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  • The Morning Breeze - May 23, 2024

    23 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! What causes you anxiety, that doesn't seem to bother other people? The Morning Breeze Brain Tease: People say this is the #1 priority for them when choosing a breakfast food.  The answer: It's easy to make, or doesn't need to be made. San Mateo County Fair tickets! The Brighter Side. Do you wash your legs in the shower? Carolyn and Cort do not agree on this one. Cort has questions about sorting our trash... after seeing a janitor dump all the different bins into the same large trash can.
    20m 59s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 22, 2024

    22 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! What is your favorite scent? The Morning Breeze Brain Tease: The average adult will spend about 3-hours every week doing this. The answer: Complaining about work. San Mateo Country Fair tickets! The Brighter Side!Dogs do not like it when you're on the phone while taking them for a walk. Carolyn once showed off at a party with her saxophone. Cort's wife Randi used a new app to adjust her sleep for quick trip to London.
    19m 42s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 21, 2024

    21 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! What song will always remind you of Prom? Morning Breeze Brain Tease: The older you are... the MORE LIKLEY you are to do this every day... especially if you're over the age of 60. The answer? Drink coffee. San Mateo County Fair tickets! The Brighter Side! Cort had a very vivid dream about his movie theater days... to the point where he's stressed. More prom songs! Carolyn has an update on that kid birthday party!
    19m 54s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 20, 2024

    20 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! Cort says he injured himself at Bay to Breakers... as a spectator! Morning Breeze Brain Tease: 25% of adults say doing THIS instantly puts them in a good mood. The answer: washing their car. San Mateo County Fair tickets! The Brighter Side. Carolyn says her friend went to a birthday party for a 5-year-old over the weekend... and she left exhausted! Is there a monthly bill that you don't like to pay? More on Cort's first Bay to Breakers experience.
    19m 16s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 17, 2024

    17 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! What are your weekend plans? The Morning Breeze Brain Tease: Only 15% of Americans companies offer this benefit, but 80% of their employees love it. Breanna is our Morning Breeze Person of the Week. Cort figured out why he doesn't like his local grocery store. Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper is 100 years old today! Carolyn missplaced her bank card yesterday... but got lucky with some very nice (and honest) ladies! Janet Jackson concert tickets!
    20m 48s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 16, 2024

    16 MAY. 2024 · Good morning!  We're enjoying the cooler temps! Morning Breeze Brain Tease: When a married couple does THIS, they may end up in a fight nearly half of the time. The Brighter Side. The big debate: is a taco a sandwhich? A judge in the mid-west says they are. Ernest in Palo Alto says NO! Cort sent Carolyn a text... and then "unsent" it... and now she wants to know what it was. Romit won Janet Jackson concert tickets!
    15m 57s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 15, 2024

    15 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! Cort's feeling it a little this morning after yesterday's "perfect" cartwheel. Morning Breeze Brain Tease: 75% of adults say they have done this at some point in their life... but only 30% currently do it.  Play an instrument! The Brighter Side! Carolyn had a car issue, and realized she has a key on her keychain that she doesn't know how or where to use it! We now know when Chuck E Cheese will close down their animatronic animal bands. Cort is trying to figure out the best to teach his daughter to be a good employee at her new job. Donna won Janet Jackson concert tickets!
    15m 11s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 14, 2024

    14 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! Cort woke up with a shoulder injury... just from sleeping. Morning Breeze Brain Tease: 4% of people say they have never had one of the these... a headache! The Brighter Side. Carolyn did something different the other day... visited a city in the Bay Area she had never been to before.  Hercules! Cort's wife went to Frat Party with thier daughter over the weekend... and nearly had a celebrety sighting. Chrissy Teigen injured herself trying to show her daughters a gymnastic move. Karen wins Janet Jackson concert tickets!
    17m 27s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 13, 2024

    13 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! Did you see the Northern Lights over the weekend? The Morning Breeze Brain Tease: You would think kids do this MORE than their parents, but it's actually the other way around. Parents SNACK more. The Brighter Side. How long should you sit, stand and sleep each day? Carolyn broke one of her main rules, and didn't fill her tank last night... and she paid for it this morning. Cort's wife Randi bought a scale for the house... their first in over a decade! Steve won Janet Jackson tickets!
    19m 15s
  • The Morning Breeze - May 10, 2024

    10 MAY. 2024 · Good morning! Looks like Oakland Airport is adding San Francisco Bay into their name. Morning Breeze Brain Tease: 80% of people say it upsets them to hear... their own voice! Nathan in East Bay is our Morning Breeze Person of the Week! Cort has a few friends that he only texts once or twice year... does he need to address it? Mother's Day is this weekend... and it's going to be different for both Carolyn and Cort. Carolyn is back on the mic for the Giants at Oracle Park starting tonight. Patricia got to Pick her Ticket!
    21m 6s
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