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  • @MotherLove & @Mr.Kennedy

    18 JUN. 2024 · A difficult dilemma unfolded recently, where a 28-year-old man grappled with an agonizing decision. His father’s passing left his 11-year-old sister orphaned, thrusting him into a heart-wrenching predicament. Married for two years, the couple had adamantly decided on a child-free life. However, the sudden responsibility to adopt and care for his sister forced him to reassess their agreed-upon stance. He shares that his wife refused to adopt his sister, especially since his uncle was willing to shoulder the responsibilities of raising his niece. When a child’s parent can no longer look after them, it can be very traumatic for the child, who loses their trusted caregiver, and the comfort they felt in their old home. Older adoptions are still very difficult to place, aging out of the system Yahoo News Never Spill While Boiling Water Again/wooden spoon The Boston Celtics are WORLD CHAMPIONS for the 18th time!
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  • PRAIRIE MAN: My Little House Life & Beyond by Dean Butler

    17 JUN. 2024 · PRAIRIE MAN: My Little House Life & Beyond (on sale June 25, 2024; HC, $28.00) by Dean Butler shares the behind- the-scenes of Little House on the Prairie on a heartfelt journey of “good luck, good television, and the very good— if gloriously imperfect—people who made it so.” Cast as Almanzo, Laura Ingalls’ starring love interest, Butler captured the enduring affection of fans and co-stars alike. With a foreword from Melissa Gilbert (Laura) and Alison Arngrim (Nellie), this uplifting memoir follows Butler’s journey from childhood to the Prairie and beyond. Cast at twenty-two years old, Butler had no idea of the lasting impact being cast in Little House on the Prairie would have on him. Having previously starred in Judy Blume’s Forever with Stephanie Zimbalist, Butler was fresh- faced and naïve to Hollywood, eager to make his mark. He found his home in the Prairie and embraced his fellow cast members as family. Butler’s passion for honest-to-goodness entertainment began in the Prairie and followed him throughout his rich career of acting, producing, and directing.  
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  • Mother Love & Mr. Kennedy, SCOTUS's push back, Open AI helpful/dangerous

    13 JUN. 2024 · The SCOTUS: Women of color advocating for abortion access pointed out that restricting access to mifepristone could worsen racial health disparities. They argue that individuals of color and pregnant people from marginalized communities are more likely to face systemic barriers that limit their access to abortion and other reproductive health care. As a result, they rely on methods like medication abortion. An $86 billion company is conducting a reckless social experiment and treating humanity itself as unwitting lab rats. OpenAI — perhaps the leading company in the field of so-called artificial intelligence, or AI — recently unveiled what it craftily calls “Voice Mode.” By the company’s own accounts, Voice Mode is designed to make people who use Open AI’s products feel like they are interacting with a real person. And not just some anonymous stranger, but someone with an attractive personality, someone who knows them, someone who likes them. AI systems that mimic humans to that degree can be exploited to impersonate real people, manipulate consumer choices, invade user privacy, induce unearned trust, target insecurities, manufacture emotional dependence, and degrade real-life relationships among actual human beings. OpenAI Should Immediately Suspend Reckless, Untested “Voice Mode” Technology Your moral compass: Would you look for the person who dropped an envelope with $1,000.00 in cash to return it? She did. What would you do? My heart just became so full 
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  • President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, guilty of all 3 felonies in federal

    11 JUN. 2024 · A jury convicted Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, of all three criminal counts at his gun trial in Delaware.Biden was charged with crimes related to the purchase and possession of a handgun while being a user and addict of illegal drugs. Pamela Smart, serving life, accepts responsibility for her husband’s 1990 killing for the first time“I made excuses, dismissed my own involvement, and blamed everyone else but myself,” Smart wrote in her letter to Sununu. Because she wasn’t there the night of the murder and didn’t pull the trigger, she thought she wasn’t responsible, saying she “became comfortable in my warped logic.” Rebecca Grossman to serve 15 years to life for running down 2 young boys while DUI, Does this punishment fit the crimes
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  • Mother Love & Mr. Kennedy on current events

    10 JUN. 2024 · Caitlin Clark’s Olympics dream might not be out of reach for the 2024 Paris Games. The Indiana Fever rookie, who was # 1 overall pick in the this year’s WNBA draft, was not included on USA Basketball’s 12-woman roster for the Olympics, multiple reports confirmed on Saturday. However, Clark, and Connecticut Sun’s Brionna Jones — the WNBA Sixth Player of the Year in 2022 — are on top of the alternates list, should Team USA need a replacement. Clark — who became the NCAA’s Division I all-time leading scorer for men and women during her senior year at Iowa — was the only collegiate athlete invited to the Team USA 14-player training camp in April.  Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito violated ethics rules by displaying a symbol of the 'Stop the Steal' movement as former 45th President  tried to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election. An upside-down American flag was flown outside Alito's home near Washington while the Supreme Court was considering challenges to the election back in 2021. The gesture now calls Alito's impartiality into question, as the court is currently deciding whether The 45th  has immunity from prosecution related to the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Alito said his wife flew the inverted flag in response to a neighbor's display of a profane anti-45th sign. Hunter Biden trial for lying on an application to purchase a gun while he was on drugs. A much larger problem across this country: we approach drug addiction and abuse as a law enforcement issue rather than a public health problem. Consequently, although medical professionals recognize that drug addiction is a chronic disease Great Hacks to make our lives easier
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  • @ShaqC and @MotherLove

