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    The Real Corey Roberts

    5 FEB. 2024 · Eric and Garret continue reconnecting with old friends from their days in school. This week, Lawyer, Dad, all around stunningly handsome Corey Roberts joins to relive his days playing soccer with Garret. Garret's Nickname in high school is revealed and Corey tells us how he is making the world a better place.
    1h 13m 23s
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    The Real Kristin Lee

    16 ENE. 2024 · Season 2 of The Real ____ with Eric Landrum and Garret Heinrich is here and we're doing something a little bit different. For season 2 Eric and Garret are reaching out to old friends they haven't seen since school times to see what has been happening and catch up. For episode 1 they connect with Garret's friend dating back to middle school, Kristin Lee. They learn about High School (or lack thereof), tour rock bands, moving to Nashville, and Eric introduces her to the glories of Indian River Orange Juice.
    58m 5s
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    The Real Casey White

    13 JUN. 2023 · The Season 1 Finale has one of the most talented designers in the country, Casey White, filling in the blank in true season finale fashion with amazing stories of starting his own branding business, Brandiose & The Clink Room. How he has helped design 150+ Minor League team's looks, a love for Disney, and a fantastic approach to parenting. Join as as we head into summer with a ton of laughs and a great time on the Real _____
    1h 13m 27s
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    The Real Adrienne Smith

    31 MAY. 2023 · An old colleague and corporate overlord of Garret's fills in the blank this week when Adrienne Smith comes in to talk about being a nomad for work and traveling the world, her new descent into a love of Women's soccer and trying to help Eric with his miniature golf plans for the future.
    1h 45s
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    The Real Rachel Sweeten

    25 MAY. 2023 · An actual treasure hunter, Rachel Sweeten, fills in our blank this week as we just sit on the back porch and drink a couple of beers and shoot the shit about rocks, volcanology, raising kids, how many holes in your socks you get every week, and more. Join us for a non Muppet conversation.
    1h 6m 30s
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    The Real Maggie Kimberl

    15 MAY. 2023 · Eric and Garret are joined by Maggie Kimberl one of the foremost experts on whiskey and bourbon in America to talk a little about the drink, the business around the drink, being a mom, sister and just what stops her on road trips and the best records she's ever found. We also learn Eric's favorite Spanish word!
    1h 14m 25s
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    The Real Aaron Cameron

    1 MAY. 2023 · Another person with ties to the Oakland A's comes in to fill in the blank this week as Aaron Cameron hops on with Garret & Eric to talk about how to properly cook a tortilla, life with his wife and son and the real-life scare that came at his son's birth, growing into parenting, and of course a little bit of the Oakland Athletics. Come join us with a large glass of Indian River Orange Juice.
    1h 14m 14s
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    The Real Neeko Chessnoe

    24 ABR. 2023 · We have our first crier on the podcast, the ever-inspiring Neeko Chesnoe fills in the blank this week and shares her motivational live story for someone under the age of thirty. Going through Cancer at a young age, dealing with the turmoils of online dating, changing perspective on life, and the plan for what to do in the hot springs. A truly great conversation.
    56m 21s
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    The Real Reid Wiseman

    3 ABR. 2023 · Our blank is filled in this week by Reid Wiseman, Father, Artemis Hopeful, BLT consumer, and not even the best Wiseman brother to chat up at a cocktail party. He used be Head of Astronauts at NASA, Former US Navy Fighter & Test Pilot, and Rich Guy Golf Club Caddie we talk to him about his amazing life on earth and his time in space aboard the International Space Station, but more importantly how he constructs a solid Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.
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    The Real Dominic Walsh

    29 MAR. 2023 · The blank is filled by one of the best principal dancers for the Houston Ballet, a world-renowned director and choreographer, Dominic Walsh. We learn about leaving his home at 17 to pursue his dream of dancing ballet, traveling all around the world, ending his career dancing, and moving to teach and direct/choreograph. Once again Eric and Garret are put to shame at how little they have done in this world.
    59m 15s

This is "The Real ____" a podcast where Garret Heinrich & Eric Landrum fill in the blank every week with a new person they don't know. They talk with their...

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This is "The Real ____" a podcast where Garret Heinrich & Eric Landrum fill in the blank every week with a new person they don't know. They talk with their guest and get to know them. Find out what makes them tick, what moves their needle, and probably a little bit more. Come meet some new friends with two guys who barely have any.
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