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  • Carla Casper Brown - the disappearance of Jennifer Brown

    20 MAY. 2024 · Carla Casper Brown - the disappearance of Jennifer Brown Jul 23, 2023 In May 2005 Jennifer Casper Brown disappeared. 18 years later and information is sparse on this vulnerable missing person. Carla, her Mother, joined Ed Opperman to talk about her daughter, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and expressing the hope - no matter how little - that someone, somewhere knows something about her daughters' location or is in possession of information which could bring Jennifer home to her family, being closure to this situation. There are Facebook groups and other web pages listed at the bottom of this post. If you know anything or can help in any way, please feel free to reach out. From the Charley Project Jennifer was last seen at approximately 5:30 a.m. on May 5, 2005. She had been at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino with a friend earlier that morning. Afterwards she went to the Reno Sparks Cab Company, her mother's place of work, in the vicinity of the 400 block of Gentry Way in Reno, Nevada. She stopped by there to visit her mother, but her mother was not there at the time. Jennifer was very intoxicated and didn't have enough money to pay her cab fare. She ran from the taxi, breaking her high-heeled shoes in the process, climbed over a fence at the back of the establishment and disappeared. The business is only half a block from Jennifer's home. A few minutes before she vanished, Jennifer called her father in Las Vegas, Nevada and said she needed to go to that city, but she apparently never arrived there. She has never been heard from again. According to Jennifer's husband, Sean Ross, he came home the night before her disappearance and found her drunk, with cuts on her wrists, and saying she needed to leave. She had her clothes and family photos packed in a bag. Sean stated he initially tried to change her mind, but he let her go after Jennifer insisted. Sean stated Jennifer left behind two handwritten notes, stained with her own blood. The notes directed who should be permitted to have contact with her young son if anything should happen to her, and stated her possessions should go to Sean. Jennifer was unemployed at the time of her disappearance; she had been working as an exotic dancer, but had been fired from this job a week before her disappearance. She had previously been a professional ballerina. That career ended due to a tailbone injury, but she still gave dance lessons. She was deep in debt and her credit cards were maxed out. Sean reported Jennifer's disappearance to the police on May 10, five days after he last saw her. When he initially told Jennifer's mother she was missing, he stated he thought she might be dead and in the river. Jennifer's mother doesn't think she wrote her daughter wrote the goodbye notes herself; she stated that her daughter and Sean had often practiced writing in the other's hand. According to Jennifer's mother, Sean lied numerous times to the media about Jennifer's case and also to the police. He gave numerous different stories about Jennifer, saying she suffered from postpartum depression, had gone missing before and had been fired numerous jobs, and that she had had affairs during the marriage. None of those things were true. In his initial statement to the police, Sean didn't mention the bag of belongings his wife supposedly had, the letters, or the cuts on her wrists, but those details were later added to his story. He told police Jennifer didn't have a dentist, which was untrue; she had only recently gotten her orthodontic braces removed and Sean was aware she had regular dental care. Sean also sold Jennifer's van before the police got to look at it. According to Jennifer's mother, Sean missed five days of work in a row after Jennifer disappeared and left their son in the care of a babysitter during that time. He filed for divorce just three months after her disappearance and...
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  • Bill McCallister - The murder of Taylor Anne McCallister

    20 MAY. 2024 · Bill McCallister - The murder of Taylor Anne McCallister Jul 31, 2023 The McCallisters have received, to date, no justice in the murder of their daughter. They talk to Ed Opperman about the struggle to get some sort of balance of justice for the loss of their daughter and a real, punitive sentence for her killer. Taylor Anne McAllister was killed. At least, that's what the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner's Office determined. Her body was found dumped in an alley in St. Petersburg two years ago Saturday. The 22-year-old woman died of asphyxia, according to her autopsy. Officials ruled it a homicide. But there are no murder charges. No manslaughter charges. The only charges related to her killing are three counts of failing to report a death. That's what Robert Butler III and Quran Archer pleaded guilty to on Friday. For McAllister's parent's, Bill and Leslie McAllister, it's a thin reckoning for their daughter's killing.
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  • Above The Ground - A True Story of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

