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    Ep. 69: Mess in the Middle(ton)

    21 MAR. 2024 · Do they have Kate Middleton locked in a bell tower like that man in Notre Dame? The photoshop was clocked and the frenzy continues. 🥴 On this side of the pond, it’s album covers, preorders, think pieces, and whole lotta gangin’ for Beyoncé’s ‘COWBOY CARTER’.  The 96th Oscars were a lot of things, but they weren’t funny. Thanks for nothing Jimmy Kimmel. 🙄 DaVine Joy Randolph continued her winning season; Cord Jefferson snatched a trophy for ‘American Fiction’; ‘The Last Repair Shop’ stole our hearts.  And not the Tik Tok. Take Facebook instead😩  Follow The Sibs on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outspokensibs?igsh=MWYycDFndXowbW4zbg== lunababy.org 
    31m 57s
  • Ep. 68 - Texas, Hold The Carriages...All 16 of 'Em

    14 FEB. 2024 · Giddy up, heaux! Are the keys in the room with us? Usher bodied the Bowl, but his new album ‘ COMING HOME’ left us wishing the GPS gave him better directions. Lil Jon, Luda and H.E.R. brought the heat, while Alicia Keys…well, beautiful gowns. 🥴 and then… BEYONCÉ. The RENAISSANCE continues and this time we’re headed to the hoedown. 👢 The Queen dropped two new singles — “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” — and gave us a release date for ‘act ii’. We’re screaming, shaking, completely undone. We haven’t been swallllllooowed up…yet, but we’re back and live from the car. Get into it! Check out our latest playlist, ‘giddy up: the playlist’, featuring music from Black country artists you should know. Listen to ‘giddy up: the playlist’ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3V0JYtCnKruiE2duy5idrf?si=OraptFwmQpynfF75akzCaA&pi=u-1tbKaRN_QSux Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/giddy-up/pl.u-2aoqLkvHG9YN9z Follow us on IG: @outspokensibs
    47m 20s
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    Ep. 67: A Lil' Churchy

    14 DIC. 2022 · You can’t get to WHERE you’re going if you don’t look back at where you came from — or whatever Maya Angelou said. That wasn’t the goal when they sat down and pressed record, but that’s where they ended up, and after listening back, we’re glad they did. Fresh off another “vacation,” The Sibs are reflective about 2022, the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Facing their fears, finding the joys in self-love, stopping to acknowledge their wins, leaning into faith, and taking time to “tip, tip, tip on hardwood floors…liberated, living like [they] ain’t got time.” 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Stay connected to The Sibs Twitter/IG: OutspokenSibs FB: The Outspoken Siblings This episode in brought to you, in part, by Luna Baby Holistic Care Company - A birth support company https://www.lunababy.org
    33m 36s
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    Ep. 66: UNIQUE!

    25 AGO. 2022 · Only Beyoncé could get us out of semi-retirement to record an episode. Not for a lack of trying, but summer’s been summering. Charge it to our heads, not our hearts. Anyway, it’s been all RENAISSANCE everything ‘round these parts since the album dropped and this episode, recorded two days after its release, proves it. Be sure to follow The Sibs on social media. IG & Twitter: @outspokensibs Facebook: Outspoken Sibs Email us @ outspokensibs@gmail.com
    1h 6m 26s
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    Ep. 65: Wait, what?

    23 MAY. 2022 · What the entire f&^*? Spring has arrived, but apparently so has the end of the world. That's cool. Anyway, we're back, and uh, what is happening!?!?!
    22m 35s
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    Ep. 64: All About Love

    27 FEB. 2022 · February might be on it’s way out, but the love continues…and we’re all about it. On this episode, The Sibs share their online dating journeys. Toni’s a vet in these digital streets, while Monté recently dipped his toe in the pool and damn near pulled back a nub. Their experiences are hardly one-of-kind, but they are unique to them and lead to interesting tales of two different sides of a familiar coin. Plus, is Black History Month actually for Black people? Toni refuses to give Montell Jordan his flowers; Monté wants a refund. The Sibs are all about love on this all-new episode of The Outspoken Siblings Podcast. Follow The Sibs on social media: @outspkensibs Email The Sibs: outspokensibs@gmail.com
    1h 5m 48s
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    This Is Episode 63

    28 ENE. 2022 · Happy New Year! As January comes to a close, The Sibs return for episode 63. It’s been the longest January ever - or at least it feels like it - so we’re breaking down what we missed. From canceled concerts and losing celebrities to COVID still raging and finding a solution to break the funk, there’s a lot to unpack, as always. Be sure to follow us on IG and Twitter (@outspokensibs) and be sure to like us on Facebook at The Outspoken Siblings.
    51m 6s
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    Ep. 62: Holiday Hangover

    3 DIC. 2021 · With Thanksgiving in the books, The Sibs are back with a new episode and ready to see what December has to offer. Monté prepares for his 34th birthday (12/19) and reflects on his “Jesus Year” while Toni ponders how forgiveness plays into turning the page to a new chapter. Plus, The Sibs discuss Adele’s new album, “30,” and rank the British superstar’s albums. They also have a thing or two to say about the Supreme Court’s latest attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade and the unrelenting war on women’s reproductive rights. Thanks for supporting the podcast! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG @outspokensibs. We’re also on Facebook, “The Outspoken Siblings”. Support the show by rating and leaving a review on Apple Podcasts.
    37m 59s
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    ep. 61 - Thin Ice. Thin Ice, Girl

    14 OCT. 2021 · Your favorite siblings are back with an all new episode! We haven’t spoken since our last show in July, so we’ve missed you. So, naturally there’s load to catch up on. Toni celebrated a birthday in August and has learned a thing or two since reaching a new milestone; Monte gets a bit introspective and shares his experience perched in that uncomfortable space of healing the past and growing. Life updates are always good, but comedy is where the party resides. From Monté’s call to stop letting people play in your face to Toni making it clear the type of boss she doesn’t want to be — oh, let’s not forget the collective dragging one Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo gets — this episode is all the things you enjoy about The Sibs,,,and probably some things you don’t. *insert nervous smile* Like the previous 60 episodes, “Thin Ice. Thin Ice, Girl” contains strong language. Listener discretion is advised. Follow us on the socials, @outspokensibs on IG and Twitter; The Outspoken Siblings on FB. Be sure to check out lunababy.org for handmade soy candles, body oils, and more.
    40m 41s
  • Ep. 60: Loud Ass Variants

    30 JUL. 2021 · As summer roars on and we're seemingly headed toward another lockdown, COVID isn't the only thing with rising numbers -- apparently cups of DUMB are running over. For fiirst time in a month,Monté & Toni reconvene to discuss the latest happenings in pop culture. From ignorant rappers and wealthy actors unwilling to bathe themselves or their children and telling us about it to world-class athletes prioritizing their mental health, it's a sh-t-show and apparently we're all invited. The Sibs unpack it all in record time and in true Sibs fashion -- uncensored and straight to the point. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @outspokensibs This episode is brought to you in part by Luna Baby Holistic Care Co. Luna Baby Holistic Care Co. is a resource for birthing families. Healing from the inside out through self advocacy, self care, and self discovery. Visit lunababy.org for more info and check out The Shop.
    44m 44s

Monté & Toni are the siblings you wish you had! Think Michael & Janet but less famous and with a lot less money. These Philly natives bring their hilarious commentary...

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Monté & Toni are the siblings you wish you had! Think Michael & Janet but less famous and with a lot less money. These Philly natives bring their hilarious commentary on the latest in pop culture and more on this podcast. Follow us on social media @outspokensibs
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