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  • Balancing Life and Real Estate: A Chat with Nancy Messiha

    7 JUN. 2024 · Welcome to 'Episode 7 - Real Estate Insights and Motherhood: A Chat with Fancy Nancy' on The Monica Kelly Show! In this lively episode, Monica welcomes Nancy Messiah (aka Fancy Nancy) to the studio, sharing her impressive 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. Nancy discusses her journey from working for a builder to becoming a broker with eXp Realty, and how she balances her professional life with being a new mom. The conversation covers an array of topics, including the challenges and strategies in the real estate market, the importance of networking and client relationships, and tips for juggling family and a demanding career. Don't miss Nancy's valuable insights and inspiring story, with some fun moments and heartfelt discussions thrown in. Tune in now and get inspired to succeed in business and life!
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  • Building Dreams Together: Corey and Rosemary Lewis' Real Estate Journey

    24 MAY. 2024 · In this exciting episode of the Monica Kelly Show, we meet Corey and Rosemary Lewis, a dynamic couple in the real estate industry. Rosemary discusses her journey from teaching to becoming a full-time real estate agent, motivated by her husband Corey's entrepreneurial spirit. Join us as they share stories of overcoming challenges during the 2008 recession, relocating to Dallas Fort Worth, and achieving success in real estate investing and management. Learn about their unique approach to combining faith with business, as well as their commitment to educating and supporting the real estate community. Don't miss their touching anecdotes about family, dedication, and the importance of being in the right room for success.  Get in contact with Rosemary through social media or her website: https://rosemarylewis.com
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  • Flipping the Script: Chauncey Pham's Real Estate Empire

    17 MAY. 2024 · In this high-energy podcast episode, Monica Kelley catches up with the dynamic Chauncey Pham, a seasoned real estate agent, investor, mentor, and media personality. Chauncey candidly shares her journey from initially reaching out for advice on real estate to becoming a respected figure in the industry, with ventures in house flipping, brokerage ownership, coaching, and even landing on a television show.  Despite the glitz and glamour, Chauncey emphasizes the realities and challenges of the real estate business, revealing that success comes from authenticity, hustle, and a willingness to evolve beyond conventional roles. From breaking down the pros and cons of owning a brokerage to her shift towards investment and development, Chauncey's story is a clever mix of motivational insights and practical advice for anyone looking to make their mark in real estate. Connect with Chauncey: https://www.myrealestaterebel.com/ or on TikTok and Instagram Connect with Monica: www.SoldByMonicaK.com or realtormonicatxk@gmail.com
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  • Journeys in Finance and Family: The Man Beyond Mortgages with Lance Wilmore

    9 MAY. 2024 · The Monica Kelly Show delves into the realms of mortgage brokerage and real estate with guest Lance Wilmore, a dapper and insightful mortgage broker from the DFW area. In this engaging episode, Monica and Lance discuss personal journeys, the balance between work and family life, effective business strategies for real estate agents, and the current housing market dynamics. Lance shares his story from aspirations of sports to pivoting into computer programming, eventually finding his calling in the mortgage industry. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining work-life balance, prioritizing family, and the impact of COVID on his career and personal life. Additionally, the conversation covers advice for first-time homebuyers, strategies for real estate agents in today's market, and the importance of having mentors and coaches in one's life. Lance also shares his future travel plans, the significance of mental health, and his reading recommendations. A heartfelt shoutout to his wife and children underlines the conversation about family and success. Connect with Lance: 972-998-3360 or on Facebook/Instagram at Home Loans With Lance. Connect with Monica: www.SoldByMonicaK.com or realtormonicatxk@gmail.com
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  • Dreams, Determination, & Real Estate: The Dominique Davis Episode