    19 MAY. 2024 · Dan Lawton - Above The Ground - A True Story of the Troubles in Northern Ireland Dec 8, 2023 Kevin Barry Artt is an innocent man. His story is a tale of survival and redemption. In 1983, a British court wrongfully convicts a 23-year-old Irishman, Kevin Barry Artt, of murdering Albert Miles, a British prison official, on behalf of the outlawed Irish Republican Army. The court sentences Kevin to a life term in Britain’s notorious Maze prison. Seven weeks later, Kevin escapes the Maze. Overnight he becomes Britain’s most wanted fugitive in the world. Kevin makes it to California, where he lives quietly underground. In 1992, the FBI captures and jails him. For the next eight years in the federal courts in California, Kevin fights the British government’s furious attempt to extradite him back to Northern Ireland. Aided by renowned U.S. trial lawyer Jim Brosnahan, Kevin beats extradition in 2000. But the cloud of his 1983 murder conviction still lurks overhead. Twenty years later, on May 6, 2020, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal vindicates Kevin at last, quashing his murder conviction based on detectives’ false testimony at his trial.
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  • Deliverance from Stupidparty Land: How to Eradicate the Destructive Forces Destroying American Democracy

    18 MAY. 2024 · Deliverance from Stupidparty Land seeks to explain the inexplicable, to place landing-strip beacons on the fading yet undeniably attractive runway flying us permanently away from snake-pit USA 2018—illuminating how as-yet-undiscovered trends can secure deliverance for a splintered, exhausted electorate that now simply lacks the fire power, the will power, to disrupt the seemingly irreversible trend into a dystopian future. How did the US voluntarily arrive at the doorstep of its own demise? This homemade manmade Handmaid’s Tale, where falsehoods and transparently mean-spirited claptrap trump facts and common decency—subverting naïve yet positive innocence into a malignant supremacist and myopic nationalistic agenda that is now in inflaming the planet’s already rising temperature of self-harm? All this to cloak the true aspirations of the identified malevolent Oligarchs, who no longer lie quietly waiting. The first book in this trilogy (Math v. Myth) exposed the blatant myths that now overshadow reality. The second book (Who is Jeb!!!) uncovered the horrible histories of the Bush dynasty—revealing how America, beginning with the JFK assassination, began its descent from being a force for good, to now having zero moral authority. Allies hold us in contempt; enemies nurture us. We must understand the problem in order to visualize and actualize the solution. Since I fear the solution is unlikely to be enacted organically, we must prepare to seek a ballot-box-inspired intervention from a higher power—we must seek deliverance from our own collective folly, not from the heavens but from our own homegrown saviors, whom we created in the image of own inescapable delusions.
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  • Craig Pittman - Oh, Florida! How America's Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country.

    18 MAY. 2024 · Craig Pittman - Oh, Florida! How America's Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country. 4 days ago To some people, Florida is a paradise; to others, a punch line. As Oh, Florida! shows, it’s both of these and, more important, it’s a Petri dish, producing trends that end up influencing the rest of the country. Without Florida there would be no NASCAR, no Bettie Page pinups, no Glenn Beck radio rants, no USA Today, no “Stand Your Ground,” ...You get the idea. To outsiders, Florida seems baffling. It’s a state where the voters went for Barack Obama twice, yet elected a Tea Party candidate as governor. Florida is touted as a carefree paradise, yet it’s also known for its perils―alligators, sinkholes, pythons, hurricanes, and sharks, to name a few. It attracts 90 million visitors a year, some drawn by its impressive natural beauty, others bewitched by its manmade fantasies. Oh, Florida! explores those contradictions and shows how they fit together to make this the most interesting state. It is the first book to explore the reasons why Florida is so wild and weird―and why that’s okay. But there is far more to Florida than its sideshow freakiness. Oh, Florida! explains how Florida secretly, subtly influences all the other states in the Union, both for good and for ill.
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