippian church to keep in mind as they continue to walk the walk of faith. Paul's hope for them is that choose to follow those who follow Jesus. So who are you following dear listener? And are they pointing you to Jesus? What does all of this mean? Have a listen and find out! We're glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    30m 8s
  • Your Works are Crap! - Philippians Series Ep. 7

    5 ABR. 2024 · One of my favorite things in the Bible is when the Biblical authors use very strong language to talk about something. I love it because it reveals what they truly feel about it! In our passage for this episode, Paul has some very strong words for a certain group of people. These people were telling the Philippians that it wasn't enough to just follow Jesus. If they wanted to be TRUE followers of Jesus, they had to do something else too. Paul has very strong words for them. How strong? Well, have a listen and find out! We're glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    31m 32s
  • The Book of Revelation: Having Hope in a World of Chaos

    22 MAR. 2024 · One of my biggest passions in this world is to help people get excited to read the book of Revelation. It's a complicated book for sure, but that doesn't mean you can't understand it! Contained within it's pages are beautiful images, profound truths, shocking warnings, and the immense love of God of His people and His creation. I was asked to teach a breakout session on the book of Revelation at the local Hope and Courage women's conference, and it was such an amazing experience. We talked about the nature of apocalyptic literature, as well as the four main truths that Revelation is communicating about the world we live in. This podcast episode is a recording of that teaching. So if you've ever been a little curious about what the book of Revelation holds within, then welcome! I'm glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    49m 40s
  • Consumers vs. Disciples - Philippians Series Ep. 6

    22 MAR. 2024 · We're back in the saddle again with Philippians, and today's passage is a doozy! Have you ever bailed on something, and the reason you gave was about your preferences? For example, have you ever left a church because you thought the music was too loud? Have you ever refused to go to a club meeting because you just didn't have any friends there? Have you ever written a strongly worded email to a pastor/teacher/professor because they do something during their sermons that just really bugs you? Like clearing their throat or drinking from a water bottle? If you have done that, you might be a "consumer". What is a "consumer", and why is that a bad thing? We'll dive into that and more as we explore two men that Paul holds in high regard PRECISELY because they chose to follow Jesus, rather than make Jesus follow them. We're glad you're here! Let's get into it!
    32m 9s
  • God’s Got a Solution - 1 Kings 19 (feat. Braden Shannon)

    15 MAR. 2024 · You know what can prove to be difficult? Expositional teaching. By that I mean teaching from a Biblical text. It's extremely rewarding, but the process can be tough. It's a weighty thing to handle the Word of God. One of the coolest things to me is when God puts that kind of weight on the heart of a teenager. We have a small group of youth in our youth group who have felt the call to try their hand at teaching, and one of them had the opportunity to teach at our youth group last night: Braden Shannon! Here's a dude who not only felt the call to teach, but to also teach FROM A BIBLICAL TEXT! So if you have ever felt like life circumstances have got you down, and you just feel like it's been hard for you to see God in the midst of it, Braden's got a good word for you. He found it from a book in the Bible that not many people turn to for glimpses of God! But that's what makes the Bible awesome, and that's what makes Braden awesome too ;) So welcome to this episode of the Mission Hill Youth podcast! We're glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    14m 31s
  • The Jesus Filter - Philippians Series Ep. 5

    17 FEB. 2024 · You know what's something that is necessary for life, but we don't often think about? Especially if coffee is your life?? Filters! Filters are important. They capture the bad stuff and let only the good stuff go through. We use them in our coffee and our water. Something else about filters is that we all have access to them... but some of us don't use them. And you wouldn't think that'd be a big deal UNLESS the filter we're talking about is the brain filter that keeps us from doing and saying dumb stuff. Paul has a filter for the Philippians. It's an important filter. It's a NECESSARY filter. It's what I call "The Jesus Filter". What is "The Jesus Filter"? Take a listen and find out! We're really glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    29m 16s
  • Gnosticism - A Little Dose of Heresy Ep. 6 (Feat. Braden Shannon)

    16 FEB. 2024 · Today's episode of "A Little Dose of Heresy" is a little different, and a LOT of awesome. Why is it so awesome?? Because today we have a guest speaker: Braden Shannon! He is joining us for this episode to enlighten us on one of the biggest heresies the church has ever had to face: Gnosticism. If you want to know more about what Gnosticism is, then take a listen! We're glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    19m 45s
  • The Purpose Driven Life… and Death! - Philippians Series Ep. 4

    9 FEB. 2024 · If someone gave you the choice right now between living and dying, I'm willing to bet we'd choose living. We don't want to die. It's one of the most universally feared concepts to ever exist. It's ironic, then, that we fear death so much, yet so many of us wander through this life not really LIVING life. The apostle Paul is in prison while writing to the Philippian church, and his life is on the line. His fate will be decided at his upcoming trial, and he does what one usually does in that situation: he ponders what it means to live and die... and his thoughts are very surprising! So if you have ever wondered, "what does it mean to really live?" Or pondered the question, "how can I be sure of what's on the other side of death?" This episode is for you! We're glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    30m 54s
  • Subordinationism - A Little Dose of Heresy Ep. 5

    26 ENE. 2024 · This episode is different from our other heresy episodes, mainly because this one serves more as an intro into our next sub-series of heresies that deals with Jesus' humanity/divinity. Since it's an intro, it's a little more surface level because it isn't just one heresy, it's a blanket term that deals with multiple heresies. So it's important to listen to this one! That way the next few episodes will make more sense. So what is "subordinationism"? Have a listen! We're glad you're here, let's get into it :)
    12m 33s
This podcast is dedicated to publishing the lessons that are taught to the youth of Mission Hill Church in Chambersburg, PA!

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