    26 ABR. 2024 · In this vibrant episode of the Monica Kelly Show, Monica warmly welcomes Dominique Davis, a dashing realtor with an inspiring story of transformation from being a teacher and principal to a successful real estate agent in the bustling DFW area. Sharing detailed insights from her personal and professional journey, Dominique divulges the challenges and victories of transitioning careers, her strategic move into real estate, and the deep, personal motivations behind her path. With heartfelt discussions around personal growth, the importance of community and mentorship in real estate, and the intricate balance of family life, this episode is a beacon of motivation and encouragement for professionals seeking meaningful success in their careers. Monica and Dominique's engaging dialogue, filled with candid stories and valuable advice, provides viewers with a thorough understanding of perseverance, the potency of networking, and leveraging one's skills towards achieving entrepreneurial dreams in the competitive realm of real estate. Connect with Dominique: 512-554-1131 or @dominiquedavis_ on social media Connect with Monica: www.SoldByMonicaK.com or realtormonicatxk@gmail.com
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  • Empowering Futures: LaTonya McElroy on Faith, Finance, and Family

    12 ABR. 2024 · In this engaging episode of the Monica Kelly Show, host Monica Kelly converses with special guest, LaTonya McElroy, highlighting her multifaceted roles as a wife, mother, pastor's wife, and a flourishing business owner in the financial services sector. Initially, LaTonya shares her admiration for Monica’s professional journey, emphasizing the importance of women presenting themselves proficiently. The discussion delves into LaTonya’s unexpected path into financial services, underpinned by a deep-seated faith and resilience through challenges, including navigating a company through crisis periods like abrupt closures and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Central to LaTonya's career and personal ethos is the concept of putting others first, a principle she believes has significantly contributed to her success. Sharing her contact details for audience members interested in her financial advice or services, LaTonya recounts her experiences and learning curves, from her early days as a bankruptcy paralegal to her rich career in human resources, stressing the power of education and preparedness for life’s unpredictable moments. The conversation also touches on dealing with fears, prioritizing relationships over transactions in business, and the foundational support of family and faith. LaTonya’s story is a testament to the impact of service, education, and genuine care in personal growth and business endeavors. Connect with LaTonya: 870-642-2431(office) or LaTonya McElroy on LinkedIn or Facebook. Connect with Monica: www.SoldByMonicaK.com or realtormonicatxk@gmail.com
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  • Mortgage 101: Understanding Your Options with Madison Haltom

    2 ABR. 2024 · Mortgage 101: Understanding Your Options with Madison Haltom | The Monica Kelly Show Ep. 1 In the premiere episode of The Monica Kelly Show, host Monica Kelly introduces her guest, Madison Haltom, a knowledgeable mortgage originator from Farmers Bank and Trust. They discuss the journey of purchasing a home, with Madison sharing expert advice on shopping for mortgages, the significance of understanding interest rates, discount points, and the importance of communication with lenders. Madison explains different mortgage types, including conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA loans, offering detailed insights on down payments, interest rates, and the qualifications for each. The conversation also covers navigating closing costs, the benefits of local lenders over online platforms, and tips for potential borrowers, emphasizing the value of early preparation and choosing trusted professionals in the home buying process. Rapid fire questions towards the end reveal personal preferences, adding a light-hearted touch to the informative session. Connect with Madison: 903-277-9350 call/text or Madison.haltom@myfarmers.bank Connect with Monica: http://www.soldbymonicak.com/ or realtormonicatxk@gmail.com
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Welcome to "The Monica Kelley Show," where the heart and soul of Texarkana come alive through captivating conversations with local business owners. Hosted by the esteemed real estate authority, Monica...

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Welcome to "The Monica Kelley Show," where the heart and soul of Texarkana come alive through captivating conversations with local business owners. Hosted by the esteemed real estate authority, Monica Kelley, this podcast is your exclusive pass into the thriving Texarkana community. Monica, renowned for her unwavering commitment to the region and her deep-rooted expertise in real estate, brings you engaging interviews that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and rich tapestry of local ventures.

Join Monica as she embarks on a journey to spotlight the vibrant community that defines Texarkana. Through thoughtful discussions with business owners, listeners will gain firsthand insights into their inspiring stories, triumphs, and trials. By championing local businesses and delving into the intricacies of the real estate landscape, "The Monica Kelley Show" is not just a podcast – it's a testament to the dynamism and resilience of Texarkana. Get ready to be immersed in the authentic essence of Texarkana and be inspired by the remarkable individuals shaping its entrepreneurial fabric. Tune in to "The Monica Kelley Show" and be part of a supportive and thriving community unlike any other.
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