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  • USA Olympic Team, Aces Under Fire, All Star Selections & More.

    17 JUN. 2024 · This week Hosts Cathryn & Freddie start by celebrating Freddie's first ever Father's Day. Then they talk about Arike Ogunbowale taking herself out of contention for the Olympic team due to "the politics." We dig into what that could mean and the nuances around that decision. Then they discuss the new investigation around the Aces organization and a Las Vegas tourism board which is giving the players $100k each. Is this a legit claim and how does this affect the growth of the game? Then they make their All-Star selections, six forwards and four guards, and compare picks. Their Bad-Ass Player of the Week features some possible All-Star snubs and Freddie's Fun Question is all about rivalries. 
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  • Caitlin Clark Media Coverage, Chennedy Carter, Sun's Winning Streak & More.

    8 JUN. 2024 · This week host Cathryn & Freddie are joined by Basketball Feelings and Take the W writer Katie Heindl. They chat about the exhausting week surrounding Chennedy Carter's hard foul on Caitlin Clark and how things spiraled in the media leading up to Carter being harassed at a hotel and needing security to intervene. They dive deeper into the new spotlight on the league, and new people covering the sport, and more. Then they talk about the red-hot Connecticut Sun and the ice-cold Washington Mystics, whose streak is going to break first? The Commissioner's Cup is back. They discuss new changes to the tournament and give both silly and informative suggestions to possibly improve it. Then they have their Bad Ass Player of the Week picks and in Freddie's Fun Question, they issue out fake punishments for people with bad takes online. 
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  • Power Rankings, A New League?!?, Kelsey Plums Ex & more.

    31 MAY. 2024 · This week hosts Cathryn and Freddie, coming off their high of interviewing the PM, revisit  WNBA action and talk about this season's early surprises by viewing the early Power Rankings. Then the talk about the launch of Unrivaled, a new 3 on 3 league started by Breanna Stewart & Napheesa Collier. What do they think about the league and will it be successful? Then they talk about an interview that Cathy Englebert did about the league's soaring ratings and the threat of sports betting infiltrating the league. That sparks a very interesting conversation about what could motivate a player or other personnel to risk it all beyond money. Then the Bad Ass Player of the Week segment is back! Freddie & Cathryn make their picks. Then finally in an epic FFQ, we look at Kelsey Plum's ex Darren Waller's new music video. Lose our minds, and then ask ourselves, if we were hired by Kelsey Plum's team, how would we respond? 
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  • Special Guest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    24 MAY. 2024 · This week Hosts Cathryn Naiker & Freddie Rivas we're honoured to have The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau join our podcast. Cathryn and Freddie attended the WNBA press conference officially announcing Toronto getting a team and then had an exclusive sit down with the Prime Minister to discuss the growth of Women's Basketball and Women's sports in Canada. Cathryn starts the podcast by discussing their experience throughout the day and ends with a classic all-timer of an interview. Enjoy. 
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  • The Caitlin Clark Effect, Golden State Valkyries, Kim K Skims & more

    17 MAY. 2024 · This week hosts Cathryn and Freddie discuss the WNBA finally having chartered flights! Such a huge win for the league and they reflect on how much. uch it took to get here. Then they discuss the "Caitlin Clark effect" on the league, the good and the bad, the amount of pressure she's under, and thoughts on her WNBA debut. Then they discuss the unveiling of Golden State's new team, the Valkyries, and thoughts on the team name, and colorway spark a fun debate. Then they take a brief look at the GM survey, who are the big names coming up in this season's predictions. Finally, in Freddie's Fun Question, we look at Kim Kardashian's Skims collaboration with the WNBA and we ask if we (in an imaginary world) got to model skims with the WNBA how would we pose? 
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    10 MAY. 2024 · EMERGENCY POD ALERT! Toronto is officially getting a WNBA team. Joining hosts Cathryn and Freddie to celebrate is WNBA & NBA writer Chelsea Leite. We discuss our initial relations. The new ownership structure, what went wrong last year, and why this year is working out. What the team should be called turns into a lively debate. Who do we think could join the team? And finally, Freddie's Fun Question, if we had to break the news to The Rogers family (who pulled out of the bid) the news, how would we do it?
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  • Candace Parker Retires, Brittney Griner Interview, Power Rankings & more.

    4 MAY. 2024 · Hosts Cathryn and Freddie talk about Candace Parker announcing her retirement. Then they discuss Brittney Griner's interview with Robin Roberts. Then they review early power rankings and give some hot takes for the season to come. A few new rule changes in the WNBA this year and in Freddie's Fun Question we ask what is one rule we would change if we could. 
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  • Caitlin Clark 8 figures, Draft Night, A'ja Wilson Shoe Deal & more

    19 ABR. 2024 · This week hosts Cathryn and Freddie chat about draft night. What were the highlights, who won the draft, all the fits, and more. Then they talk about Caitlin Clark's new 8 figure shoe deal, the amount of hype around her, and what that's going to mean for her and the sport as a whole. Then they talk about the social media push for A'ja Wilson to get her own shoe. Why is it that only white female players in the league have their own shoe? And will the social media pressure push it over the edge? Then they discuss the creepy reporter at Caitlin Clark's opening press conference and how her fame will bring a spotlight to the issues around women's sports in addition to its greatness. Then they discuss Whoopi Goldberg on The View calling out ESPN for not re-negotiating their TV deal with the WNBA sooner. This leads to a conversation about how people are fixated on the amount of money players make or don't make rather than the game itself. Finally, in our Freddie's Fun Question segment, we ask what we would do to spice up the draft. 
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  • We're Back! Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese & Women's Basketball having a MOMENT!

    5 ABR. 2024 · WE'RE BACK! Hosts Cathryn and Freddie are back after Freddie and his wife Kaitlyn welcomed their baby boy Remy to the world! They talk about the meteoric rise that women's basketball has had over the last month. Cathryn has a moment where she vents about the haters. Caitlin Clark becoming an all-time great and how she's been able to attract fans who weren't here before. Then they talk about Angel Reese and her declaring for the WNBA draft via Vogue magazine. We talk about her opening up about the struggles she has faced in the spotlight and her perseverance and what teams we would like to see her on. In Freddie's Fun Question, we ask ourselves when did we rise to the occasion like Caitlin and Angel did. 
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  • Ionescu vs Curry! Nneka Leaving the Sparks & more.

    27 ENE. 2024 · This week hosts Cathryn and Freddie discuss the 3 points shot contest duel between Sabrina Ionescu and Steph Curry that is being hyped up for NBA All-Star Weekend. Will it happen? Then we discuss the shocking news that Nneka Ogwumike is leaving the Sparks after 12 seasons! Which team will she sign with? Who do we want her to sign with and more! Then we discuss Sue Bird's documentary debuting at the Sundance Film Festival. Her interview with the LA Times and some interesting state of the WNBA observations that could change everything. After that, we get a little nostalgic and talk about which WNBA superstar we wished we got to see in their prime. In Freddie's Fun Question, we talk about the Ace's "Thick" Challenge and brainstorm what our version of that would be.
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