    9 JUN. 2024 · Shaq C and Mother Love share  their love for this Forgive or Forget that is so viable today. They share the passion, the heartbreak, and the power of forgiveness and the strength to say I will forget the pain of this relationship and for of these guests.
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  • Jeffrey Sitcov, Founder/CEO Doors of Change

    5 JUN. 2024 · Jeffrey Sitcov, Founder/CEO Doors of Change (A 501C3 organization), proudly announces that this is the FIRST TIME in over 22 years that we have placed 688 youth/year in safe housing the last couple of years. Shattering records from previous years. They have also reached another milestone of helping place over 2800 homeless youth in safe housing since 2001. HUD STATS: In recent years, 2023 saw increases among homeless families with children, veterans and unaccompanied young people. Since 2022, the number of families with children experiencing homelessness rose by more than 15%. The increase was almost completely driven by families who were able to access homeless shelters. People ages 24 and younger made up 22% of all homeless young people in 2023, according to HUD Since last year, the number of unaccompanied homeless young people increased by 15%, including increases for sheltered and unsheltered youth. Foster youth who age out of the foster care system without secure housing and LGBTQ+ youth are some of the groups most likely to fall into youth homelessness.          Transitional Age Youth (TAY) 17-25 are the most undeserved homeless population.           90% of Homeless TAY youth come from very dysfunctional homes.           40% of Homeless TAY are LGBTQ (Nationally & San Diego).           Lack of Trust prevents TAY from asking for help.          Music and Art instruction builds trust months sooner than typical outreach.          Case Management gets TAY many resources including safe housing.           Mental Health referrals have increased by 105% in 1 year.          Ex Homeless Youth have become role models and are now lawyers, doctors, engineers, employee of the year, and all are self-sufficient.
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  • The Bob Hope Channel on YouTube

    3 JUN. 2024 · The Bob Hope Legacy, the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation and the Hope family are proud to announce the new Bob Hope Channel on YouTube. The Bob Hope vaults have become things of legend, with an unparalleled collection of thousand hours of TV, radio and film in the archive, as well as tens of thousands of photographs. and every week, the family along with the help of Bob’s official archivist, Jim Hardy, they will make selections to add to the channel twice a week. Jim Hardy, has for years handled the licensing of these materials, issues pertaining to copyright and maintaining the extensive archives. In 1986, Jim filled in for a summer job at Bob Hope Enterprises as a production assistant. He never returned to his old job and 38 years later he is still there. Jim has worked on 43 television shows with Bob or about Bob, and countless personal appearances. Clips include USO Tours, Tributes to Vaudeville, Hopes Insult Reel, Monologues, Christmas Specials, PGA & Bob Hope Classics, as well as stars Brooke Shields, Jayne Mansfield, Lucille Ball, Norman Lear, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr, Jackie Gleason, Jack Benny, Johnny Carson, and even Big Bird and Lassie.
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  • @ShaqC. and @MotherLove

    2 JUN. 2024 · Shaq C and Mother Love share  their love for this Forgive or Forget that is so viable today. They share the passion, the heartbreak, and the power of forgiveness and the strength to say I will forget the pain of this relationship and for of these guests. 
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  • @Brent Burton, Captain LAcoFD (RET)

    31 MAY. 2024 ·  Captain Brent Burton (RET) With 36 years of service and plans to retire soon, Fire Captain Brent Burton has spent his career advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion. “I think we have come a long way in many respects, but we still have a long way to go,” said Captain Burton. “I hope that we learn to embrace and celebrate our differences rather than push back against them and take the time to really understand our history and how we have arrived to where we are today.” Helping people is what motivated Captain Burton to pursue a lifelong career in the fire service. He was inspired by those who came before him. “I did my best to continue the work that others have envisioned,” said Captain Burton. “I stand on the shoulders of giants! From the first two Black firefighters in the 1950s (James L. Garcia, Jr. and Van Davis) to the first Black man to promote here (Hershel Clady) and the first Black paramedic here (Ed McFaul). These men were the true trailblazers!” To do his part in promoting diversity and inclusion at the Department, Captain Burton managed the Recruitment Unit after it had been disbanded. “As the Recruitment Unit captain, we were able to create programs, such as the first Girls’ Fire Camp in Southern California, the Women’s Fire Prep Academy, the Public Safety Prep Program, and the Future Fire Program for high school students.”
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